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When it comes to hair styling, we usually focus on the hair on our head by cutting or shaping it fashionably. But most of us ignore the beard and consider it an unwanted facial hair. However, the beard of yours can enhance your face value in a whole different way if it is properly shaped. Hairstyle with beard for men.

Men’s Short Hairstyles with Beard

There is an extensive list of short hairstyles like the comb over, comb over fade, etc. that you can try. Now in conjunction with that, you should also have a nice beard that complements your hairstyle. Here are some suggestions of stylish haircuts for men with beards that can surely make you look classy.

Slicked Back Undercut

It is one of the most popular hairstyles that can give you a quick makeover. In this kind of short men’s hairstyle, the size of your undercut and beard’s hair should be of the same length. Cut both the sides of your hair and trim your beard in equal length.

Man-bun -Topknot

This hairstyle pairs up finely with your beard and adds a unique feeling to your persona. The hair tied in a small bun at the back of the head creates a unified get up in accordance of the haircut and the beard. The same goes for the top knot hairstyle as well. It goes well with different beard styles, but mostly it looks good with a mid-sized beard.

The Quiff is one of the best men hairstyles and a smart choice for guys with beards. Irrespective of your age or location, this sexy haircut can make anyone envy you. The full upper hair creates a wavy hair style accorded with an undercut, giving you a sharp look.

It matches well with any beard style ranging from short beard to larger one, in whatever way you like. To have an appealing look, a short trimmed beard would be preferable. However, you can opt for a long beard as well, provided you keep it clean and nicely trimmed.

Guy facial hair styles

Shaggy and Messy

This typical hairstyle is for men with curly hair. Your hair should be short with adequate texture to have a perfect messy hairstyle. The short messy hair with a little voluminous upper part creates a complete unification with any beard and looks incredibly sexy when the beard is trimmed.

Now on the question of how to style short messy hair for guys, you just need to trim your hair on a regular basis so that it does not grow too much in length. Make sure that it is not too short because it would then become entirely vague.

Side Swept Hairstyle

It is a bold hairstyle to keep along with a crooked beard. The asymmetrical hair style assimilates with the large beard that looks incredibly well balanced.

Swept sideways with medium undercut hairs, this hairstyle sure looks quite attractive, but it is not recommended for your workplace.

Side Part Hairstyle with High Fade

This hairstyle looks marvelous with any beard style. You need to groom your beard properly with tapered sideburns, keeping your neck and cheeks clean, shaping it correctly. This comb over side part should be done in a good salon, so it can attain its cult look without any problem.

Mens short facial hair styles

Textured Crop with Taper Fade

While searching for men’s short hairstyles with a beard, it is one of the best options you can certainly go for. It is also the finest haircuts for guys with thick straight hair. If you want to keep a lumberjack beard with a handlebar mustache, you can adapt this stylish hairstyle.

Cool Spiky Hairstyles

It is one of the chic male hairstyles with a beard, especially if it is trimmed properly. Men’s spiked hairstyles make the man look incredibly sexy as it fades with the beard giving a noticeable charm to the face. Short spike hairstyle is a trendy haircut that makes a man feels young again regardless his age.

Stubble Neat Side Part

An easy to maintain beard and hairstyle, the stubble neat side part makes you look more masculine and rugged. To get this look, you have to be sure that your hair is always on point. It gives you an incredibly stylish appearance for your office and brings a serious look on your face.

Pompadour Comb Over

While attempting this hairdo, consider the length of your hair properly so you can balance it well with your beard. Men who have straight hair or wavy hair nail this style in a better way. For those who don’t know how to comb your hair into a pompadour, all you need a comb, wax or clay that suits your hair type and of course a good barber.

To try something new and to get a more masculine look with your beard, you can go for shaved pompadour, keeping in mind the volume of your hair.

New look beard style
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