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A full beard or called a uniform beard is the traditional face full beard which connects the whiskers. The facial hair is on the upper lip, across the cheeks and down the sideburns and all around the mouth, over the chin and completing the area under the neck in a circle. You will have to grow your beard full and thick and can look classy when properly groomed. How do you style a beard.

Stop shaving your facial hair for 4 to 6 weeks and let the hair and the whiskers grow naturally, watching in what direction the whiskers are growing. You can use a beard conditioner or shampoo if you want to get relief from itching.

Take help of a professional barber and take his advice on what type of grooming and style could be the best suited for you. Ensure that he has all the necessary tools for grooming. Trim the edges carefully after you have grown a full beard.

Choose from a range of full beard styles that matches the shape of your face and the texture of your facial hair.

Here are 15 full beard styles that have been handpicked for you.

Sparrow Full Beard Style

This is a unique full beard style, where there is a combination of the mustache and a soul patch, with a goatee styled into two braids, hanging from under the chin. This full beard style is definitely a crowd puller, and is one of the tough styles to groom.

The Mutton Chops

The mutton chops are left thick and full in this beard style. The mustache is shaved thin and the hair on the chin kept full. May be not a good looking one, but this full beard style has been sported by many celebrities.

Is facial hair in style

Beard Style Five’O’Clock

It takes only three days to perfect the Five’O’Clock shadow beard style. There was a craze among black men to follow this full beard style, as this beard style is easier to pull off. Although the hairstyle looks laid back, you will require a bit of hard work to maintain this beard style. You will need to shave the areas around the neck and the cheek daily to maintain the desired look.

Blonde Flecks Full Beard Style

This beard style will help you to lessen the intensity of the dark blonde color which may start to show up when you are outdoors for a long time. An unruly full beard style.

Flicked Out Full Beard Style

This full beard style gives a flicked out look, where the facial hair is well groomed to make the hairs pointed towards one direction. Regular maintenance is required.

The Garibaldi Full Beard Style

This full beard style is one of the full and long beard styles, where the beard is grown full and thick, for about 2 to 3 months. When styling, the beard is round shaped under the chin, and the mustache joins the beard at both the ends

Perfectly Groomed Full Beard Style

This full beard style is well groomed around the face and trimmed neatly. The facial hair is kept full and bleached in light brown color and meets the mustache at both the ends.

The Full Beard Verdi

This is one of the full beard styles, where the beard is styled under the chin in a round shape, and the sideburns connect the beard and the mustache on both the ends. The cheeks are shaved off to give a clean look.

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Strawberry Full Beard Style

The beard is full and bleached in ginger color or the strawberry color and looks awesome when sporting bushy, thick and bold beard style. Out in the sun you will look great..

Bandholz Full Beard Style

Holding patience is important if you want to style the Bandholz full beard style. For the first 2 to 3 months you will look scruffy. It is till the end of the seventh month when you will be able to style it perfectly, when the facial hair grows to a fuller length.

The Amish Full Beard Style

You will need to grow a bushy and thick beard, and then style it in an Amish way. This is a bold and elegant beard style, where you will need the help of a professional barber.

Crazy and Fun Full Beard Style

This is a crazy and fun full beard style where the facial hair is colored yellowish creating a shocking contrast to the natural black hair on the top. The sides are faded high and the hair on the top is styled like a pompadour.

Fuzzy and Soft Full Beard Style

This beard style has the beard full and a product is used to make it fuzzy and soft, instead of the hard and brittle one. The dual color combination makes this beard style look attractive.

The Ducktail Full Beard Style

This is a full beard style, where the facial hair has grown to a fuller length and styled to point in one direction. The beard is neatly trimmed, which features the hair tapering towards the chin. It looks like the tail of a duck. The upper part of the beard is cut short and the length of the chin hair varies according to the style you choose.

Face dadi style

Carved Full Beard

Young guys can show off their personality with this carved full beard style, but you will need the skills of a barber to perfect the contours. A razor is used for shaping and to trim the goatee, neck and the cheekbones. Ideally suited for those having thick facial hair.

Growing a full beard will no doubt require patience, but once you have it shaped up, you will have a plethora of full beard styles to flaunt. Choose the ones that suit the shape of your face and ensure that the beard is properly maintained. You are sure to look attractive and manly, drawing the attention of the opposite sex.

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