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We have already taken a few steps in the New Year 2018, and we are still on the verge of figuring out what new beard trends it is going to bring. Beards have been in trend for a long time now. They have always been a sign of machismo, maturity and desirability. There is a variety out there when it comes to facial hair styles for men to choose from. Most beard styles are the epitome of manliness, while some plainly would not suit you. We, at Gangs of Beard would love to help you out, to choose from the variety of styles to be the modern alpha male. Are beards in style.

Before we jump to discussing beard styles we should definitely know what exactly are beards comprised of?

The answer is totally obvious!

And not just hair lots of hair!

Facial hair is the ultimate symbol of manliness and maturity, as we know! Adult and pubescent males are the only ones on the planet who are able to grow beards. They are a symbol that you are a “MAN!” Beards that complement and enhance your facial aesthetics, personality and your vibe is the only thing you need this year! It can come easily to you if you grow and groom your facial hair with the help of our beard oil.

Beards have been a significant part of our history and culture. Most of the current beard styles and latest beard trends are influenced by historical incidents. We might know the current trends but are we really sure about the historical influence on our beard choices today? I bet not! We hardly know about their significance in history.

Latest moustache and beard styles

Beard and beard growth have been influenced on innumerable occasions in the history. The first influence was from religion. Religion made people believe that beards, soul, and mind are connected! Beard hair that grows down, from top to the rest of your body act like a bridge connecting your mind to your soul and body. Moreover, it also connects your actions and thoughts, practice and theory, and you and your moral deeds. Even in Islam, beards are said to be the orders of the Muhammad. Though not applicable for all religions, beards sure do share their slice of religion and history.

Moreover, for prehistoric men, beards were mainly grown for intimidation, protection and warmth. Beards kept the prehistoric men calm and warm while it also protected their mouth from dirt and the sun. The prehistoric Mesopotamian men were completely obsessed with their facial hair and the related symbolism. They were so obsessed that they would literally sit for hours just to curl the tips of their beards to form tiny locks and tiers. As your importance grew in the prehistoric era, so did the length of your beard. Moreover, they used warm, musky and masculine balsamic, spicy, woody and sweet scrub to oil up parts of their beards. They would also soak their beard in goat and sheep milk to tame them.

We know you are as obsessed with your beard too! So, without further ado, here are a few beard trends you definitely need to follow in 2018.

Having a proverbial baby face or an agile body might make you opt for a short stubble like beard. Following the basic trend – your beard should complement you and your personality, and agile body types are well suited with a short stubble like beard which makes them appear maintained overall. Moreover, this beard refines your individuality by not only enhancing your aesthetics but also providing you with an overall contrast on your face

Another short but a classy beard option to make sure your face has it’s shared of ruggedness. A shorter goatee will not only give you a lengthier beard but will also enhance your aesthetics in an overall manner. This style comes especially handy for those who are unable to grow facial hair properly but still are interested in beards. Though, you always have our special beard oil to help you through these conditions.

Short beard with mustache

A fun yet classy choice, a boxy square beard is ideal for people who are in for a full beard yet are not ready to look like someone who has given up on life. If you are the one who is more concerned about some of your undesired facial features, you would want to opt for this style! It will saves your life by helping you achieve a sculpted face and hiding your extra chins. You appear better and groomed with well-defined borders which dominate and compliment the angles of all face types.

The alpha male beard, the kind like beard usually takes the most time to grow but turns out to be shockingly good! It might take a lot of patience, care and maintenance, along with a lot of beard products but if you focus enough, you are going to reach where needed soon! The terminal length of such a beard does not stop at a 20 cm mark! You need to let it flow away!

But wait! Whatever you do, always keep your beard on this year!

If you are just trying to grab for a pair of scissors next you, stop right now! You need to say goodbye to scissors and also razors. No matter how long it has been since beard came out as the ultimate fashion trend, they are still one in 2018. If you were considering shaving off your maturity, please don’t!

No matter what style of beard you are picking up, beard maintenance is the key! Also it is incomplete without the best beard grooming kit and other beard grooming products. Grooming products like beard oil, moustache wax, and a beard wash are your partners during the journey! But no matter what! What you are inside, your beard should reflect on the outside!

How to trim beard styles
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