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Just like a lot of guys out there you may have recently decided to grow a beard. Since you’re now growing a beard you also need to learn how to style a beard. Something you probably didn’t think of at first but, don’t worry neither did I! How to style the beard.

I’ve put together the must know information and some tips & tricks to get you going. Learning how to style a beard isn’t very difficult but, I do stress that you have patience. Spend some time learning the process because if you mess up you may have to start over at the “growing a beard” stage. Yikes!

Learn Your Face!

You need to learn more about your face when learning how to style a beard. You need to know your face shape, how a beard changes your face, and then what the best beard shape is to compliment your face. Don’t you worry! We’re going to help cover these topics for you.

In order to get the most accurate reading you’re going to need to break out the tape measure. This will give you the best readings of course but, you could always wing it?

Here’s how you’ll do your measurements (inches or centimeters):

First measure the Forehead by pulling the tape from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the opposite arch and record that number.

Next the cheekbones you’ll measure across your upper cheeks, starting and ending at the sharp bump below the outer corner of each eye.

For the jawline you measure from the tip of your chin to the point below your ear, right where the jaw angles upwards and multiply by two.

Last measure your face length by going from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Now using the measurements just keep in mind which were the largest. Which of these face shapes suit you best?

Now that you’ve determined your face shape there are particular beard styles that will better compliment you. Out of the six face shapes they each have a partner that can sport similar facial hair. The face shapes which go together are Round & Diamond, Square & Triangular, Oblong & Oval. If a beard style is good for the Round face then it’s also good for the Diamond.

Best small beard styles

Now that you know your face shape here’s the kind of beards that work best for you. The Round & Diamond faces should go with facial hair that’s longer on the bottom and shorter on the sides. If you’re a Square or Triangular shape go for facial hair that’s fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides. Lastly if you’re Oblong or Oval than you’re the luckiest as most styles work well for you.

The Right Tools

Before you even begin we need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Beginners learning how to style a beard may try to use clippers. While clippers are OK for shaving your underlying neckline. Clippers shouldnot be used to style the beard.

You absolutely want a great pair of beard scissors. It’s a inexpensive purchase and its going to be your #1 tool for styling your beard. I recommend a professional grade barber scissors that’s going to last you a long time. A 6.5″ middle size scissor will work great for mostly everyone.

You’ll also need a good beard comb. If you’re going to learn how to style a beard the right way than you NEED these items. These two tools are definitely not optional.

There are plenty of other beard products out there. Some are very nice and will help you with your beard. You can check out a variety of beard styling products online. However you don’t need a lot of them. The beard oils and beard conditioners are nice but, aren’t always a necessity.

If you have a longer beard then some of the oils and conditioners are a lot more helpful at that stage. For the majority of us, we can get by with a pair of scissors, beard comb, and using shampoo on the beard in the shower.

Take a moment to watch this quick video. The creator goes over some good tips that we talk about in this post. Definitely some key points to take away and learn from.

Round & Diamond Faces

For those with a round or diamond shaped face opt of facial hair that’s longer on the bottom and shorter on the sides. This style of beard will be the most complimentary and will suit you the best. You can still play around with some different styles but, this is what’s known to work best.

Just keep in mind everyone is different. Sometimes a face isn’t exactly round nor diamond and can be somewhere in the middle.

The reason you typically want to go with a beard style that’s thinner on the sides is because that’s the widest part of your face. Your cheek to cheek is a wider area. A beard with thinner sides pairs best because it lines up with your face shape.

Beard styles full

Square and Triangular Faces

Those born with a square or triangular face shape pair best with fuller chin hair and shorter on the sides. You also pull off Vandyke’s really well. So if you ever decide to change your style you can ALWAYS fall back to the Vandyke.

As always your case may be different but, most guys could use a few pointers on growing a thicker beard. It can often be a challenge or just seem overwhelming. Unfortunately its more of a necessity for those with the square or triangular face shape.

Oblong and Oval Faces

Well well! Lucky you! You have the very best face shape for most beards. You should have a quick and easy learning experience when learning how to style a beard.

You can pull off most beard styles but, that doesn’t always mean you should. Styles which are longer around the chin are the least complimentary on your face shape although still doesn’t look bad.

Beard Styling Process

I recommend jumping into the shower and make sure to shampoo that beard really good. Before doing any styling make sure to dry off really good. You don’t want to style the beard when it’s wet! That is a big no no. Your beard will shape differently when wet & dry. If you style it when wet then it isn’t going to look anything like you want it to after it dries.

Once the beard is nice and dry take out your beard comb. Brush your beard from the top down and then brush from the neckline up. Your sort of shaping it into a point. From here you want to take your scissors and trim away any excess hairs. If the hair is hanging out away from the crowd then cut it off. Do this until the beard is nice and even. You may need to comb the beard several times during this process.

Now depending on your face shape you can begin trimming the beard in needed areas. Begin cutting on the sides as needed etc. Reference the video above on how to thin the sides of your beard.

Use a comb on your mustache to brush it down. Trim any hairs that hang over your lip. You can also thin or trim the mustache similarly to the method used for the side of the beard in the above video.

Great How to Style a Beard Resources

Before I end I wanted to share some great “how to style a beard” resources with you guys. Mostly some of my favorite YouTube channels that you’ll learn a lot from. The Beard Baron is completely dedicated to all things beard. A great channel and the host has an amazing beard. You’ll learn a lot of really great tips and tricks there.

Another up and coming YouTube channel I like is Mark Humphrey’s. His channels about traveling, beards, and life. Some interesting videos and even some guides. Definitely worth your time to check out.

Current beard styles

A last one you may have heard of is Alpha M. This channel is dedicated to confidence, grooming, style, and fitness. There may not be a lot about how to style a beard on his channel but, it is very easy to relate to and enjoyable. If you like iManscape you’ll like Alpha M.

As always leave a comment below and give me your thoughts. Hope you enjoyed the post and were able to learn how to style a beard! Thanks for reading.

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