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Patchy Beard Styles: Unlike during the previous days when men with patchy beards thought it wise to shave off and stay clean, mow a day, it is just the opposite, Men with patchy beards are sporting a range of facial hair styles that suit their lifestyle as well as their personality. How to beard designs.

Whether you have a long or a short patchy beard you are now left with a variety of patchy beard styles that can enhance your features.

1. The only way to fix a patchy beard is to hold patience and prevent yourself from the urge of shaving off the facial hair after you notice that the hair is growing in patches.

2. Let the hair grow for at least another month, during which you may notice that the patches are filled up and you no more have the stubble beard.

3. Let the hair follicles grow naturally and concentrate on trimming the hair around the neck and jawline.

4. For those having short hair can make the best use of a trimmer set to adjustable length so that you are able to focus on your cheeks and jawline.

5. Proper brushing can help you tame the unruly beard. Brush the hair in one direction whenever you find a time, especially before going to bed.

6. Use a comb to move it through the facial hair in repeated motion in the same direction. If you could give 100 strokes a day, there could be nothing better, and avoid using the shampoo too much.

7. Have a well-balanced diet to supplement the growth of your facial hair. The patchy beard can help you flaunt a look of ruggedness, which is a masculine one.

8. So embrace your patchy beard, sporting any of the patchy beard styles that could best suit your personality.

Beard styles and trimming

Here are 20 patchy beard styles that you can choose from to enhance your personal traits.

Trendy and scraggly beard with a short mustache

Sometimes sparse facial hair can suit well like in this beard style, where the dark beard is cut to mid length and some hairs are allowed to grow longer than the others. The neatly clipped mustache gives this beard style a trendy look.

The Thin Strap Beard Style

It is easier to style a chin strap beard with patchy beard, which runs all along the jaw line and ends up at the sideburns. Shave off the facial hair, leaving a small amount to grow along the jaw line. Using a trimmer, shape up the beard in a straight line.

Chestnut Patchy Beard with Pencil Mustache

The facial hair is reddish brown in color and grows along the contour of the jaw line, trimmed well and looks soft. The mustache is cut precisely thin to give the shape of a pencil and a slightly longer tuft of hair is let to grow on the chin.

A La Souvarov Patchy Beard Style

This is a unique patchy beard style for men, where the sideburns and the mustache are highlighted. You may call this patchy beard style a variation of the Franz Josef, where the sideburns shape upwards towards the mustache.

Short French Stubble Patchy Beard Style

The fashionable beard style is the patchy short French stubble that has variation in the full beard with very short hair. It has blunted handlebars with a soul patch which looks charming and pretty.

Brown and Bristly Beard with Neat Mustache

The beard is cut short and clipped neatly with the mustache extending to just under the nose and tapering off to the sides but not joining the beard. This beard style looks tidy.

Rap Industry Standard Patchy Beard Style

The Rap Industry Standard patchy beard trimmed goatee style is popular after being sported by large numbers of rap musicians. This beard style resembles a combination of a circle beard and an extremely thin chin strap, which is trimmed thin.

Patchy Beard Keanu Style

This Keanu patchy beard style has the beard and the mustache trimmed to mid length but sparse in some areas. The hair color is salt and pepper, which looks distinguished, especially with the mustache touching the lip. Altho beard style is well maintained.

Small goatee styles

Tony Stark Van Dyke Beard Style

The most passionate and stylish beard style among men with patchy beard in 2016 is Tony Stark Van Dyke Beard Style which is a V-shape goatee. It is an easy to wear beard style created by giving an outline using a razor and decreasing the side burns.

Rustic Beard Dramatic Beard Style

The beard under the chin is fuller and dark brown. This is the Jhonny Depp patchy beard style, where two tufts of facial hair form a small goatee. A tiny dark patch of hair is grown just under the lip and the mustache above the lip is trimmed nicely.

Thick Chin Strap Patchy Beard Style with a Goatee

Go to a barber who has a practical knowledge about styling a thick chin strap and a goatee. The chin strap goes along the jaw line and the thick mustache form a contrasting style.

Disconnected Pencil Mustache with a Chin Strap

This chin strap beard style is an attractive one and perfect for those with patchy facial hair. The chin strap looks drawn with a pencil as it goes along the jaw line and the goatee adds to the style.

Dark Patchy Beard Unique Style

The dark beard extends from the sideburns to just above the jaw line and the area under the chin is clean shaved. This is a unique and bold beard style.

Franz Josef Patchy Beard Style

The Franz Josef patchy beard style is a variation of the mutton chop beard style, where the sideburns come down to just above the jaw and then point upwards to touch the mustache on both the sides. This is one of the vintage beard styles.

Soft and Patchy Beard Style

This is a patchy beard style which is soft and well conditioned. The facial hair is cut to a shorter length and the edges of the beard extend to the sideburns. The mustache is styled above the lip and the beard style looks sculpted and relaxed.

Thick Chin Strap Without Mustache

There many who would like to sport the Chin Strap beard style, the latest trends in patchy beard styles gives them many options like this chin strap. This beard style is especially for juveniles, which looks sexy and smart. The beard style helps you to look younger than you are.

Sparse and Short Beard Style

This is a uniform and neat beard style worn by James Franco, which makes him look rebellious. The mustache extends to the beard and the portion just under the chin is shaved clean. There is more volume at the starting point of the jaw line.

Best beard looks 2016

Soul Patch Beard Style

The chin can look awesome when styled with a soul patch. This is a common and popular patchy beard goatee style for round face. This style looks like the chin puff,where the hair under the lips goes well below the chin.

The Scruffy and Patchy Beard Style

The facial hair kept slightly longer looking scruffy and rugged. The area just under the lip is smooth and the mustache touches the lip at the top with a smooth and small skin patch dividing the mustache.

Shadowy and Dark Patchy Beard Style

In this beard style Iwan Rheon styles a shadowy and dark beard, justifying his image as a bad boy in The Game of Thrones. The black and brownish dark beard descends from the sideburns and reaches the cheek bones. There is a patch under the chin which is clean shaved.

If you have a patchy beard there is no need to hide it by shaving it off, instead you can choose from a range of patchy beard styles that have been created to look awesome and stylish. One thing you will need is to hold patience. Good luck.

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