How to cut beard styles. Professional Beard Styles- 20 Facial Hairstyle for Businessmen

Beard Styles Professional. Beards have been in and out of history and fashion for that matter constantly again as the demands of the current trends were met. Historically men with beards were considered with great powers or at least impressive personalities. Beard styles for work.

Men have taken a great leap in becoming fashion forward and now they are almost at par with women in terms of being fashion conscious. As this is the matter they are redefining their look and experimenting with newer trends. Beards although not new but new styles have emerged such as a soul patch, van dyke styled beard and hip hop culture beards. Men from different backgrounds bring diversity even to the fashion of men’ facial hair. This article is dedicated to the facial hair styling of business men.

Businessmen Men Beard Styles

We have collected top trends for you to follow.

#20. The “Van Dyke” Businessman

This style suits those men who have a thick facial mane. It not only gives a stylish vibe but it can help in hiding your short chin or elongate a round face.

#19. French Beard in David Beckham Style for CEOs

#18. Full Closure for Men in Business

This beard style although require constant maintenance but it has a classic charm that no other beard style can beat. Always accompany it with short hair for a professional look.

Hairstyle for men with beard

#17. Beard with Tuxedo

Look utterly stylish and highly professional with this thin stubble. It is recommended for all sorts of events.

#16. Celebrity Look for Managers

French beard is one facial hair trend that can never go out of style and it is always a hit among the ladies.

#15. Country Businessman Look

You need to be a beard fan to keep this length of facial hair. It gives a mystic and an authoritative look.

#14. Stylish and Dapper Look for Business Parties

This French beard full face is recommended with a little length to your hair.

Beard hairstyle 2016

#13. Strictly Professional Businessman Facial Hairstyle

A classic picture of a true business man. Accompany your medium stubble with side hair closely cut.

#12. A Full Beard Swag

#10. Handlebar for Risk Taking Professionals

#09. Corporate Beard

#08. Medium Stubble Beard for Bosses

#07. Speculative Look for Business Meetings

#06. Paint Brush Rough Look for Constant Work Hours

#05. Full Beard with Slicked Hair

#04. Beard for Long Hair Businessmen

Long hair don’t shout professional but with a proper hair length with this timeless facial hair style will pass you off as a businessman.

#03. Celebrity Style-Ryan Goosling Displaying his French Side

This style suits men with an oval face.

#02. Angular Face Men with Beards

If you have an angular face with defined jaw line consider yourself luck as you can try out most of the styles without worrying. Just adopt a pompadour hair style and you are a hit.

Cool beard styles

#01. Afro Beard Style – Black men Beard for Office

To dress up professionally is a challenge always and to have facial hair to look after too with that is time consuming. This look is very simple and clean and highly suits men who want style but also want to save time.
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