Fashionable beard styles 2016. Rockabilly Hairstyles for Guys, Greaser Haircuts for Men

Greaser hairstyles are also known as “rockabilly hair” and it’s not wondering because the rock-and-roll stars, such as Elvis Presley, greatly influenced the creation of this trend. It was in the 1050s, but nowadays these pompous styles are making a comeback in updated versions with different modern twists. Hairstyle with beard for men.

The greaser hairstyle itself has got its name associatively. The point is to use a lot of hair styling product in order to reach wet and smooth effect. These hairstyles include comb overs, pompadours, “cow licks”, duck tails and some other more conservative cuts. Many modern rockabilly hairstyles are performed on the basis of popular undercut and seem to be loved again. Check out these updated ideas of greaser hairstyles.

An Oldie but a Goodie

Such traditional greaser pompadour will never get old. It’s popular and fresh today like it was in far 50s. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult in styling, so you need another pair of hands to help you.

Sharp Fade Comb Over

We’ve already mentioned that the comb over as well as pompadour is the initial image of greaser hairstyles. Comb over definitely wins on the point of time required to style it, as all you need is to spread gel or pomade over your head with a comb.

Nice Pomp for Dark Grey Hair

Here’s one more classic pompadour variation. As you can see, it doesn’t really matter how old you are and whether your hair is bright and healthy, or already grey with a receding hairline. Anyway, it drastically changes the way you look into a more serious and solid way.

Short Greaser Pomp

Don’t spare hair pomade when dealing with greaser hairstyles, especially with pomps. Because your goal is not only to make it sleek but and also to fix it very tight to be sure it won’t be ruined occasionally and make you feel confused or worried.

Soft Waves Undercut

This rockabilly white undercut will make the wavy hair owner happy for sure! All the top long hair is neatly swept back, so the waves look perfect and don’t bother on the face.

Classics for Conservative Men

There were conservative people in 1950s, they do exist nowadays, and of course they will be in the future. This fact proves that classic hairstyles are timeless, they’re eternal, and will always be something restrained, modest and simple in contrast to fashionable extravagant cuts.

Close beard styles

Rockabilly Bearded Skin Fade

Hey, guys, don’t forget about cool trendy beards, by the way. If your top is greased and smooth it doesn’t mean you can’t have a natural sloppy beard or moustache. It will make your image even more interesting, be sure!

Tight Fade Undercut

If the greaser pompadour undercut seems too boring for you, here’s an idea how to make it more creative. Firstly, you can add a hard part (which is “must have” component of the majority of modern cuts). Secondly, think about a freestyle design, which is perfect to make the fade fresh.

Side Part Comb Over

Modern greaser hairstyles have much more options comparing to their far relatives. For example, such slick side part can be a good idea for you, dear gentleman.

Textured Rockabilly Side Part

If you prefer freedom rather than commonness, you must hate your hair being sleek. Natural movement, single loose strands, textured volume – all that’s about the rockabilly side part below.

Psycho Quiff

This skinhead with a quiff is a hairstyle from the eighties. It was made famous by the musical subculture known as psychobilly, which is a mix of punk and rockabilly. This crazy hairstyle is a kind of hair architecture and it definitely rocks, doesn’t it?

Thick Hair Pomp with Full Beard

This smooth pomp with a narrow hard part resembles a boogie style atop. The razor fade moves diagonally and blends into a full black beard with ‘stache.

Natural Waves Greaser Hairstyle

This hairstyle is too far from rock-n-roll but it’s still greased and just is a more moderate version of the hairstyles from the 50s. Side-swept quiff makes a natural wave effect on the top.

Beard styles men 2016

Slick, Clean And Smooth Undercut

It’s a true rockabilly cut, very sharp and kind of crazy. Long top hair is swept back, the sides are artistically faded, and the back part is V-shaped.

Crazy Duck Tail

Evidently, the first thing you’re gonna say is “Elvis lives”. But anyway, this sick retro hairstyle has its rapid fans nowadays. Solid rockabilly pompadour with whiskers has a right to exist.

Bleached Flattop Rocks

Do you want some radical changes? Take the risk and go blond! Perform a greaser flattop like this and get ready to shock your friends with your transformation.

Flattop & Boogie Crossover

This image is very hipster-like not only because of a handlebar moustache and solid beard. The diffusion of styles (like the flattop and boogie styles in this one) is also one of the most significant hipsters’ features.

Bold Image for Silver Hair

This brute and the dramatic image is created by means of long hoary beard which gradually blends into a sleek silver pomp. Is it in your style? So what are you waiting for? Grow your beard and hurry up to your barber!

Greaser Style…

…and classics again. This one is so attractive and sexy update, which is also very convenient, easy in everyday care and requires no waiting until your hair is long enough in order to rock it.

Cute Blue Pomp for You

If the greaser pompadour undercut is already not enough for you, here’s one more idea how to make your image splashy and striking. Change your hair colour, choose any you want, even if it’s green or blue.

Types of beards 2016

Lengthened Psycho Quiff

This is a modern version of psycho quiff hairstyle, it’s lengthened back and buzzed into a V-shape. Your hair must be very thick and rather long, otherwise, you won’t be able to get such a rockabilly hairstyle.

Greaser Hairstyle with Zigzag Parting

The side part of this greaser hairstyle is not traditionally straight, it’s zigzag. The hair is combed to the sides and then back, while the low clean fade complements the whole image, making it more up-to-date.

Rockabilly Style for Curly Hair

Crazy, crazy, crazy style! This fantastic hair-do is a hard nut to crack. But if you’ve made up your mind to rock it, here’s a guideline for you. After you wash your curly hair, spread some hair product over it. Then separate it into two parts and blow-dry, stretching with a round brush and rolling towards the centre. After that fix your masterpiece with a hairspray in order to keep it safe for a longer time.

Jelly Rolled Pompadour

This is old school, baby! If your creativity is over and you need to make a splash, you can use some retro ideas for inspiration.

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