Hairstyle for men with beard. How to Achieve The Perfect Beard Neckline

Trimming the beard neckline is one of the most important aspects of a good looking beard, but a lot of men surprisingly do it completely wrong and end up with botched beards that don’t look so good to say the least. Hopefully we can put an end to that with this guide and teach you how to properly outline your beard. How to beard designs.

A bad beard neckline can make even the most in-shape guys look like they got a double chin. Nobody wants that. The mistake here is shaving the neckline too high which gives this turkey neck illusion and makes you just look terrible.

A good beard neckline looks natural. It doesn’t stand out and contrast with the unshaven parts of your face making it look awkward. If you have a stubble like designer beard  you can get away with just a slight trim around the adams apple. If you rock one of the other beard styles, read on and we’ll help you achieve that perfect, natural looking beard line.

Low beard styles

How a Beard Neckline Should Be Shaped

This should be the general shape of a good beard neckline.

The 2 Finger Rule

The way you achieve this kind of natural looking perfect beard neck line is by using something called the 2 finger rule.

Different long beard styles

It’s very easy, place your two fingers on near the top of your Adams apple, the top of your index finger is where your neckline theoretically should be, and what would look best on MOST people. If it seems a little high or low, move it up or down an inch as you see fit. This is by far the easiest and most effective method of achieving the perfect beard outline!
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