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In the last couple of decades, the number of different beard styles has increased at the same rate as the number of hairstyles for men. But even though beard styles are of various kinds, not every style suits everybody. You must take your face shape and features into consideration when choosing a beard style. Here are ten popular beard styles for different face shapes. Various types of beard.

Full Beard

The manliest and most popular beard style, the full beard is best suited to diamond, triangle or inverted triangle face shapes. All you have to do is let your beard grow and then trim to maintain the shape.

Short Stubble

This is another popular style for men who want a manly look without being untidy. You just need to let your facial hair grow for a day or two and then trim to keep the shape. It looks great on all face shapes.

This beard style brings to mind Robert Downey, Jr. who has maintained the Balbo for years now since it matches his features well. You need to let your beard grow for at least four weeks and then sculpt carefully by taking hair off the sides. The Balbo suits men with narrow chin.

How to trim beard styles

Circle Beard

The standard beard style that suits oval and round face shapes, the circle beard is great for men who want to keep their beard while also looking presentable. You may need to go to your barber to get the perfect circle shape and then you can trim at home.


Also known as friendly mutton chops, the sideburns suit a circular or square face shape. You need to let your sideburns and mustache grow until they meet and then shave the hair on your chin till the lower lip.

Van Dyke

Inspired by the signature look of 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, this style is a blend of goatee and moustache and is achieved by growing a long stubble and then shaving off the hair on your neck, cheek and sideburns, leaving your moustache untouched. The hair on the chin is shaped in an inverted V.

Beard look for mens

Extended goatee

Also known as the tailback or the Hollywoodian, this style is a combination of a goatee and a moustache, and best suits square and oval face shapes. You need to grow a medium stubble, then shave off the hair on the sideburns and adjust the width. Remember to keep the moustache.

Medium Stubble

Like the short stubble, this style too suits all face shapes, and can be achieved by growing your beard till 3 to 5mm and then trim to maintain the shape. Make sure the stubble doesn’t exceed to the cheek and neck.

Long stubble

Though a bit tricky to grow and maintain, the long stubble is for the man who wants to channel his inner machismo. Grow your beard for two weeks or till it’s about 6mm long and then trim to keep the shape. Make sure to get rid of all stray hair when you trim.

New hair and beard style

Clean shave

And finally, the style that all women dig— clean shave. Nothing to maintain and suitable for everyone, there’s no match for a clean shave when you want to look suave, sophisticated, and classy.
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