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Are you a natural or a more defined kind of guy? Beard line.

How far up your cheeks you let your beard grow is up to you (or your beard). Basically you’ve got two options: a natural beard cheekline or a defined beard cheekline.

Natural beard cheekline

This is a friendly and natural look, but it’s not suitable for every man. It’s softer than a defined cheekline and makes your beard (and face) look bigger. An advantage of the natural option is that you only need to take care of your beard neckline, so you’ll need less time for your daily grooming routine.

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Defined beard cheekline

For a neater, sharper appearance, go for a defined cheekline. It looks cleaner and gives your face an edgier look. Here’s how to create one:

1. Define the cheekline of your beard

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Try to visualise where your ideal cheekline should be. This is easier if you use a Philips Beard Trimmer 9000, which has a handy laser guide to show you where your trimming line will go. Visualize the start and end points of your cheekline: A is where it begins, at the bottom of your sideburns, and B is where it meets the side of your moustache.

Once you’ve defined your line, it’s time to create it. Using the Philips Beard Trimmer 9000? Switch the laser on to check your line and start trimming above the line. You can go down to 0.4mm with the lowest setting on this trimmer, so you can use it for your beard neckline too.

Depending on your daily beard growth and skin type, keep your cheeks clean by shaving above your cheekline with a Philips SensoTouch 3D or a Philips Styleshaver.

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