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The reason behind it is simple, people have finally realized that beards are more attractive and specially women get more attracted to men who have good and well-maintained beards. Speaking of well-maintained beards, growing a good looking beard is an art itself and it requires a lot of struggle to grow one.

36 Amazing Beard Style For Round Faces That Would Make You More Attractive

We are not against the men who have clear shaves too because it all depends on the face cut and the features of the person, some look good with clean shave, some look good with a stubble and some men look stunning with fuller and well grown beard. But as far as the majority and the trend is concerned, well beards win the competition and they make men look undeniably good.

Many people try beard styles that don’t suit their face shape and that is the place they need to work on. It is a simple formula, you keep a beard according to your face shape or face cut. And don’t worry because there are hundreds of styles out there and there surely be plenty of them that will suit your face.

There are various face shapes such as oval, round, triangle, heart and diamond and the people who usually get worried on which beard should they try are the the ones who have a round face. You can pull a very handsome look out of a round face cut if you only look for the beards that suit you.

If you are someone who is worried about which beard will suit your face the best then you are at the right place reading the right article because today we are going to jot down some of the best and the most exceptional beard styles for round faces. So,folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article might help you in getting the handsome beard you always wanted. Before you start reading the article make sure you know which beard style suits you.

1. The Light Stubble

The light shadowy stubble is best suitable for those who have a round face. Especially if you have a sharp jawline then you can you can grow the stubble and maintain it in order to pull a perfect look.

All you need to do for this look is to let your beard grow for a few days and then keep trimming it in order to make it look good and not wild. Just make sure you trim it equally otherwise it won’t look nice if someone looks at you from a very close angle. This stubble can help you have a strong, manly yet decent look. This beard style would make you look more professional.

2. Goatee Beard

It is one of the most popular beard styles among round faced people. The best part about it is that you can keep it with or without a mustache, as per your requirement. It is named as “goatee” because this look is just like that of a goat whose long hair dangle from the chin.

You can easily get this long for yourself by shaving all your facial hair except those on the chin. If you have a soft jawline then this beard style will surely suit you because it adds length to the overall look of the face. You can try it with mustache too and if you don’t like it then shave off the mustache and enjoy a new and handsome look like never before.

3. Full Goatee With Mustache

Want to have a decent and well groomed look for a wedding or a party? Well the full goatee is what you should try for sure. Full goatee involves a mustache too so if you are ready to have a mustache then this look is best for your round face. It is very easy to style this beard, you only have to grow some fuller hair on your chin and which should go up around your mouth. This style is for all the face shapes. Santa is also a great example for this.

4. Musketeer Beard

This style highlights your upper lips and the area of your chin only. You don’t need a sword or something to pull of this look and it is as easy as it seems to be. If you are someone who doesn’t want to put much effort on the maintenance of your beard and wants a sharp look then the musketeer beard is a must try for you.

5. Long Stubble Beard

If you’ve got a slightly fat face then the long stubble beard is the best to cover up that extra skin on your face. In order to pull a sexy look out of this beard style, you can keep a moustache and flurry hair. If you want your face cover a big face then this style is perfect for you.

6. Patch Goatee

You might feel like we are putting too much of the goatee beard style in this article but this genuinely is the best style for those who have a round face and above everything, it is in the hot trends so why not try something that is the talk of the town? If you have a short and buzzcat hairstyle then the patch goatee is your thing.

It is the easiest of all to maintain and you don’t have to put much effort to grow it. Just shave off all your beard expect the hair on your lower skin of the chin. Keep trimming it to avoid a rough look.

7. Circle Beard

It is also known to be the standard style of a beard and it is very common among people of all face shapes. It is a combination of round goatee with a mustache which is best suitable for those men who want to have a very tidy look by keeping a beard.

In order to get this look you simply have to grow your beard to a good length and then visit the salon and tell him that you want this beard style because it is a bit difficult to make it on your own and you would need a professional to help you get this look. Do note whatever your hairstylist does with your beard and then you don’t have to go to the salon for it every time. A little practice will make you an expert yourself.

8. Natural Full Beard

The natural full beard is also trending at the moment and you can get this beard very easily. This look also suits those who have a round shaped face and it looks totally natural. If you are someone who wants a regular and tidy beard then this the natural full beard is the perfect look for you.

Cool beard styles for boys

The only problem you might face about this style is the maintenance, you need to trim it properly and comb it regularly so that it looks well-groomed. On the whole this beard style looks very professional and hot too.

9. The Van Dyke Beard

This beard style is named after a famous painter Anthony Van Dyke who used to paint men with beards. The paintings were both religious and regal. The Van Dyke look is all about a sharp pointed beard with the sides of the face shaved off. This unique and appealing look needs a lot of care and maintenance and you need to make sure that you trim it equally on regular basis in order to give it a neat and clean look.

10. Garibaldi

The Garibaldi look is for those men who don’t want to work much on their beards and want a fuller beard. For this look you will have to wait for about 3 or 4 months and let the beard grow till a point where it covers half of your neck too.

During all this time,make sure that you trim it equally and also shape the end of the beard to give it a round look. It is one messy look that can help you look quite sexy and handsome. Specially those men who have a round or oval face must try this beard.

11. Medium Stubble

Stubble are always hot and even if you have any other face shape, they will look perfect on you. The only thing about a stubble is that you need to maintain it properly and it demands good care in order to look good. Round faced people can use the medium stubble to have a tidy yet rough look. Drake is a great example for such beard.

This look will give you the best manly and strong look that you’ve always wanted. In order to get this look you have to make sure that your beard doesn’t grow beyond your cheeks and neck area. You can get the medium stubble in a couple of weeks so you don’t have to wait for this look for a long time.

12. Bandholz Beard

You can pull of this urban beard style easily. All you need is patience to have this look because it takes time to grow. This look is inspired from the Eric Bandholz. The long mustache and fuller hair of your beard will hide the round shape of your face. Dan Bilzerian is a great example for such beard. You can pull an amazing hipster look out of this beard and above everything you will look extremely modern and cool with this beard style.

13. Anchor Beard Style

The anchor beard style is all about looking classy and hot. This style is also trending at the moment and you will look outstanding with it if you have a round shaped face. It will go best with long hair just like Johnny Depp has in the above picture. Just look at the way how cool he looks and how perfectly he has pulled out that beard.

14. Short Beard With Mustache

This style is also known as the W shaped beard which goes up down and then again up and down. This style looks amazing with fuller facial hair and can give you a very professional and toned look. With this style, you don’t have to worry about the round shape of your face because the beard steals all the attention and people will surely start crushing over you.

Furthermore, this beard style is considered to be one of the best and the most common beard style used in the ancient times and for anyone who wants a deep and dark look can surely try the short beard with moustache. When it comes to the maintenance, well it is very easy to maintain this beard and you just have to comb it and trim it on regular intervals.

15. Patchy Beard

A patchy beard might sound weird to you but that also is a beard style worn by those who have a round face. One common issue that many men face is that they grow patches of facial hair and they don’t have a proper beard but don’t worry because the patches are in trend now and people are loving this new and unique look.

It is rough yet you give a very smooth and manly look altogether. Patchy style will suit the best on people who have started to grow grey beards or have different shades in their hair color.

16. Square Goatee

Goatee is back again with a boom. The square goatee is best suitable for people who have a round or even an oval face. It gives a very clean and cool look and if you want to get this look then all you have to do is to grow hair around your mouth and at the bottom of your chin too. Just keep the rest of the face shaved properly and if you want to make it more fancy than trim and shave it all to make a square shape.

17. Neck Coverage

Your round face needs something that can somehow make your jawline come out and that can only be done with a properly shaped sharp beard. The neck coverage beard style is also trending at the moment and as the name indicates, this style covers up all your neck.

There are people who grow facial hair on the neck more and less on the overall face and if you are also one of those men then take advantage of your facial hair growth and show off your neck in a unique way.

18. Extended Goatee

Also known as the tailback or the Hollywoodian, it is a mixture of a goatee and a mustache. The style is unique from the full beard as you are taking off the hair on the sideburns. You should have grown medium stubble before shaping your beard. Take off the hair on the sideburns and adjust the width according to your taste but do not take off your mustache.

19. Friendly Mutton Chops

The friendly mutton chops are also referred to as the sideburns or side whiskers. The term “sideburns” was derived from a renowned American Civil War general. Let your sideburn grow. But the growth of sideburns with mustache will give a more handsome look. Wolverine is a great example for such beards. Remove the hair on your chin until the lower lip area. You can keep your sideburns growing until it becomes fluffy.

20. Imperial Beard

The Imperial became famous during the Second Empire. It is not actually a beard style but a mustache. However, you can wear this style with your sideburns or chin beards. Just make sure that you keep the beard simple so as to keep the imperial mustache as the highlight of your face. Do not shave for a while until you have acquired whiskers that are long enough to be shaped. Some people say that they had to wait as much as 3 months until they have fully acquired the look.

New beard style

21. Short Stubble

The simplest among all the beard styles, you can easily maintain as there will be no specific method just to acquire the look. It make you look tidy and manly as well. Just do not shave your beard and mustache for 2 days. After that just maintain its short length. Just shave it habitually to maintain the look and make it your signature style. You can also shave the hair growing on your neck area. But try keeping the stubble focused just around the lower area of your face.

22. Medium Stubble

Well, if you do not give time to your short stubble, then you have to say hello to medium stubble. Keep the hair trimmed until it’s 3 to 5mm long. It will probably make you look rough a little bit, but if properly maintained, it will surely bring out your macho image.

Make sure that your beard does not go to your cheek and neck area, so trim all those excess growths. Keep the length not more than 5mm so you should have a good trimmer as you will use it at least once every week.

23. Long Stubble Beard

It is 6mm long, the long stubble is kind of tricky to maintain differentiated to the short and medium as it has to be trimmed well to get rid of excessive hair, especially those that grow on the cheek and above Adam’s apple.

Do not shave your beard for a long time until it reaches 6 mm. keep it well trimmed so that it will look like a less on the lower area of your face. Make sure that you get rid of the untidy hair using a trimmer or shaver.

24. Dutch/Old Dutch

The Dutch is fundamental in beard growth. It’s more of an old-school/forester look and similar to the Garibaldi, the Dutch is another great beard, skipping the mustache. The growth from the side-burns is kept fat because Dutch men were actually proscribed to grow one. To equalize this they grew out the beards from the sideburns. The beard is grown outwards and allowed to glare from the sides as well as foreground by the chin. This should not have a mustache.

25. Polished Beard

Beard styles that have a polished look gives an impression of a good man having a bad side look to anyone who sees them. While it gives a full effect and a wild beard, it is trimmed at the sides and the bottom to give it a more polished shape and structure. The edges are trimmed and shaped so that the overall look is very tidy and neat all the way. The best part is that you only need to take a trimmer for a while each day to keep it uniform. Also check King Leonidas beard as well.

26. Razors Edge

This is a beard style that is mostly know because it will never grow out of trend. You can acquire the Razors Edge by grow less in the sideburns to give way to a wild, full beard. The sides are not trimmed into the same position as the polished look, but you should keep the corners nice and even for a cleaner look overall.

Grow out your mustache then shape it so that it curls slightly upwards at the tip. Below the chin, keep the hair long and tilted gently making a point, but discontinue at the end.

27. The Faded Beard

The faded beard was so named after sideburns that dim nicely into the beard. This is one of the beard styles that are shorter. But these shorter look as nice as ever. You can get this one by letting your sideburns wane into the primary beard, which must have a square cut when seen from the front.

Let the beard grow down below your chin to about 3 inches. After that trim it to a flat line at the end. At the end or in finishing touches, you can pair the faded beard with a handlebar-like mustache for added zeal.

28. Bush and Coif

This is one of the craggier beard styles. It is wilder than most others and is perfect for someone who uses his hands a lot. For your hair, start off with a shorter cut and a side part that point up a little. Fade the sideburns down into the primary part of the beard. Similar to the uniform, let it grow down below the chin a bit.

After that shape it into a square, rounded end. Let the hair grow freely. Don’t keep it as neatly trimmed as the Uniform. Try to make your beard to grow out into handlebars for the best and handsome overall look.

29. The Two Tone

There are beard styles that tell the world you’re a man. And guess what? this is one of them. It is a very respectable beard style. Grow your beard full, but let it grow longer below the chin. It makes a pointed goatee shape of sorts. Then, color the middle strip of this in a different color. Or you can trim out all the black hairs and let only gray grow there. Don’t let bleaching begin at the roots.

Let your mustache grow out but be careful that it should not grow into handlebars. Tow tone beard style is for middle aged men. It is also for the men who want full beard style as well as want to maintain decent looks. If your face shape is oval or round, then this beard style is perfect for you. Let your beard grow until its length gets 4-5 inches.

30. Bold and Thick

This is a pretty famous beard style today. The bold and thick gives off a very dashing appearance. Only if it done rightly. For this, you should let your sideburns blend into the beard with nearly the same length throughout. Angle the top edge down diagonally across your cheek neatly making it look good and clean.

Then curve upwards at your lower lip to meet a trimmed soul patch. Below the chin, let it grow down an inch. and make it taper to a rounded end off cores. Trim your mustache, and let a thin line of hair meet the rest of the beard. Traveling down at the corners of your mouth.

31. The Beckham Beard

This is the perfect beard for anyone who doesn’t have the time to maintain their beard regularly. David Beckham goes with this look all the time. Let your hair grow out and wax it into a barbed shape instead of a side part. Trim your sideburns while growing the beard at the very bottom.

How to beard

Let your beard grow down your neck and increase its growth up into your soul patch while defining the areas right next to the soul patch. You can have a free mustache, trimmed and pointing down towards the rest of the beard.

32. Chin Strap Beard

The chin strap beard works well with short hair. A fade style would also go well with this beard. Let your sideburns fade gently. Try to keep it into a short growth of stubble that moves along your jawline while covering your chin and back. Don’t let the beard extend past the jawline onto your cheek. Because this will ruin the look overall. Keep the mustache down along with a small but nearly invisible soul patch. This is only done for adding the effect.

33. Lines For Days

This beautiful beard works well with fades. Let the sideburns grow short and extend to the full beard at about mid-ear. Send the corners diagonally downward and up into a small patch. The mustache needs to be compactly trimmed and a curving down to meet the beard but never encounter. Make sure all the lines are interupt clearly by shaving rogue hairs away with a straight razor if possible.

34. Petite Goatee Beard

A petite goatee is a partial goatee. As it starts right underneath the lips and faintly past the shin. It is shaped in a point, resembling an upside-down triangle. Like other styles of facial hair, the petite goatee requires special grooming and care to increase and sustain.

35. Gunlinger Bread

The gunslinger is burn up sideburns with a horseshoe mustache. It’s close to the classic mutton chops look, but adds a little extra bend. With the All Purpose Gillette styler, you can achieve this look.

36. Chin Strap Style Beard

The chin strap is a pretty uncomplicated device – you support it over your face and around your chin. That keeps your mouth shut when you’re sleeping. And then it encourages you to breathe through your nose. This healthy breathing pattern can pay return in your battle against snoring and sleep neap.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Above we have mentioned all of the best suitable beard styles that can suit those who have a round face. However, this isn’t it and there are plenty more ways to style your beard and you can create your own style too if you just think out of the box. As said earlier, growing beard is a whole new level of struggle and it demands care and nourishment too. Yes, you read it right, just like your scalp hair, your beard needs to be nourished and you need to feed it with certain elements and products that can help it grow good.

The most common issue among men is that some of them don’t grow proper and fuller beards and they have unequal growth of patches instead. Well, there can be plenty of reasons behind that, it just might not be in your genes or there are high chances that you lack a certain amount of vitamins or your follicles are not allowing your facial hair to come out. However, you should never lose hope on that and you can try using different products in order to grow a good beard. Try eating food which has high nutritional value or try to put and massage your beard with hair growth oil. These elements might not appeal you much but they do work for sure.

Now, if you are lucky enough to have a good facial hair growth then do not just ignore the blessing in fact you should be more careful about your beard and take care of it as much as you can. Your beard style and the maintenance of your beard says a lot of you and your personality so make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to making effort to maintain your beard. You should trim it on regular intervals and it doesn’t matter what style of how long or short your beard is, you can always use a beard comb for it. And same as for those who don’t grow fuller beard, you also should apply beard oil every once or twice a week in order to make it look more attractive and appealing. Only styling your beard is not an art in fact maintaining it and making it look well-groomed is also a skill that many lack so make sure you are not counted in that population that don’t care about their beards much.

Having a round face is nothing to be worried about specially if you are a man who grows good amount of facial hair then you can use that as an opportunity to style your face and beard and make your round faced shape look extremely good.

We hope you will like the above mentioned beard styles and if you genuinely want to look good then we suggest you to try any one or two of these styles. We tried to cover up almost all of them so make sure you use this article practically too in order to have an attractive look.

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