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One of the top men grooming trends for 2017 is the reemergence of the beard. The beard trend is incredibly strong with fashion-forward men choosing to sport thick and full beards guaranteed to attract attention for all the right reasons. Beard shape ideas.

Growing a beard has the ability to completely change your aesthetic, making your overall style and even the shape of your face look entirely different. The key to pulling off the beard is to ensure that it is well-maintained, regularly groomed and teamed with

The best thing about the beard is that it is so versatile and has such massive potential to create a myriad of different styles that there is the perfect beard for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a thick and full beard that oozes masculinity or something a little more subtle and stubbly, you’ll find the ideal beard for you.

Here are five of the most beautiful beards in the world to covet right now:

Jared Leto’s Full Beard and Long Hair

A long and full beard like Jared Leto’s is incredibly popular right now, especially when combined with his trademark long haired look to create a casual, laid back and incredibly informal aesthetic. However, the full beard look should be approached with caution.

Growing a long-length beard is a process that can’t be rushed. It will take time and patience to get it right, and as your beard is growing you should consider regularly adding beard oil to it to prevent any irritation and dryness and also to improve the appearance of your beard hair and make it more manageable.

Here are some of our favorite, luxury beard oils to apply liberally. Not only will these make your beard look and feel stronger and more attractive, they also have the added bonus of conditioning your beard and making it smell fantastic:

If you’re attracted to the full, long beard style then it’s important to carefully consider the hairstyle that you choose.

Ask your barber for a modern and youthful style, and consider experimenting with a shorter hairstyle to create a fun contrast with the longer length of your beard hair.

If you do want to wear long hair with a long beard then ensure that both are trimmed regularly so that you look more fun and fashion forward and less like Tom Hanks in Castaway!

Zayn Malik’s Short Manicured Beard

Zayn Malik has undergone several style transformations in the pat 18 months, but the one aspect of his look which seems to be ever-present is his short and stubbly manicured beard.

Types of beards and facial hair

Emphasising his dark and smoldering good looks, the good news is that Zayn’s beard look is relatively easy to recreate and adopt as your own (with or without the pink hair!)

A stubbly beard is a fail safe, particularly if you’re new to wearing a beard or are struggling to find a beard type or length that suits you. No matter what your face shape, beard hair color or texture, a stubbly beard is sure to look good.

A stubble beard will also work with any haircut or hair length. Celebrities famous for their battle with hair loss, such as Billy Zane and Jason Statham, look fantastic wearing stubble beards with incredibly short hair.

The right stubble can highlight angular features, enhancing the shape of your face. If you carry any extra weight in your jowels or around your jawline then growing a stubbly beard is also a great way to disguise this extra weight and make you look more streamlined.

The key to pulling off this look is to keep your beard as short as possible: you could even choose to alternate your look by shaving and then growing back that famous three day stubble that is so popular.

David Beckham’s Classic Beard

Almost everything David Beckham does is sure to attract the attention of the fashion-pack but his classic beard is particularly covetable in the current beard-obsessed climate.

Pulling off the classic beard is actually trickier than it looks. The key is to ensure that your beard is not too long and not too short, with a good level of thick coverage all over.

If your beard is patchy, or grows particularly thinly, then committing to this kind of facial hair may not be the right choice for you. It is certainly not a look that suits everyone (and not everyone can pull off a look like Beckham).

The key to pulling off the classic bearded look is to keep your hair looking youthful, and to choose a style that will make a big impact, to ensure that your overall style is as modern as possible. We love this beard worn with a voluminous pompadour or a slick side parting, which is the combination so often worn with panache by David Beckham himself.

If you choose to wear your hair in a side parting then you will need a strong hold pomade to hold everything in place and create a fashion-forward vintage feel. Here are some of our favorites:

Mens face style

Ricki Hall’s Statement Beard

Bearded models are all the rage right now, popping up on runways all over the world and in campaigns for every imaginable fashion brand, from high street to high end. When it comes to bearded models, no one has embraced the trend quite like in-demand British model Ricki Hall.

Ricki is the master of the perfect balance between short length hair and long length beard. The key is to ensure that the length of your beard is proportionate to the length of your hair, so a good rule of thumb is that the longer you wear your hair the longer you can wear your beard.

If you like to wear your hair short then you should approach the long beard with caution. A long line beard will look out of place teamed with a short hairstyle.

Rather than look youthful and fashion forward, you will risk looking like an aging biker (great if that’s your aesthetic as the biker subculture is a strong one, but not a good look if you’re trying to keep up with the fash pack).

The great thing about beards (and about hair) is that if the length of either is slightly off balance then it’s very easy to just have them cut!

If you have an existing hairstyle that you love then the best way to ensure that your beard is proportionate to your haircut is to experiment with different beard lengths.

When your beard length feels too long, cut it shorter in increments, looking for the length that suits you best. There is no rule of thumb here – the beard length that will suit you best will be determined by your face shape, your hair texture, and how strong your features are.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Bushy Beard

Full a low maintenance 1970s inspired beard look, look to Joaquin Phoenix’s bushy beard, which blends perfectly with his shaggy mane-like hair. If you’re looking to use your beard to add depth and texture to your face then this is the perfect style to replicate.

The bushy beard is tricky to grow if you have naturally straight beard hair, as it can tend to look thin and straggly. Rather, this is a much better style if your beard has some natural texture and a gentle wave that you can work to enhance.

If you want to wear a full bushy beard then it’s important that your wash and condition is regularly in order to ensure that your facial hair remains soft and manageable. The target look is effortless rather than homeless!

Beard styles for oval face

It is also important to think about the hairstyle that you choose. If possible, your haircut should have some length to it, so that your hair and beard can work together to add texture and enhance your face shape. This is a style that will immediately make you look more mature and will work to exaggerate your jawline.

Joaquin Phoenix keeps his beard and his hair at the same length, which creates an incredibly masculine mane-like effect that is easy to replicate if you already have long hair. Ensure that you trim both your beard and your hair regularly to keep the whole style looking fashion forward and on trend.


If you want to completely change your look, change the shape of your face and create a brand new fashion-forward aesthetic then there is no better decision than to grow a beard. Incredibly on trend, easy to achieve and a favorite with celebrities for 2017, the beard is definitely back.

From Brad Pitt to George Clooney, David Beckham to Jon Hamm, if the biggest and best stars in Hollywood are experimenting with new full beards then why don’t you give it a try too?

We love full beards teamed with slick hair, and predict that this style is only going to get bigger and more popular as we move into 2018.
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