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Charles Darwin famously argued that beards are to men what colorful plumage is to peacocks. Darwin had quite the bushy beard himself. Therefore, he might have been a little biased there. However, experiments do tend to show that once you shave a man, he becomes rather invisible to the ladies, as opposed to his bearded counterparts. Simply put, Darwin was right. Just like the mighty peacock, women love men with beards. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of 50 trendy undercut with beard styles for you to flip through. Hairstyle with beard for men.

1. The Top Knot

Evidently, we’re going to start off our list of undercut with beard styles with the ultimate fashion trend that has been sweeping the nation in the past few years. We’re talking about the top knot, which you can easily pair with an undercut and a beautiful beard.

2. Goatee Hair Styles

The beard style you choose depends on you and you alone. In fact, stylists say you should actually take your facial features and needs into account when choosing a type of beard. For example, if you have a strong jaw, go for a goatee.

3. Warrior Hairstyles and Beard

It would be impossible to construct this list of undercut with beard styles without mentioning the king of the Vikings, Ragnar himself. He sports a very long braid with an under shave decorated with battle tattoos and, of course, a massive, historical beard.

4. The Hard Part

As the name suggests, a hard part is a type of hair parting but with a twist. What differentiates this from a traditional side part is that you need to ask your barber or stylist to do it for you with a razor.

5. Slick Hair and Beard

Another major trend that men all over have been raving about and that you can try matching up with your beard is the long slick back. As far as undercut with beard styles go, you cannot miss with this one, seeing as it’s so cool and stylish.

6. White Undercut with Beard

Who says turning 60 means you have to play the ‘grandpa part?’ Well, you can be the grandpa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the coolest guy around. Yes, denim vest, platinum undercut, piercings, and sleeve tattoos cool grandpa.

7. High Pompadour Undercut with Beard

The high pompadour might be a bit tricky to get right in the beginning until you get the hang of it but stick with it. Trust us. It’s about to get really good. Especially if you keep your undercut nice and clean and your beard as trimmed as possible.

8. The Layered Slick Back

Fortunately for all of us, the slick back comes in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose whichever one compliments you best. This is a layered and feathery version which will make you look artistic, creative, and very urban.

9. The David Beckham

Is it possible the soccer superstar David Beckham has tried every hairstyle imaginable? Maybe, we’ll never know. But we do know he went for this trendy undercut with beard. Well, not really beard as much as a D’Artagnan goatee, which makes him look a bit like he should be in ­The Princess Bride.

10. Lumberjack Haircut

If you like the lumberjack look, then you already know that, apart from the checkered shirts you’re supposed to wear, full and thick beards are also mandatory. You can go for a short slick back as well, but you must introduce an undercut into your styling routine.

11. Messy Undercut

This is a messy fauxhawk with an undercut and a disconnect. The days of the old-fashioned, punk mohawks are long gone now, and you won’t see any more spikes protruding from anywhere. Instead, we have this creative little undercut with beard gems to look forward to.

12. Hair Design

Hair designs are also called hair tattoos, and in the past couple of years, they have developed so much that you can get them in any shape you want. Your favorite superhero, geometric lines, writing, logos, brands, cartoons, literally anything you can think of. Here are some more ideas of hair designs.

13. Mismatching Undercut with Beard

If you decide to grow a beard, that doesn’t mean you can’t dye your hair anymore. In fact, if you choose the right shade and style the whole look properly, it can end up looking incredibly cool. Just take a look at this blonde beige with natural dark beard combo.

14. The French Braid

At first, men tried the man bun. They liked it. Then, they went for the top knot. They loved it. Now they’re toeing the line with what has come to be known as manbraids. These are usually French braids on top of the head which end in a small top knot.

Trending beard styles 2016

15. Cool Hairstyles with Beards

The secret to this undercut with beard style is gel. Lots and lots of it. Or some hair oil if you prefer the more modern approach to hair care and styling products. Apply it copiously on your locks and use a comb to arrange them neatly until you get the desired look.

16. The Strand

Do you remember that incident when Zayn Malik attended a red carpet event, and a single strand of his hair fell on his forehead causing the whole internet to go absolutely insane? This is what it looks like when you try to reproduce it at home. Not bad, right?

17. The Caesar Fade Undercut with Beard

This haircut’s name comes from Julius Caesar himself because he was depicted on many statues wearing something of similar fashion. The hair is between one and two inches long all over the head, and it also has very straight bangs. You can, of course, gel it up so that you can look even more like the emperor of Rome himself.

18. The Salt and Pepper Mohawk

Like we previously stated, gone are the days when everyone wore just one type of pointy mohawk. We are living in the glorious days of the artistic and reinvented fauxhawk, just like this undercut with beard example. Salt and pepper means gray, of course.

19. Comb Over Undercut

We absolutely loved this undercut with beard look. Both the undercut and beard are jet black and styled into perfection. The hair is softened with oil and combed over while the beard has been trimmed in a round, classic shape and paired with an overgrown moustache.

20. Undercut with Beard for a Special Event

Here is the winner combination for a special event in your life such as a wedding or your prom. The beard, in this case, is a light stubble whereas the hair has been gelled, slicked to one side with a side part and perfected by an undercut.

21. Backyard Wedding Undercut with Beard

Speaking of weddings, what do you do when you’re the groom? Don’t panic because we have the solution for this situation as well. Here’s a fantastically well-groomed beard with a retro style haircut and some vintage waves that complete the whole look.

22. Viking Haircuts

We’ve already seen Ragnar, the king of the Vikings, now let’s take a look at what some of his royal subjects used to wear in terms of hair. Why, undercut with beard styles, of course. Take a look at this long slick back with one of the sides shaved off and a super long beard! The Allfather approves.

23. Modern Beard Styles

Even though they have black or brown hair, some men can only grow a red beard. We support the idea of you celebrating this fact and proudly displaying your fire beard. Get some tattoos and a cool undercut hairstyle and show everyone what a badass you really are.

24. Side Swept Undercut

In fact, this undercut with beard idea is a combination of several styles. It has a hard part, a side sweep, a high pompadour on one side, and an undercut. Not to mention that it’s geometrical and architectural on the other side thanks to the shaving and how it’s done.

25. The Ryan Reynolds

One of the most beloved actors in Hollywood at the moment is none other than Deadpool himself. He loves to wear his hair in a super short military buzz cut which he combines with an undercut, resulting in what we now call the induction cut.

26. The Retro Undercut with Beard

When we said retro, we really meant it. This little hairstyle will take you back more than one hundred years ago, when men used to wear their hair very short and slicked back with some additional finger waves. Think about Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

27. The Zayn Malik

Since we already mentioned the now uber-famous incident with the strand, it was time to see the man himself. Here is singer Zayn Malik sporting an undercut with beard. His hair pays homage to the frosted spikes we all used to wear back in the 2000s.

28. Shaved Sides with Beard

Shaving off just the sides of your medium length hair will have some wonderful effects on your facial structure. It will both elongate it and slim it, in case you need that, of course. Not to mention that it will highlight your cheekbones, which we’re sure you’ll want for all your selfies.

Different mens beard styles

29. Quiff and Beard

The higher the quiff, the bolder the man. We know that it might be a bit difficult to construct such a high unicorn quiff, but it will be the best trend you’ve tested all year, believe us. The tools needed for this job are copious amounts of hair wax, a good brush, and lots of hairspray.

30. Curly Undercut Hairstyle

We’re back to our list of modern undercut with beard styles and another fauxhawk is ready for you to take it home. This time it’s a curly one with a very long fringe that is supposed to hang loosely and lazily on your face until it meets the upper line of your beard.

31. Undercut with Beard and Dreads

Dreads are a superb protective hairstyle that you will positively love once you try it on. This is the short version with thin and narrow dreads as well as an undercut and a very well-groomed short beard. The golden nose ring is a fabulous addition to the whole look.

32. Wavy Undercut with Beard

If you have naturally wavy hair, then you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Sure, it might be a bit harder to handle, especially in the morning and when you go to the beach and in places with high humidity, but you will look handsome in all your pictures. Plus, the ladies love it!

33. Mature Undercut with Beard

Mature men tend to find it more and more tedious to tend to their hair. We don’t really know why because, in our opinion, that’s when the fun should begin. Both your hair and beard are now streaked naturally with white and you are finally a silver fox. Enjoy it!

34. Latest Hair and Beard Styles

Are you looking for the coolest hairstyle possible? Look no further. The simplest way to look cool is to simply be yourself. Look natural and effortless and the cool factor will soon follow. It’s only when you feel good in your own skin that you can actually appear attractive on the outside as well.

35. Platinum Top Undercut with Beard

This platinum top with an all brunette undercut is everything we’ve hoped and dreamed of. In fact, if it looks somewhat familiar, that’s because this is the grown-up version of the frosted spikes we used to wear back when we were in college or high school.

36. Gray Undercut with Beard

If you’re in love with unconventional colors, but don’t actually want to go all out with a crazy green or yellow, might we suggest this demure yet ravishing gray? The undercut and top knot in the back complete its modern appeal.

37. Dark Copper Undercut with Beard

Or, perhaps, you would prefer an even newer trend. Meet dark copper. Along with his friend brass, copper is here to take over the world of beauty and fashion and end the supreme reign of the matte trends.

38. White Spikes

We’ve already mentioned the spikes we used to wear in the 2000s a couple of times in this article. And here’s why. The trend is coming back. That’s right. We can all take a moment and rejoice because it’s true. Soon enough we’ll all be able to wear frosted tips once more.

39. Long Undercut Hairstyle

Long or medium hair is a blessing as well because it can be styled in a plethora of ways. Our favorite, however, is this wild and whimsical style that was obtained with the use of a blow dryer, some hair wax, and lots of hairspray.

40. Bowl Undercut with Beard

You know what they say. Nothing gets lost, everything actually gets transformed. It’s the same thing with fashion, style, and beauty. If you look closely you will notice that this little nugget is actually the bowl haircut which has now been turned into something artistic and brave.

41. The Oxford Undercut with Beard

Building on the same idea from above, here’s the hundred-year-old Oxford. It too has been bettered with the help of an undercut, a very severe side part, a bushy and somewhat curly beard, and, of course, a handlebar mustache. How do they still have time to get to class?

42. The Simple Manbraid

As far as man braids are concerned, we’ve already seen the French version, which goes on top of your head and ends in a top knot. This is the much simpler three strand braid that will hang long and low on your head, embellishing the undercut.

What beards are in style

43. The Unicorn Beard

Here’s a fun trend. In case you haven’t heard of it, meet the unicorn beard. It asks men to dye their beard in the unconventional color of their choosing. They can also dye their hair, if they want, but that’s not mandatory. Only the beard is.

44. The Connor McGregor

MMA fighter Connor McGregor rose to fame slowly but surely. And along with him went his now super famous hairstyle. It’s an under shave with a very slick high top in his natural dark chestnut brown.

45. Duo Chrome Undercut with Beard

If you don’t want to dye your hair in its entirety, you can always try just a streak. For example, this is jet black hair with a streak of vanilla white. We suggest you allow the professionals to do it for you, so that you don’t end up looking like Pepe LePew. Ah, l’amour…

46. The Wet Look

The latest trend to come out of Instagram is the wet look. It works best on medium to long hair and it requires copious amounts of hair gel or oil to make your mane look as if you’ve just come out of the shower.

47. Disconnected Undercut with Beard

As the name suggests, a disconnected haircut is one where, thanks to the undercut, your hairline and beard will not touch anymore. And look what an awesome place for a tattoo that is!

48. Dramatic Undercut with Beard

If the last few years have taught us anything about pompadours is that the more theatrical they are, the better. So, get your combs and hairspray ready because this is the pompadour to end them all.

49. The G-Eazy

Style wise, rapper G-Eazy is famous for having brought back the greaser hairstyles of the 50s and combining them with the very modern undercut. And when he added a beard to all that, the whole world just went crazy.

50. Dapper Undercut with Beard

If your style leaves people wondering whether they should serve you tea or whiskey, you’re doing it right. It means you have successfully blended vintage elegance with a modern twist and a gentleman with a rugged man.


The undercut with beard as a preferred hairstyle has been floating around the web for some time now on Instagram and Pinterest. The trend includes undercuts with man braids, top knots, man buns, gray hair, unconventional colors, retro spikes, wavy hair, curly undercut hairstyle, and more. Let us know in the comment section below which one you are planning on getting.
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