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After spending 20+ years in the hair and beauty industry interviewing scores of hair professionals, consumers, manufacturers and experts, I’ve developed my own theory about whether girls like long or short hair on guys and why. Hairstyle with beard for men.

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The theory of assortative mating is not new. It’s been studied in animals as well as humans for many decades by scientists and a wide range of biologists and other human behavior experts who study mating patterns.

In 1903 in an assortative mating study Pearson and colleagues reported strong correlations in height, span of arms, and the length of the left forearm between husband and wife in 1000 couples.

What is Assortative Mating and why might it determine if a girl like long or short hair on a guy?

Assortative mating in humans has been widely observed and studied, and can be broken down into two types of human assortative mating.

These are genetic assortative mating, or assortative mating with mate choice based on genetic type and phenotypical expression, and social assortative mating, or assortative mating with mate choice based on social, cultural, and other societal factors.

Assortative Mating has been found to be highly significant in many areas of human mate selection including height as well as hair and other physical characteristics.

Ultimately girls will prefer long or short hair on guys based on their own inbred assortative mating triggers.

Yes, hair trends come and go on men. The Beatles are a classic example of triggering a long hair frenzy on men back in the 1960s when they burst onto the music scene.

Hair is often also very symbolic and reflective of society’s trends, historical events and even morals in some cases.

How to style facial hair

Hair length values may also be intertwined with religious and political views.

Putting all the historical, religious, political, legal and other issues aside, when it comes to personal preference, view on sexual attractiveness and ultimate preferences girls may have for long or short haired males, the answer will usually be their own assortative mating preferences.

Of course there are other variables which go into the “attraction soup” but there’s been a lot of great research performed which helps explain why there is no absolute preference and that some girls will like long hair on guys and some will like short.

Some studies even indicate that girls with short hair will naturally prefer men with short hair and vice versa.

Bottom line? Some girls will prefer boys with short hair and other girls will prefer boys with long hair.

It may seem like a short and easy answer, but in reality it is extremely complex and great food for ongoing thought, speculation and study by scientists, biologists, socialists and similar for years to come.

I simply do not date guys with short hair. It's not a choice like "I hate short hair, I wouldn't ever date a guy with short hair." But long hair is just HOTTT, in my view, and even a mediocre-looking guy will immediately become more attractive when his hair is long. A guy with short hair must be AMAZING to catch my eye.

I like what long hair stands for: daring, unconventional, artistic, edgy... If you are a straight-laced guy, you probably wouldn't have long hair.

Other women are attracted by short hair because they like the stereotypically "successful" and "safe" look.

Having said all this, what is MOST attractive is someone who feels GOOD and RIGHT in their own skin. YOU should wear your hair the way that feels right to you, and you will attract not only girls, but the kind of girls YOU like.

Breed style

I have a definite preference for long hair on guys -- and I mean LONG. Below the shoulders, as long as it'll grow and is kept looking healthy (i.e. not a greasy oil slick nor dry asf. Sometimes is understandable for anyone, but all the time is like no).

Hair between shoulder and chin is a slight turn on at least, but once it gets shorter than chin-length the sex appeal is cut off. I can admire short hair for being well-kept and nicely styled, but it just doesn't do anything for me.

(Funny enough, though my preference is still longer hair, I can be quite attracted to short hair on girls and fellow queers. Idk why there's that difference for me.)

I'm guessing it's a preference I was born with because my first major crush was on a boy in elementary school who had grown his hair to his thighs, and pretty much every other crush I can think of (even ones perhaps more aptly termed "puppy love") were towards people with longer hair, guys most definitely included. (I'm pansexual and genderfluid, and have tits and vag if that influences anyone's opinion of what I've written. It shouldn't, but hey ho.)

For some people it's the exact opposite, though: for example, my mom and sister laugh because they vastly prefer short hair (though mom likes long hair if it's well-kept as well, but mostly when it comes to shaggy styles just above the shoulder). But, they also laugh at me for liking guys in leather pants, so. ;P

Hey there Majat. Thank you for your question.

Define “long hair”. Are we talking a mullet, or a Greek god looking kinda deal here? Unfortunately, one of those usually comes with a long beard and unshaven face.

Every woman will have a different answer. I'm a stylist, so I don't mind a man with long hair as long as it's taken care of. I will get my hands on it at some point…lol

To be very clear. I do not like that long unkept beard and hair that so many men have adapted over the past 5 years. I find it gross and dirty looking. If he does a “man bun” as his main “style” when not at a gym or working in a kitchen…its coming off…lol

Here is Milo Ventimiglia from a buzz cut…

Male shaving style

To a fade with long hair on top….

To his current look for this is us role.

Jason Momoa..Loong hair and shaved…looks great

Sam Heughan from Outlander with long hair. The kilt is for my viewing pleasure LoL…

All different lengths of hair, all good looking to me.

When I hear guys ask if we like guys with long hair, the above images are what I'm picturing. Then…some duck Dynasty looking reject show's up, and I think to myself… “dude, give me 10 minutes with my straight razor, comb and shears”! LoL
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