Beard grooming styles. 10 Most Famous Beard Styles That You Can Adapt in 2017

Beard always gives men an impressive and royal look. Those who want to grow or style their bread in a different way they need to follow the current trend of styling as it has endless variation. Most of the time, beard styling depends on your face structure and hair type. Undoubtedly, it makes your look and facial expressions more appealing. It has always been the embodiment of masculinity, but not everyone can measure its importance. Here I will be highlighting popular beard styles through which you can get your best beard match. Famous beard styles.

A Balbo beard is a beard without sideburns and has a trimmed, floating moustache. It resembles the short box beard. It is among the most popular beard styles these days. Robert Downey, Jr., a renowned American actor maintained Balbo style for years as it matches to his face look very well.

This beard style got famous because of Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand. It is a company specialised in men’s products. It features a moustache that is connected to a full beard. This is famous as it is easier to grow and maintain.

It is also known as the “standard” beard. It is a combination of moustache and rounded goatee beard styles. It looks clean, so it is a subtle option for those men who want to look presentable without their beard. Circle beard is a very common style among men of age 30 to 50. It has a circular shape that keeps the balance between old age and youth in a very sophisticated manner.

This beard style referred to as the side whiskers or sideburns. The term ‘’sideburns’’ originate from Ambrose Burnside who was famous American Civil War general. Mutton chops connect the moustache to the sideburns. No hair on chin makes this style different from others.

Goatee styles for long faces

It comes under the most famous beard styles as it is the most certain thing you should not miss this year. It does not always require to be long to look marvellous because it is neatly trimmed short. Let your hair grow to the full length to get the desired shape. If you wear the look on short stubble, then you might get some patches with short or uneven hair.

It is the kind of beard that will suit a man who is looking for a slightly shaggy style. Garibaldi is a full beard having round bottom and joined moustache. The more natural the beard appears, the better it is a good compromise as it appears as a bold and full beard but is shorter than most beards in the natural category.

This style got famous during the Second Empire. It is not a beard style but a moustache, but you can join it with your sideburns or chin side. You need to keep the beard simple so as to keep the imperial moustache as the highlight of your face. It is for those men who wants to make an impression with their facial hair then this style is certainly the one they must go for.

It is the simple beard style as it is easier to m=wear and maintain. It looks manly yet does not make you look untidy. It is a short growth of beard, and like others, it does not require any special process to follow. Short stubble will give a great look to men, and it matters on how they groom and maintain it. The best style depends on the stubble length and should be of 3 to 5 mm length. It adds style to your face and sustains your masculine look.

Nice looking beards

Medium stubble will probably make you look scruffy a little bit, but if properly maintained, it will surely bring out your manliness image. Make sure you regularly trim the hair to between 2-5mm long. They are slightly different in lengths and completely gives you unique looks. Medium stubble is incredible for highlighting features and adding shape and glaze to your face.

The traditional Van Dyke has a short pointy beard and a pointed moustache that’s often waxed. The rest of the face is clean-shaven. The Van Dyke Beard requires regular upkeep to maintain its unique look.


There is a lot of variety when it comes to beard styling, but the most noteworthy thing is what is best suitable for your face because only that suitable beard style will make you look different from others. You need to go for the right style which adds contrast and dimension to your face. Make sure that when you have grown stubble, then you must keep it clean at all times as it might have bacteria or germs that could give you inflammation. Washing it regularly using a mild shampoo will keep it neat and clean. Using a conditioner is also advisable. You can also use beard balm, oil or waxes to maintain it healthy for long.
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