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So you want to have a awesome sexy beard and look attractive,but to get that awesome beard you need to take care and groom your beard because the beard will take care of your must have seen many men having beard but the beard looks kind of unwanted and dirty on them while there are also these Men who look killer with there beard and you want to have a beard like them. You must be thinking whats the difference. Its pretty simple, the Men with attractive beards knows how to take care of his beard. So if you want to have that beard charisma on all the girls and get their attention then lets just start with some simple tips for beard care which will help you to grow an awesome Beard and be the alpha in the men’s Pack. Awesome beard designs.

Tips to awesome beard care

Be Patient : Do not shave

It is pretty simple to take care, you must have it so just let the beard grow because beard is the awesomeness that is coming out of your India people generally used to have a different and negative perception but time is changing and now people are liking this new era of beard. So stop the urge to shave for at least 3-4 weeks. Now you can see you got some awesome beard. You must be thinking that its better to shave because you feel beard is itchy, dry and unkempt, and beard is not looking good on you, just have a little patience because the tips I am going to give you will change your thoughts and looks.

Know your style and beard type

Different people have different type of facial hair and and accordingly you need to chose your beard style which suits you. There are a lot of beard styles you can try. Now you would need a trimmer to trim the area on the face where you don’t want facial hair.Wait you are thinking that I just said not to shave beard now I am saying to trim it but there is a difference in shaving and trimming. Depending on the different style that suits you face and how much you want your beard like short beard or long beard you need to trim to get the shape and remove the uneven beard you got your beard style you would need to maintain that style by regularly trimming.Don’t forget the mustache. It is better to use scissor for mustache.

Get rid of itchiness and unkempt beard

Beard oil

Now its time to start using beard oil for nourishing and smoothing your beard. Beard oil helps to grow healthy facial hair and keep the itchiness away. It not only hydrate and condition your beard but also the skin under it.Use it regularly and you will see the effect of it, you will feel better and you beard will give a glow to your face. Basically beard oil is made of many carrier oil and essential oils that give your beard the vitamin and minerals can get a good beard oil from different online sites and we are going to launch a great beard oil which you can use for the awesome and attractive beard. You can subscribe to get the launch updates and get a chance to win free giveaways too.

All kinds of beards

Beard balm

Beard balm have some awesome features of both oil and wax. It gives you a little conditioning of oil and a little hold of wax. Beard balms are good for short beard because it does not need strong hold. It smoothness the beard and remove the itchiness too.

Beard/mustache Wax

If you have a long beard or you want your mustache to get a hold for a style you want,then you need Beard/mustache also have some ingredients as oil and is helpful for beard nourishment but mainly it is for styling purpose. It makes your Beard look sexy and strong while protects it from different weather conditions like wind and rain.To get great beard wax subscribe and get the launch updates and a chance to win free giveaways.

when you apply oil/balm/wax always comb properly with wide tooth comb and get the desired style you want.

Hairstyle for men with beard

Wash Beard and keep it clean.

Are you thinking, do you really need to wash beard then the answer is yes and wash it regularly for cleaning the dirt,sweat and food particles in it.You must keep it clean if you apply oil and wax and you should also use beard wash for removing the old oil and wax on beard. It gives a fresh feeling and nourishes beard. after wash always pad your beard with a dry towel and dry it do not use hair dryer as it is not good for skin and beard hair.

Eat and stay Healthy

Lastly but most importantly you need to eat healthy food for good beard growth. Have good amount of protein and green leafy vegetables.

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