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To differentiate Types of beard Juvenile and adult that exist is necessary to understand the science behind the facial hair cut and in this list you can find the different variants there are. Types of modern beards.

Wearing a beard or mustache style with a proper cut helps to look attractive and irresistible, without this affecting in any way the appearance of manhood. Makeup is one of the best tricks women have to look good. Men have work a little harder.

For many women, the beard is synonymous with being sexy. And it is that a modern and classy beard makes men not only look more manly but also rough. However, it must be borne in mind that there are different classes. And according to the type of face, style and taste of each person, one is more appropriate than another.

A bearded chord can help greatly enhance a man's appearance. Which means that the type of beard that a person carries can tell a lot of what it is.

If you are a scruffy person you will notice in your beard, but you will also notice if it is masculine, safe, modern, classic, rebellious or formal. It is for this reason that wearing this look needs both care and personalization.

Beard Styles: 20 Stylish Types

1- Short beard

The short beard style is one of the simplest there is. It can be achieved by just letting the facial hair grow for a few days after shaving. This type of beard looks rather short, that's why the name.

It is also known as a three-day beard and is one of the modern styles preferred by many men. Although some might believe that it is simply not shaving, it is not that simple.

The short beard needs to be maintained because otherwise it will look sloppy. To do it the right way you should use scissors or an electric barber. It is important to keep in mind that any hair that grows below the walnut, should be trimmed using an electric barber or even a shaver.

2- Medium Beard

This is another one of the beards in the simple style, since it is only characterized by the length of the facial hair. As its name indicates, it is a slightly longer beard than the short one. While a short beard needs two to three days to grow, the average needs a few more days to get the right length.

A medium beard should be between 3 and 5 millimeters long. If it is longer it will start to look scruffy and sloppy.

As with the short style, a medium beard looks much better when kept up to a third of the bottom of the man's face, just above the walnut. The upper cheeks should be well shaved so that the overall look looks neat.

3- Long beard

The long beard style can become much more difficult to maintain than its shorter counterparts.

This type of beard is slightly longer than the middle beard. It should measure more than 5 centimeters to be considered as such. And to get this look it is necessary to use an adjustable electric machine.

Any man who decides to wear a long beard style should trim it to keep the same look. Loose hairs should be removed using a pair of scissors or a precision trimmer. As with the short and middle beard, any hair that grows above the lower third of the face and underneath the walnut should be removed.

4- Full beard

The full beard is considered a classic style. This type of beard can be difficult to achieve as not all men have the ability to make facial hair grow full.

As the name suggests, the full beard is characterized by having hair on almost the entire face: from the cheeks, chin and neck to above the lip. In this type of beard it is necessary to take care of the neck line. It is right in this part where each person will give their personal touch.

This type of beard takes time. Therefore, it is recommended that those who want this style to grow their beards while they are on vacation to pass the first phase. Keep in mind that you will go through different types of beard before getting the complete one.

After four weeks, those who have been successful at growing the beard may begin to shape it. It is important to remember that it is necessary to be attentive to hair growth to cut it frequently and thus not look careless.

5- French fork beard

This type of beard has a rather strange name, but is known by the way it has. It is a very distinctive style. It is considered as a type of long beard but is characterized because the hair extends beyond the chin and because it is divided into two equal segments.

Latest beard styles

The word fork is used because the original French holders had only two teeth. It is not a new style, but in recent years it became popular thanks to the famous character of the film The pirates of the caribbean Jack Sparrow, who is played by Johnny Depp.

6- Bearded ducktail

The beard style of duck tail is another version of the full beard. As in the case of the French fork beard, its name takes it from its appearance. By looking at this beard you can easily see how the bottom, where the chin is, resembles a ducktail.

Many men consider this style as a perfect match between the wild feature of having a beard and the sophistication of a well-groomed look.

It is perhaps for this reason that the bearded ducktail is still one of the most popular styles of beard today. To create it only you need to leave the upper part of the short beard and let the hair grow on the chin area.

7- Circular beard

This is an ideal style for those men who want to wear a beard, but who want to have a neat look. While a full or long beard may seem wild, too rough or sloppy for some men, the circular beard allows you to continue having facial hair but with a cleaner look.

The name of this beard derives from its shape. It combines mustache and knob to create a rounded shape. On the other hand, this style is popular because it is relatively easy to maintain.

As long as you keep your shape round and hair is short is acceptable. It works perfectly for men with jaws and square faces.

8- Bearded goat

The goatee is a style that is worn on the chin and should never connect with a mustache, so this should be shaved. It's an informal look that rock fans often use.

To have this type of beard should be allowed to grow hair just below the lower lip and the knob should be the same width of the mouth. The sides are defined as vertical or slightly curved lines depending on the person's taste.

This type of beard is ideal for those with a weak chin or a rounded face, as it helps cover that part of the face. Keeping a goatee's beard may require practice and attention. And to carry one you need to have a lot of confidence because it is a style that does not go unnoticed.

9- Extended goatee

The extended goatee beard is also known as the Hollywood beard. This style is a combination of a goatee and a mustache.

It is possible to create more variations of this style simply by adjusting the shapes and angles of the hair extensions. Apparently, this type of beard looks like a mustache connected with a beard but without the whiskers.

To have an extended goatee, it is recommended to let all facial hair grow. Once you have grown enough it will only be a matter of trimming the beard in the desired shape. In addition, this way you will have more flexibility to determine the size of the goatee.

10- Imperial Beard

This style is ideal for those men who really want to make an impression with their facial hair. The imperial is not in essence a beard but rather a long mustache that runs down the face. It can be accompanied by a fine knob with an elongated and pointed shape but it is not obligatory.

This style became popular in France during the Second Empire period (1852 - 1870). It was there that it took the name of imperial instead of the old Royal.

In this style the mustache is connected to the hair that grows on the cheeks and the tips point upwards. The chin and the sideburns are left uncovered for the imperial to be the center of attention.

11- Barba Van Dyke

The explanation of Beard Van Dyke is simple. It is a goatee with a mustache. This being so, this is also a variation of the extended goatee.

It was called Van Dyke because it was the style used by the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. However, in recent years it has experienced a reborn popularity.

Dadhi hair style

Carrying a beard like this means having the rest of the cheeks completely smooth and free of facial hair. For this type of beard to look better should be very defined.

Therefore, those who opt for this style should pay attention to the shape of the beard on the side of the chin to ensure that the lines remain clear over time.

12- An anchor beard

As it is imagined, this type of beard owes its name to the nautical anchor and therefore, the general form of this must seem like one. To achieve this look, the man must have the face without sideburns. But you must have a beard that extends along the line of the jaw. And that's when the point is designed. This must be connected to a pencil mustache, so that the total shape looks like an anchor.

Getting this look can be a bit difficult. And it is a beard that combines many styles. Therefore, not everyone can get it. In addition, it is a style that looks better on men with square or oblong faces.

13- Beard balbo

This type of beard also has several variants, but the main is the one that consists of wearing the covered chin combined with a long mustache that must be disconnected from it. The mustache may curl or not, as it depends on the person's taste. This style of beard is ideal for those who have a slightly eccentric personality.

To achieve this style it is necessary to let the mustache grow and sculpt a small leg that attaches to the lower lip. The contact zone should grow abundantly. This look has an interesting history.

He is associated with the fascists, since the man who made it popular was the Italian Italo Balbo, who was one of Mussolini's henchmen during World War II. However, in recent times, beard Balbo has become synonymous with actor Robert Downey Jr.

14- Beard lamb chops

This style of beard, known as lamb chops, is nothing more than the look that involves wearing longer temples, which extend to the corners of the mouth and even lower.

Therefore, to achieve this look men should let their temples grow freely, but should shave the area of ​​the chin. Then create an imaginary line defined at each corner of the mouth and along the edge of the jaw line.

If you want you can give this beard a curved shape to meet the area of ​​the mustache. This style is ideal for bald men and also for those who have a little round face.

15- Beard necklace

This type of beard is also known by the name of Lincoln or Donegal. It is a style that runs the line of the jaw to join the sideburns and frame the face.

It can be slightly thin or wide, but the latter is especially recommended for those with narrow faces, as the hair density adds contour.

Achieving this style takes time. The cuts should be done from the ears and do not forget to shave the mustache and neck. The beard necklace looks best when worn abundantly, but the length should be moderate. It is a look for those who have a more relaxed personality.

16- Barba Verdi

This type of beard is basically a long beard but stylized. It should be short and rounded at the bottom and should not be longer than 10 cm when measured from the lip.

Verdi's beard also bears a mustache, but must be separated from the beard. This should not grow more than 1.5 cm by the corner of the mouth and should always look flawless.

This style of beard is inspired by the Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi. The artist is known for his masterpieces such as La Traviata, Il Trovatore and Rigoletto.

17- Barba Garibaldi

This type of beard is an ideal style for men looking to have a slightly disheveled style.

It's like a beard hipster but it has no tendency to be too long. This is a wide beard and complete with a rounded bottom that also integrates a mustache. The Garibaldi style should be no more than 20 cm in length.

Latest beard style 2016

The mustache should be kept clean, but the beard can be allowed to grow naturally.

In fact, the more natural the beard looks, the better the look. This style of beard shows a daring personality and is usually the favorite of those who want a touch wild and free but at the same time controlled.

18- Dutch beard

The Dutch beard is a classic old-school style. It is a bulky beard and long (although may also be only a few centimeters) that connects from side to side. This look is similar to that used by the"Amish", but its main characteristic is that it is a beard that does not have a mustache.

This style of beard is usually reserved for those who like to stand out. With this look it is sought to be the most hípster of the hípsters.

19- Beard Bandholz

This is a rather recent beard style as it has been popularized by a man who practically created the whisker and beard care industry with his Beardbrand company. This is Eric Bandholz, who is the founder of the now famous brand of products.

To achieve this look requires patience, since during the first months will look irregular and sloppy. Waiting is key, as the beard should be allowed to grow naturally until it reaches its maximum length.

This style has a mustache that connects to the beard. After it has grown, it will be shaped. This style of beard is recommended for men who have a triangular, oval or even diamond-shaped face.

twenty- Shaved off

This is not technically a style of beard but rather the absence of this. But it is certainly a look that involves facial hair, in this case it has to do with shaving it completely. Having a beard, whatever it is, has its benefits, but being shaved also has its own.

Some research studies suggest that most women prefer the shaved look. The reasons are several but the main one has to do with hygiene. However, in recent years many women say that bearded men look much sexier and have a lot of personality.

3 keys to the care of the beard

In recent times the beard has become a modern trend. It is basically the perfect complement for those men who want to wear looks that sometimes seem unconcerned but on the contrary involve a whole intensive care.

And it is that wearing a beard is not about not shaving. Unlike. Those who decide to opt for any of these looks should invest effort and time in them, because all styles warrant special care. Getting a perfect beard depends on three key aspects. These are:


Keeping good hygiene is one of the biggest challenges for those who wear a beard. This should be washed daily as it is done with hands, face and other parts of the body. This is because it is exposed to external agents that can dirty and deteriorate facial hair. To wash it is recommended to use specially formulated soaps, which may contain some chemicals or be 100% natural.


This is another key point for a healthy beard. Facial hair tends to dry out the skin and this can cause other skin problems such as itching or even flaking. For this reason it is necessary that it is always hydrated. And to get it you should use products like oils or balms.

Beyond hygiene and hydration, a perfect beard needs to have form and style. And doing it is not as easy as it sounds. Depending on the type of beard, it will be necessary to go to a professional so that you can tame and maintain the style. That is to cut the tips, to shave areas that must be clean and even combed.


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