Guy facial hair styles. Why It s Essential For Bald Men To Have A Beard, The Bald Gent

Historically, bald heads were usually the result of genetics rather than being a fashion statement, so if you lost your hair, any underlying sense of style would probably follow. Various types of beard.

That said, trends have changed throughout the years, as more and more of us choose to shave our heads in order to create a clean and masculine look.

Once you have shaved your head for the first time, you may feel find yourself feeling a little strange (not to mention slightly cold). Rest assured that this is a natural response to change, particularly one that is so sparse and bare in its appearance.

To counteract this, facial hair is the best possible remedy. In this article, we will ask how beards can bring your new look to life and why they are an essential accessory for bald men.

The Bald Beard: When Science and Style Combines

Before we start, let’s clear up an obvious area of concern; can you even grow a beard if you have already begun to lose your hair?

You will be pleased to know that the resounding answer is yes, as the testosterone imbalance that so often causes us to go bald also contributes to significant hair growth elsewhere.

As we move this to one side, the next question is how can a beard compliment your new look?

It certainly adds balance to your look, particularly when you choose a specific type of facial hair to suit your jawline and face shape.

From the iconic moustache to a full-on, grizzly beard, there are numerous types of facial hair to help you offset a bald head, creating ample opportunity to constantly chop, change and refine your look over time.

Not only this, but from experience I can say that beards and facial hair provide a sense of comfort as you get used to your new look. It certainly softens the stark visual impact of a bald head, creating a contrast that makes it far easier to transition to a bold new image.

If you are someone who also places a significant stock in how you are perceived by others, a beard can draw attention away from your shaved head and a more deliberate, rounded look.

Beard shave designs

Heck, a beard can also infuse your appearance with a sense of personality, which in our book is never a bad thing.

Seeing is Believing: The Bald Celebrities Who Manage to Rock Beards

Are you still with us? If so, you will probably want to see some proof in the pudding and begin to understand how beards can compliment the bald look.

Fortunately, there are a number of famous bald celebrities who have reinvented their look by growing facial hair, and each one should serve as a genuine source of inspiration.

One name that springs to mind is the former Manchester United, Everton and USA goalkeeper Tim Howard.

The stopper, who began to go bald during his mid-20s, recently grew a fulsome and striking beard that certainly draws the eye.

Featuring a sculpted cheek line and a rounded moustache that mirrors the contour of his head, Howard’s full beard contributes to a well-defined look that really accentuates his facial features.

Boris Kodjoe is also part of this growing and winning team, with a short but exceptionally well-groomed beard that provides a subtle contrast to the classic, shaven head. His light beard is perfectly angled and highlights a genuinely strong jawline, while a thin, pencil moustache softens the overall look and creates a sense of deliberation.

Make no mistake; this beard offers the perfect transition if you have begun to go bald or shaved your head for the first time, while it should also keep your loved one happy!

In many ways, Bruce Willis is the poster-boy for all things bald and bearded. The Die Hard actor has worn a number of iconic looks during this time, combining his bald head with various types of facial hair including the classic goatee, a full beard and the simple moustache.

He has showcased each one with effortless charm and style too, while he embodies just how easy it is adapt your facial hair and evolve your look while continuing to compliment a bald or shaven head. In short, if you are looking to sculpt or model your facial hair, use Brucie as your inspiration!

Small beard on chin

Assessing Your Available Styles: Bringing Your Beard to Life

Now that we have you hooked, you are probably chomping at the bit to combine your shaved or bald head with a visually striking beard. We would urge a little caution at this point, as you need to understand your options and make an informed decision to ensure that you achieve the best possible look!

Below are some of the many classic beard styles that can revolutionise your look, so you should definitely browse these before taking the plunge and giving in to your inspiration!

The Stubble

As we have already mentioned, the deployment of designer stubble is a popular choice for individuals who have recently lost or shaved their hair. Light or heavy, this can offer the appearance of either subtle shading or a short beard, depending on the colour of your hair and the rate at which it grows on your face.

This makes for an extremely masculine look, and one that can easily be sculpted, shaped or adapted over time. Not only does stubble contribute to a great transitional look, but it is also easy to maintain and has been proven by studies as the most attractive type of facial hair.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but we would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking to cultivate some facial hair to compliment their newly-shorn scalp!

The Classic Goatee

Ah, the goatee. A beard that has inspired a number of variable and subtle iterations, it typically falls into two broad categories. These are the full and the classic goatee, each of which has its own unique visual appeal.

Let’s start with the full goatee, which combines the sculpted hair around the chin with a moustache. It provides a particularly defined and deliberate look, and one that is exceptionally versatile. It often appears as being more cultivated than stubble, meaning that it can be effortlessly worn casually and in the workplace.

In contrast, the classic goatee is a little more eccentric, as it features chin-strap hair but no moustache at all. Contributing to a slightly more unusual and younger look, the classic goatee is particularly popular in the world of heavy metal and has become a key part of alternative culture across the globe.

In truth, you can adopt either of these variations to compliment a bald head, as both are well-groomed and relatively easy to cultivate. Goatees also represent an ideal first step into the combined worlds of beard and bald heads, as you can easily grow and change this style as you get used to your new look.

The Iconic Full Beard

Not for the feint-hearted, the full beard provides a stark contrast to a bald or shaven head and remains the single most popular choice of facial hair in the world today.

Beard shapes and styles

It also provides you more scope to get creative, as your can tailor the length of your beard, its contours and the shape of your moustache. This means that you can cultivate your look to the finest detail, creating a truly iconic sense of style that actually defines your face (so that you will be described as being bearded rather than bald by your peers!)

If you also decide that you want to divert attention from your bald head, sporting a full beard is definitely the way to go. You can also start by growing a full beard before tailoring your look from there, as you continue to search for the ideal facial hair for your face shape and type.

A word to the wise; however, growing a full beard demands focus, discipline and dare we say stamina. I can confirm that cultivating a full beard involves three distinct growth stages and can take up to six months, so it will not appear by magic overnight. Commitment is the key watchword here, even if you have the type of virility that makes others weak at the knees!

Now for the Close: Why Beard’s Often Make the Bald Man

As trends have changed down the years, we have seen bald and shaved heads become increasingly fashionable. Still, losing or shearing your hair creates a bold, harsh and stark look, and one that you can quickly soften by growing a beard.

Your final choice of facial hair is up to you, of course, but we hope that this article has offered some genuine inspiration. Above all else, we hope that you find the style of facial hair to redefine your new look, whether you start small by cultivating stubble or look to create a striking focal point with a fulsome beard.
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