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If you have a Square face shape, you will probably be similar to the following description:

Your length and width proportions are equal with a forehead and jawline of similar breadth. Hallmarks of this structure are straight cheeks with a broad, strong chin.

If this sounds correct, scroll on down! However, if you’re not quite sure, we cover 7 unique face shapes and yours might be a different one. You can find your face shape following our quick 5-step guide.

Note that the above assessment is a guideline. Every man has some differences. You may discover that you share traits with several face shapes.

Nevertheless, discovering your closest match will prove invaluable when it comes to your styling choices.

Square Face Shape Specifications

The above diagram serves to geometrically assess a Square face shape’s key characteristics. The proportions feature near-equal length features along the width rendering the face relatively straight. Note the low-sitting eye line, defined cheekbones and pronounced jawline, which make for defined features.

With a reputation of being the quintessential masculine face, this face shape has an all-round functional structure that allows for a great range of experimentation. Its inherent virility can be honed to develop an authoritative image that commands respect or underplayed to exude a tenderness under that hard-boiled façade.

How to maintain a beard

Styling Advice For A Square Face Shape

Although there is room for experimentation, it is not without caveats. The objective is to walk the fine line of highlighting features out without rendering them overbearing. The following sections will assess what is permissible for this face shape without undermining its toughness.

Each style is featured in a guide, which will allow you to explore it to a greater extent. For instance, hairstyle guides will explain how to obtain a particular cut and then style it.

Scrolling down will reveal each individual section or you can choose what interests you the most with the contents below:

Square Face Shape Hairstyles

With its angular and masculine features, a square face can easily impress with neat and tight cuts. Extremely short styles like buzz cuts can evoke self-discipline yet a little length on top can provide some casual texture to break away from an overbearing Military look.

Deep side-parts and swept-back styles can be paired with tight fades. Alternatively an undercut to provide textured layering and bring out those chiselled features. Like oval faces, squares have the luxury of being able to enjoy most styles. Note that some specific haircuts or beard styles have guidelines that advise the best course of action.

Tight back and sides, fades or undercuts

Layering to accent features

Latest beard design

Avoid precision defined hairline if hair is receding.

Recommended Hairstyles

Square Face Shape Beard Styles

Although this face shape is pretty flawless, men can look at way to enhance their already strong features with a selection of beard or moustache styles. Furthermore, severe jawlines can be softened by creating volume over the chin or over the upper lip whilst trimming it on the sides.

Bear in mind that hard lines in a beard emphasises pre-existing features whilst softer lines reduces them. Narrower beards may appear lost on a Square face’s surface area. Be mindful of this when styling.

Recommended Beard Styles

Square Face Shape Moustache Styles

Opt for thick moustaches that complement the face’s bulk. Square faces tend to have a larger appearance so fuller moustaches are recommended. Smaller moustaches may appear lost above the top lip for this reason. You can try angular finishes to bring your features’ sharpness out or something softer to reduce them.

Recommended Moustache Styles

Best Glasses For Square Face Shapes

Although oval faces are often credited as the ideal shape, square faces tend to have more freedom when it comes to glasses. Their strong and angular features create an air of confidence, which makes them far more versatile with respect to different styles.

As they’re equally structured and much sturdier in features than oval shapes, it’s harder to knock those proportions off. However, there a few caveats that should be noted beforehand. Firstly, being a square and angular face shape by definition, they should avoid overly square frames.

Latest hairstyle and beard style

This is because square frames will over-emphasise your features by mimicking them. In some cases, square frames with rounded or bevelled edges may work fine. Yet if they’re as tall as they are wide, it may be overbearing and likely squash your features by shortening your face length.

Otherwise, slightly trapezoid frames such as wayfarers add enough variety that they can work quite well. Additionally, browline frames or round frames can even add a sense of sophisticated brutality.

Ideal Glasses For A Square Face Shape

Acceptable Glasses For A Square Face Shape

What Next?

Now that you have learned the characteristics of square face shapes, you can freely discover all your options that we cover. For instance, we host many guides on hairstyles, beards, moustaches and glasses, which each have their own dedicated sections on face shapes.

On each guide, you’ll be able to learn the specifics relating to your own face shape and how they may affect it. Simply click on one of the images listed above or head to the entire categories listed below:

If you ever got lost, you need only head back here to find what’s compatible for your own face shape!

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