How to trim different beard styles. How to style a trendy man bun

Since an Instagram video by fitness coach Brock O´Hurn went viral, the man bun is on everyone's lips. The tall, muscular, masculine model-turned-actor from Los Angeles tamed his long hair by by tying it into a loose bun. Before, buns had mainly been associated with dainty ballerinas, but his video popularised the masculine version of the look – globally and attractively. Brock O´Hurn also introduced the world to the undone look bun. The cool Californian twisted his hair into a perfectly imperfect bun entirely unlike the sleek chic of a dancer. Lots of men appreciate this expertly sloppy approach. Female Instagram followers love Brock and his hair, no matter what way he styles it. Hairstyle with beard for men.

Find out how to style the perfect man bun in our video:

Man bun: How to style it like a man

Our Model demonstrates what the style looks like on a redhead

Rub a small (hazelnut sized) dab of cream gel between your hands and pull your hair back in a ponytail. Pull it through a hair tie and into a loop.

For extra shine, distribute some holding paste on your hands, as seen in the tutorial, and run your palms over your hair to tame any flyaways. This hairstyle looks particularly manly with a full beard, like our model's.

Tip: If you have a beard, this is the time to give it some TLC, too. Using your hands, massage a small portion of conditioning oil into your beard. Use a brush to smooth down hair.

Beard styles for businessmen

For a more relaxed look, try the half bun. Find out more here.

Man bun: The stylish hairstyle for men – for any occasion

The man bun has become the epitome of manliness. The best thing about this hairstyle: It's functional and stylish at once. The man bun tames medium length hair and turns it into a stylish hair statement for men, suitable for many occasions: sleek and chic like our model in the video tutorial, or messy and wild for a fun night out. The elegant and festive version is even appropriate for family celebrations and special occasions. The look is particularly popular amongst creatives, for example combed straight and accurately styled with a suit. It's also ideal for active types – whether working out at the gym, hiking or climbing. The man bun isn't just on trend, it's also practical.

The man bun: one bun to rule them all

Cool day at the office? A sleek chic man bun is a work-appropriate look

A man bun gives long, manly hair a tidy and presentable appearance, respectable enough to appeal to a prospective mother-in-law. On the one hand, it's a strong masculine look, on the other hand it's neat, mindful and – last but certainly not least – pretty stylish. It's bang on trend, combining qualities like strong and smart, wild and elegant, adventurous and grounded.

Types of mens facial hair

Tip: With a sleek styling, this look for men is classy and neat. It makes long hair suitable for job interviews, presentations and important events. It's also quick and easy to style, which makes it the perfect look for men.

Who can wear the man bun and which look is it best suited to?

The stylish man bun also looks good with a jeans shirt and leather jacket

Adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers and athletes can easily wear this style, because it's very practical and looks cool. The man bun is often combined with a full beard, because men on the move usually don't have time for regular barber shop visits. Trendsetters, fashion professionals (from bloggers and designers, to models or stylists) and hipsters, the man bun is simply on trend. Twist long hair up and tie it back loosely and you'll look as close to Brock O´Hurn as you ever will. The look can be paired with jeans and t-shirt, as well as with a leather jacket and boots. For free spirits or philosophy students, the man bun is an expression of freedom and personality. It's a particularly cool style worn undone: Make sure the hair isn't too tidy, instead make a sloppy, loose bun, tie it into a loop at the back or twist it into a messy bun and use a hair tie to pull it together.
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