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Do you agree with me that men today have become more conscious of good grooming? For many men being handsome is just about changing the hairstyle or catching up some cool accessories & clothes, but what about the beard? Wearing the right beard style can add extra oomph to your looks and will spike up the level of sophistication and sexiness. Show me beard styles.

Beards are quite the rage at the moment and aren’t going away anytime soon. They have always been a huge and popular trend amongst men and they’re getting even better over the time. With the changing fashion many men wonder what the trending beard styles are and how they can sport their favourite celebrity look like a pro.

The best part of sporting beards is creating a distinct style in itself for every man. Whether you are going for something subtle or tough stud look, beards style completely transforms your look and redefines your personality.

Little beard style

There are variety of latest beard styles you can choose from. However, you must consider few points that are essential to pick the right style that will suit your face type. Distinct face shapes require various beard styles.

In case if you are totally confused about which is the best beard style will make you stand out in a crowd, then you are at the right place. Be it classic beard or longer iterations of beards, we have included amazing options for trendy & fashionable beard styles right here.

Stubble beard styles

If you really want to get one for you, then don’t wait any longer and give it a go. In this article, you can have look at out some of the most exciting cool yet stubble beard styles that are trending in 2016. These styles can be easily pulled off in style and you are surely to get inspired.

Learn here how you can sport a beard like these gentlemen:

Cool beard trims

#2: Beard Styles for Men

#3: Chin Curtain Styles

#4: Clean Shaven Face Look

#6: Goat Patch Beard Styles

#7: Goatee and Moustache Styles

#8: Mutton Chops Facial Hair

#9: Friendly Mutton Chops

#10: Neck Beard Styles

#11: Shenandoah Beard

#12: Sideburns Beard Styling

#13: Side Whiskers Style

#14: Soul Patch Style

#16: The Zappa Beard Style
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