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There is nothing more attractive than a man who is stylish, well groomed, and knows how to keep himself. Part of being well-groomed means that your hair is on point. Men no longer settle for hairstyles that lack personality and character. They have discovered how a good stylish, elegant, and trendy hairstyle is vital for their general appearance. Hairstyle with beard for men.

Over the years, we have had a lot of hairstyles for men and we keep reinventing them in this era. They keep getting better by the day. In as much as they are gorgeous, not all of them will go well with beards. There are specific hairstyles that pair up very well with beards and they make men look even more masculine and attractive. The men’s hairstyles with beards give other men an edge over others. They are flattering and very attractive. Some of these hairstyles that you should try once.

Thick Brush Up Hair

This hairstyle can work for any hair length but it should not be too long. The sides can be buzzed, tapered, or can be skin fade. All that counts is that you brush your hair upwards. Use the right hair product to give it amazing hair volume. The style works well with thick hair that has a great density. Full beards, a stubble beard, and handhold beard will work for this look.

Slicked Back Hair

Apply an ample amount of gel, pomade, cream or hairspray to clean hair and brush it backward. This look is neat, sleek, and very elegant. It looks perfect with full beards and excellent with a long stubble beard. It is a perfect look that enhances a man’s masculinity. This hairstyle works well if the hair is also thick.

Swept Back Hair

This hairstyle is perfect. It can have a lot of variations in the way the sides are cut as well as the back. The style can also be perfect for faux hawks and Mohawks. The hair at the top of the head should have an ample length and you should sweep it backward using a comb or brush. It is stylish and fabulous. It goes well with full beards, bandholz, and a long stubble beard. Pair it up with a sharp looking suit and you have a winning look.

Dark Fade Haircut

A dark fade is a perfect break from the skin fade and it goes very well with full beards. The dark fade jells very well with sideburns. In this look, everything looks perfect. The length of the on the sides and back have also been excellently tapered. The hair at the top of the head is of perfect length as it is not too short or too long. This makes it easy to brush it backward at the front and give it that quiff look.

Different beard styles and their names

Slick Back Thick Hair

This hairdo features bandholz beards and a slicked back hair with taper fade sides and back. There is a clear hard part haircut line that parts the hair on the side. The beards are nicely shaped making it very attractive and this gives it a professional look. Use the appropriate hair product to slick the hair back. The style works best with thick hair that has great volume. After applying the hair product, give it a brush it backward.

Short Spiky Haircut

Whether the hairstyle is a Mohawk, a faux hawk or any other haircut, the hair at the top of the head should be shorter to achieve that spiky element. You can apply the cream, pomade, cream, or wax to make it spiky. Comb it forward and upwards. You can have the sides cut according to how you like it. The haircut looks great with full beards and short stubble beards. A duck tail can also go a long way.

Short Messy Haircut for Guys

This haircut stands out because it has no specifications. It is a haircut that has so many different approaches and it will vary from one person to the other. As long as it is short and messy, it will work. Even so, the length should not be too short. Pair this look with full beards, circle beards, or an extended goatee and you will look good. Its messy nature gives you the rough edges that men need.

Textured Fade Haircut

A fade haircut will always be popular among men. This look is perfect for men with hair that has low density and volume. The sides and the back have been perfectly done and the fades are outstanding. The hair length should be relatively short and should be combed like you would a quiff. Apply your hair products to give it the perfectly neat and sleek look. Pair this look with full beards and you will strike a perfect balance between neatness and roughness.

Side Swept Blonde Hair

This hairstyle looks very official and elegant. The length is perfect for the hair at the sides and at the top of the head. The sides appear to have a more sleek look that the middle part. The side part adds to the beauty of the hairstyle and the beards take it a notch higher. Take your brush and brush the hair to the side and backward. The look goes well with medium stubble beards, medium-full face beards, and an extended goatee will also work.

Nice beard styles

Side Part Comb Over Haircut

Comb overs are here to stay with us and they are loved by many men. They are stylish, elegant, and fashionable. This comb over hairstyle is simple, neutral, and very basic. The hair has the perfect length both for the sides, the back,and the midsection. Use the perfect comb to style the hair. The beads add a masculine touch to this hairstyle and full beards or circle beards can be the perfect match.

Messy Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle has a lot of personality to it and adds to the rough edges that makes a man unique. The curls are beautiful and they give the hairstyle a touch of style. The length of the hair is also perfect. It should not be too long and if it is too short, you will not get the perfect curls. A messy hair of this length will always go perfectly with short full beards. Also, short stubble beards will pair perfectly with it. Long beards will make you look sloppy mad very messy.

Hipster Hairstyle

This is a unique and attention-grabbing look. It has high fades on the sides and the length of the hair at the top of the head is perfect. It is not too long yet can form a ponytail that is secured using a band so that it does not hang to the back of the head. The beards are perfect. They are not too full and the length is perfect. Accessorize your look with the right jewelry and get the perfect finish.

Side Part Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle has been adopted by so many men all over the world. This hairstyle is elegant, sleek, and very neat. It is perfect for the perfect gentleman. The side part is neat and the part line very clear. The length of the hair is perfect. When the hair is too long, the pompadour will be too big. The beards are great and Verdi or anchor beards can also blend well with this look.

Messy Hairstyle with Beard

A messy hairdo will always go well with beards, especially if it is as attractive as this messy hairstyle. This hairstyle needs a person with thick hair that has great density and hair at the sides can be cut in any way whether by buzzing, tapering, and so on. The hair at the top of the head should be relatively long and it should be aligned towards your forehead. Full beards, circle beards, and an extended goatee will look great with the hairstyle.

Men with nice beards

Thick Scissor Cut Hair

This is yet another hairstyle that goes perfectly well with full beards. The hair at the top of the head should have an ample length for easy styling. It is a perfect hairdo for all functions. It looks elegant and sophisticated. It is also neat and with perfectly shaped beards, you will be at your best. Ensure that the sides, as well as the back, are shorted. Brush the hair backward.

High Quiff Hairstyle

Quiffs are gorgeous and they come in different looks. The high quiff requires that your hair length at the top of the head is ample enough to get the perfect look. This haircut is trendy and very popular. Pairing it with perfectly shaped full beards, bandholz, or a Verdi beard will be excellent. You will look sharp and very masculine.

Beards have a unique way of enhancing a man’s masculinity. They are attractive provided they are well groomed. They add a lot to a man’s style. The men’s hairstyles with beards are some of the hairstyles that will go perfectly well with beards. Try them at any time and you will discover how amazing they are for you.
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