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Men these days have become more keen and conscious about how they look, and one can rock his look through beard fashion. Fashion comes not only in what and how we wear clothes and accessories but also with the way we style our hair, especially facial hair for men. Yes, beards can be quite annoying and messy at times, given that men have the freedom to grow it into a full Spartan beard, but a nice trimmed beard will give the look an extra point. Beard fashion is not as simple as it sounds. Here are some points you might want to remember to rock your beard like how a real man should. How to style the beard.

What is Beard Fashion?

Untidy beards are a discouraging sight; hence, many are interested in trying out this new grooming trend in men. Beard fashion is a creative way of shaping facial hair. Since there are methods of cutting one’s hair, why not fashion it with your beard? Barbershops are good places to start if one is not comfortable in styling his own beard yet, but even barbers need the personal opinion of the one who needs to get the haircut on how he wants his hair to look like after the visit. Of course, it depends on the style of the man’s hair and its length.

Top Beard Styles that All Men Can Try

So, how do you want your beard tidied for you? First, identify the shape of your face. Do you have a square, oval, rectangle, or round face shape? Check out the cut you think suits you best.

1. Square Shape Faces

Generally, men with square shape face should have a combination of a short-trimmed beard at the side to highlight the cheekbone and a fuller beard near the chin to emphasize that square jawline. Nevertheless, the following beard styles are also compatible:

Circle Beard

Coming from the name itself, the hair on the upper lip circles down to the chin area which has most of the hair present. The part near the cheekbones may have a precise edge to ensure neatly trimmed beards.

Royale Beard

As most royal men wear their beards in movies, this well-trimmed beard can make you feel as royal with a cleanly trimmed mustache that cuts with a short wave at the side of both lips. You can have a curly beard style that depends entirely on how you want it to curve at the side. You can also put a bit of hair left in the middle area of the lower lip that expands as it goes down to the chin area.


Goats in human form? Yes! You can now rock the actual goat’s beard for your own by neatly trimming the hair embracing the full chin area with precise cuts at the sides.

Petite Goatee

More or less, it is similar to the goatee beard style except for the coverage of hair on the chin is much less. Both sides convex towards each other with the lower edge extending to the lower chin in full coverage.

2. Round Shape Faces

This is an opportunity to play with angles using your hair. Keeping full hair on the chin can do a part. These are the beard styles recommended for round shape faces:

Van Dyke Beard

The hair circles around the mouth except the mustache detach from the beard, and the hair in the chin part has a straight edge from the side of the lips down to the lowest part of the chin.

Different beard styles for long face

Short Boxed Beard

A well trimmed beard with minimum hair that is neatly shaped at the sides may give away the look of a bearded man with a round face.

Balbo Beard

Leaving the mustache floating, the side of the lips is free from hair while the jawline down to the chin is abundant.

Anchor Beard

Following the Balbo beard style, Anchor beard is a bit similar. In this style, the hair traces the jawline with a much precise edge but has less hair as compared to Balbo.

3. Oval Shape Faces

This is known to be the best shape in which one can apply any beard style he wants. So, if you are blessed with this face shape, then almost all beard style will suit you well. Still, we’ve curated some of the popular beard styles for this face shape:


The facial hair fully embraces above the upper lip alone, leaving the bottom a clean area.

3-Day Stubble Beard

As if you have just grown stubble for three days, this short trimmed beard will look fresh and indeed very neat even if some hair covers the lower part of the cheeks.

Horseshoe Mustache

The mustache simply stays as is except it extends straight down at the end like crying down to your chin. Neatly trim this vertical line and leave no hair in the middle part of the chin.

Original Stache

For original stache, a mustache is all there is. Make sure that this is still neatly trimmed.

4. Rectangle Shape Face

The strength of this shape can be emphasized by keeping long cuts at the sides of the lips. Moreover, keep the concentration of hair at the bottom parts. Here are the best beard styles for this face shape:

Shaving style 2016

Mutton Chops Beard

This closely resembles the horseshoe mustache. The only difference is that the hair extends to the jawline, starting from the vertically-shaped hair at the sides of the lips.

Gunslinger Beard and Mustache

This nice trimmed beard gives away a horseshoe mustache and flared sideburns that look like they’re ready to kill.

Chin Strip

A simple strip of hair on the chin can give away a bad-boy look. The edges of this strip must again be well-defined to emphasize the neatness of the look.

Chin Strap Style Beard

A grass field is how this looks like. Hair scatters at the lowest part of the face spreading right from the chin to the jawlines. No mustache. No chin strip.

Tips on How to Trim a Beard the Right Way

Now that we have named a number of men's hair and beard styles, the next decision to make is whether you want to experience the adventure of crafting your own hair or leave the art to the barbers. If you feel like your full Spartan beard could be manageable by your own hands, take these few tips on how to produce a desirable beard style successfully.

Just like the usual routine males and females do in washing the hair, use a trusted brand of shampoo to clean your beard. This is followed by a conditioner to soften the hair and make beard shaping more convenient.

As one combs their hair, so can you with your beard. This is to sort out your hair and spot lengthy strands that stand out from the usual length of your beard. Use a gentle brush that is specifically for a beard.

Referring to the list above as to what style you want to put up with, start shaping your beard accordingly.

Some hair will be stubborn for the clippers, so here come the scissors to cut away long hair that covers the upper lip. Use this only when you trust your hands to be steady. Use mustache scissors for an easier alternative.

Full shave style

This is important because how the beard that ends at the neck area will also be noticeable. It is best to trim the hair above the Adam’s apple. It is also up to you to make the beard fade or let it end with a sharp edge. If you wish to have the former, use the clippers at differently adjusted settings to pull of a faded look for the beard. If the latter is what you wish to have, shave an edge of the beard as you shave the hair on your face.

To clean up the mess left on the beard, apply some beard oil and spread throughout the beard area with a beard comb. The hair that was left behind from the trimming will be cleared out as well and give your beard a neat finish.

What’s the Best Barbershop for Beard Trimming?

Are you ready to start a new beard style by yourself? Given that you’ve read the tips on how to do it yourself, you’re good to go. However, some still don’t trust the power of their hands. Nothing to worry! Professional barber shops like, Regal Barber Co., are always available to cater your needs. Be sure to choose the best barbershop if you want the best haircut to complete your look.

Regal Barber Co. is not your ordinary barbershop as they have a variety of specialized services that will leave you satisfied. Right from the prepping stage to the aftercare, they got your back! If a neatly trimmed beard is what makes you feel confident, or curly beard styles are what make you look best, leave it to them and they will take care of the rest.

A friendly reminder though, please make sure to book an appointment first as most popular men’s barber shops are packed with customers. Moreover, make sure to do your research and ask whether the barber shop specializes in beard fashion or haircuts for guys with beards. After all, you do want to rock a sleek haircut with equally an fashionable beard, right?

Beards are no joke. A few strands out of place could ruin the clean cut you are trying to put up. Moreover, a mistaken cut could change the feel of the beard that you expected to have. Neatly trimming your beard is not just fashion but a way of grooming that every man should do. A neatly trimmed beard will not only put up a mature look to attract women or make a good impression on the new boss, you can also make an air of charisma and stature with the way you look. Don’t hesitate to choose looking your best. Start grooming your beard today!
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