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Gone are the days where being clean cut is the only option for men (this isn’t the 1950’s anymore). As time has gone by, men have embraced their facial hair in an assortment of ways that keep them looking fresh, innovative, and above all, good looking. Here, we will show you some celebrity beard-spiration, styles, and tools to make your facial hair look great in any sort of scenario. Show me beard styles.

When To Grow A Beard, And When Not To

Figure out when is a good time to stop letting your facial hair grow. If your beard keeps getting to the point where you are eating your mustache hairs and licking your beard stubble, it’s time to throw in the hairy towel and shape up.

No patchiness. None whatsoever. Some can grow a full beard out in a couple of days, whereas others get patchy in areas for reasons they can’t control. If you see a patch, get rid of it immediately. That way, even though your beard is still growing, that your face will be as consistent as the New York Jets losing streak.

The “when” to grow a beard is usually comes down to Fall or winter. What does that mean? Condition, condition, condition. Winter means dry skin season is upon us, where a beard can make you itch and scratch. No one wants to see your beard dandruff on your nice winter coat, so find a great conditioner that will keep it looking full and fresh as you face the freezing air outside.


How about some “beard-spiration”? One great way to see the varieties of beards that are out there is by simply turning on a television or opening up a style magazine for influence. Red carpet events give us the opportunity to not only gaze into what the stars are wearing, but also how they’ve been groomed for a big night out.

Official beard styles

Notice how we didn’t say “how they groomed themselves”. That’s because celebrities have a whole team of professionals responsible for making sure they are groomed to a T. Taking note is like taking tips from the best in the trade.

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has spoken out his disliking to shaving completely. He was asked how long his lets his beard grow while making an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show last year, to which he responded “I let it go fairly long sometimes. I’m very lazy and I hate shaving. I hate my face without a beard, I look really young.” The laziness and hatred look good on him in this scenario, so keep up the good work Jamie.

Television personality and culinary traveler Adam Richman, who is the author of the book Straight Up Tasty, always has some sort of facial hair going on when he’s attending a major event or hosting one of the many shows he is on. What is his favorite though? “I am fond of a close-cropped beard, slightly longer at the chin. As someone with a rounder face, I find it gives me a little bit of shape & definition. It’s fun to absentmindedly stroke the hairs on my chin while thinking, like some ancient Sage, and the feedback from women so far has all been pretty positive.”

So, let’s say that your days of thinking like Jamie Dornan are done and you are ready for the “trimmage” of a lifetime. It’s gotten you to the edge of bearded glory where you are ready to jump ship and head to your nearest barbers for the shape up. What is the best route to go on to ensure you are left feeling fresh, clean and sexy to boot?

Beard design for boys

The Patch Adams

If you have those hard to reach places or suffer from “patchy” issues, then the Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper will help you get to those hard to reach places that larger tools have a hard time accomplishing. Relax, turn on, and enjoy the precision as well as the finalized product.

The Trim Shady

For clean and neat trimming, the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200 will do the trick. It’s equipped to be “maintenance-ready”, no oil required, stylish and gets the job done to leave you with that fresh feeling that everyone should have post-shave.

The Full Nelson

The beard oil. As essential to stop from scratching, but also for your face to smell delicious and very kissable. Beardoholic Natural Beard Oil will do the trick here. This oil smells fantastic, leaves you with no itch, and has a great amount of all-natural ingredients that is perfect for your skin.

Now that you have these great tips, head on out and see what works best for you. What is your favorite beard style to rock through the cold weather?

New beards style 2016

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