Nice beard designs. 6 Facial Hairstyles For Your Man After No-Shave November

November is upon us and that means men everywhere will be growing out their facial hair. Once no-shave November is over, however, your man is going to need to know what style of facial hair to go with for a while after November. So here are the absolute best facial hair looks for your man for this holiday season. Facial hair styles how to.

1. Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops are a really warm look. This style will surely keep your face warm in those 30 degree and below weather. In order to pull this off, though, you have to have really fluffy side burns. They have to be as fluffy as General Burnside, though. Fun fact about sideburns: The term "sideburns" was coined because of General Burnside, an American Civil War General with the unique facial hair style. This is him:

2. The Pencil

This pencil mustache is really popular among pin-striped-wearing family men. If your man really wants to look like Gomez Addams or, realistically, a 13 year old boy who can't grow a mustache, this look is for him.

3. The Klingon

The Klingon style is very unique in that it's literally from space. It originated in space and so your man will be the talk of the town if he rocks this style. Also, when you kiss him, all of his beard hair will get into your mouth. How romantic!

4. The Federation Standard

The Federation Standard is my personal favorite. It's a very artistic look because it allows people to use their imagination of what is on his face. Plus, no one has to worry about any beard hairs falling into anyone's mouth.

5. The Wario

This look is great for those who really want to stand out and look Italian. If you're a really hot-headed, bandit this look is for you. Every girl is going to swoon after this look on your man, so be sure to hold onto him!

6. The Super Chin Puff

This is our last one, the Super Chin Puff, a popular party-going style. Your man can show off this look at the latest Christmas parties you're invited to. If he can get it to wrap around somebody, too, that's even better!

Beards and mustaches are an attractive thing in the world of men. But thanks to this guide, your man can look his best this holiday season! Your man will thank you later!

Beard styles for long beards

If you would like to know even more about No-Shave November and how you can raise awareness for cancer for participating, here is the link to the official No-Shave November website.

It's happened on more than one occasion.

The occasion of being called out more than once for dressing down for class and by "down" I mean some of the haters we hate to love claiming that they can't see the shorts we're wearing under the oversized band tee on our way to class.

Contrary to popular belief, yes I'm not oblivious to how my choice of outfits for class tends to shift on the more comfortable side and yes, I am aware that it looks like I'm not wearing pants, I like it that way.

Every girl in college wears what they feel is comfortable enough to wear in a 2-hour lecture and these are my ideas of comfort.

1. The infamous oversized tee with Nike shorts.

I'll say it right now, I have a variety of assorted Soffee and Nike shorts that I pair with almost every oversized tee I own and it's my go-to for those 8 AM math lectures.

2. Oversized tee with leggings and riding boots.

Once the first red, yellow and orange leaf is found on campus grounds, you know you're about to see a swarm of college girls, like me, sporting riding boots in every shade of brown. Jeans optional.

Different styles of beard trimming

3. Oversized tee with leggings and rain boots.

Once the first rainfall hits campus, you better believe you'll see this same 'fit paired with Hunter boots in almost every color.

4. The "I'm going to the gym right after class, I SWEAR" look.

Whether or not I have plans to go to the gym after class or not, I'm probably in my gym gear 4 times of the week and I'm not ashamed by it.

5. Jeans.

I've always had a hate/hate relationship with wearing jeans when I absolutely do not have to and here's why: they make my derriere completely disappear. When (and if) you catch me wearing jeans in lecture hall it's probably because someone paid me a large sum of money to do so.

6. Your boyfriend's flannel paired with... you guessed it, your favorite pair of leggings.

This is probably one of the many flannels I've stolen from my boyfriend and certainly not the last one. Paired with another favorite standard black leggings, you can't go wrong with this outfit to snooze in.

7. The baseball hat and quarter zip ensemble.

One of my all times favorites, you can't go wrong with a zipper up 3x too big for your body and a baseball hat you honestly forgot where you got it from. We also can't forget our infamous black leggings.

8. Your "walk of shame" outfit.

Now, this doesn't mean you roll up to Intro to Psychology wearing what you wore to the lacrosse mixer the night before, no. This is more of the outfit you so quickly had to throw on in a span of two minutes because you left so and so's apartment downtown an hour too late.

9. A v-neck.

Another one of my favorites.

Great facial hair styles

10. Dresses (or anything even relatively formal).

Disclaimer: I personally would never come to class wearing this but gigantic kudos to cute a** girls that do decide to wear this because you look good.

As I headed back to college this year I made the decision to chop all of my hair off again. I had done it once two years before then, towards the beginning of my senior year of high school. At the time, I absolutely loved it. Ever since third grade, my hair had always been long. But this time, it was different. I chopped it again in an effort to try and renew myself, and prepare myself for the coming school year. Little did I know, this second time around would not be as pleasant as the first time. Now as I scour the internet for homemade remedies for how to grow your hair faster, these are the top 10 cutest hairstyles I could find until my hair grows back.

For tutorials on some of these check out these great videos I found:
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