Types of beard for men. The 8 best celebrity beard styles, Ruffians

The 8 best celebrity beard styles

Beards are in, you can see them everywhere. We have broken down the best celebrity beard styles to inspire you into a rugged, bearded man. How to beard designs.


Description of the shape, and why it looks good: the jawline is accentuated by long term growth on the chin. It looks masculine – this is the kind of look that kicked off the beard trend.

How can I get it? This will take about 4-6 months to grow out properly, and works best with guys who have full growth on the cheeks – otherwise you run the risk of it looking like a chin-strap. A good tip here – keep growing it! While you’re growing it, keep the neck area a bit reduced and tidy, so it doesn’t overtake the chin.

How to maintain/style it: trim it once a month to get rid of the strays, and make sure it is squared off, parallel to your neck. Apply a beard oil or cream – for coarse/frizzy hair go for a cream and use an oil for taming the beast. If it’s feeling dry, use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to clean and nourish it, or a styling paste with water to keep weighed down.

Description of the shape, and why it looks good: The shape of this beard follows the natural curvature of the face, with more growth over the chin. If you’re looking to make your chin more prominent, this is ideal for you. The thicker growth gives the illusion of something fleshier, while the low line beneath the cheekbones can accentuate a good bone structure.

How can I get it? This will take 1-2 months to grow out properly if you’ve got the right facial hair for it. Just make sure you’re keeping it tidy on the neck, squared off to your neck and with a clean trim above the lipline, so you don’t end up with a moustache.

How to maintain/style it: you should be tidying this up every 2-3 weeks to get rid of strays – and use an oil for fragrance and to nourish the hairs.

FACE HUGGER – Ben Affleck

Facial goatee

Description of the shape, and why it looks good: this is similar to George Clooney’s beard, but there is less shaping here – it is grown out more uniformly over the face, with a slight extra bulk on the neck. This is a great, simple way of growing out a beard, as it can really complement your face shape.

How can I get it? This will take about 2 months to grow out, in order to get it completely even.

How to maintain/style it: Get this trimmed every 2 or 3 weeks, and use a beard oil for fragrance and nourishment.

STUBBLE – Bradley Cooper

Description of the shape, and why it looks good: This can highlight a good bone structure, but making more rugged the prettiness that comes with high cheekbones and strong jawlines.

How can I get it? Depending on your growth of course – this will take about a week to get to this length. Trim it down with some electric clippers to a grade 1 (3mm). Simple!

How to maintain/style it: Trim this again to the right length once a week and bask in your glowing manliness. Remember to use an exfoliating scrub and a moisturiser to keep the skin in a decent condition; also remember to clean your electric razor as these can carry bacteria, which won’t be good for your complexion.

MOUSTACHE HEAVY – Christian Bale

New trend beard style

Description of the shape, and why it looks good: thought highlighting a tash could be a risky look, it can be a stand out style; ideally, it comes with a well-dressed gent or someone who has strong facial features already. The cheeks are kept clean in this look which can drag down the jaw line so again having stronger features is essential.

How can I get it? Grow the beard out for a couple of months, keeping the tash full. Only trim off the strays from the top lip.

How to maintain/style it: Visit the barber shop monthly or if you’re brave, have a go at the tash at home. Maintaining the clean cheeks can be done at home with a razor – just be careful not to cut too low – always stay around a finger’s length above the jaw.

GEORGE V BEARD – Pierce Brosnan

Description of the shape, and why it looks good: This look is hard to pull off – and here is aided by Pierce’s piercing eyes. It can draw age out of people and can be seen as somewhat messy. However, it is a characterful beard, and can look great for the eccentric type

How can I get it? Grow this out for about 3-5 months and let the beard get messy. It’s kind of essential to go into a barber shop where they can trim down the sides and shape the chin, leaving the tash heavy and having the corners kick out over the edge. No matter how tempted, don’t trim your moustache at all! You must go through a few weeks of discomfort, otherwise you won’t achieve the proper length.

How to maintain/style it: regular combing of the moustache with wax, and a beard oil/moisturiser to hold shape and keep nourished.

Description of the shape, and why it looks good: A risky look that we advise you adopt only if you’re a freelance working from home, or just embracing homeless-chic. This beard is roughly following the contours of the jaw, and left to grow out naturally without much maintenance. It’s clean on the cheeks and heavy on the top lip.

Types of short beards

How can I get it? This will take about 2-3 months to grow out – and just let it! No tidying necessary.

How to maintain/style it: back comb it for extra mess. Leave the top lip heavy but tidy up the strays that go over the lip (for your own comfort).

Description of the shape, and why it looks good: hmmm… it’s an acquired taste that can accentuate decent cheekbones… Another eccentric look which you may want to shave off after the fancy dress party…

How can I get it? Grow this out for about 2 months with regular shaving on the cheeks. Shave regularly to create a box shape around the mouth and leave to grow on the chin. Tidy up the beard every 2 weeks to get rid of strays and maintain a sharp edge; wet shave every 2-3 days.

How to maintain/style it: with shaving, remember to prepare your skin properly with a facial scrub, alcohol free shaving gel or cream and an alcohol free moisturiser. This will help to avoid irritation and keep your skin well nourished. On the beard, use an oil to keep it glossy and keep straight hairs weighed down.

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