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For some others, they hate it and wouldn’t even consider growing beards. For the gentlemen in this category, I can only keep preaching to you in hopes that one day you will come to the true realization that Beards are Awesome and that they are perfect for you [if you have the potential to grow it]. Awesome beard designs.

Even if you don’t listen now, someday soon, mother nature is going to come knocking, and when she comes she means business – your hair loss begins and that’s an indication that your “sexy” days are gradually coming to an end. At first, you are going to be sad…

Allow mother nature to gradually take back her furry little hat [a.k.a your hair] till you are left with a big bald spot on top of your head.

Fight back mother nature. Show her you couldn’t care less by shaving all off and then grow an awesome beard and feel sexy again!

From Samuel L. Jackson to Bruce Willis to the rapper Common and even our very own Banky W, there is indeed something common among these guys. Asides the fact that they are all stylish men, they have mastered the act of growing beards to match their bald look.

So are you going bald, or you are already bald? Here is my best selection of beard styles which you should choose from. Even if you’re not quite clean shaven, yet like to keep your hair short, these beard styles will be good for you as well.

Cool hair and beard styles


#2. Short Trimmed Beard

This is similar to just having a carefully shaped “stubble” look in which there are clearly defined lines and any stray hairs are picked off. The difference is that the hair is allowed to grow a bit longer – for about 2 to 3 weeks. Regardless of your face shape, as long as you can grow a relatively full beard, this is a great style for any bald gentleman.

A well-groomed goatee exudes confidence and pure manliness. One major benefit of choosing this style is that it really does go well with any facial type or structure, so you can’t go wrong with it. However, it works best with a face that is more triangular in shape.

#4. Full Beard

Instead of the hair on your head, you grow a full beard on the face. But let’s face it, not everyone can grow an epic Full Beard. The full beard is a great choice for gents who are businessmen, self-employed or those in the careers related to music niche. This is because not many corporate establishments would allow their staff to grow a full beard. If it’s not a problem at your place of work, by all means, feel free to grow an epic full beard. Just ensure you keep it neat, modern and classy.


Bald and Bearded? That’s classy! That’s perfection! When you compliment the look with a Stylish Nerd Glasses, that’s a passport to Awesomeness! So whether you are balding or not, consider shaving it all off, grow your beards and purchase a designers nerd glasses like the one the rapper, Common is wearing above in the intro pics.

We’ve gathered some amazing facial hair styles of guys wearing nerd glasses for you to get inspired.

Square beard styles

Here are some pictures of gentlemen showing their bald and beard combo in all their glory. Some of them rocking their nerd glasses as well. I hope this convinces you to shave your hair, grab your stylish nerd glasses and grow some beards.


There you have it, bald can be just as sexy as a head of full hair. Hope the bald and beard looks which we’ve shared with you are inspiring. If you are balding, shave off the hair completely on top of your head and grow a beard. It’s a stylish trend that works for bald guys and looks great. After all, men with shaved heads are perceived to be more masculine.

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