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We polled a random, national sample of just over 500 males on the topic of male grooming. Male goatee styles.

Respondents were first asked to tell us at what age they started to shave. Most respondents (63%) report that they began shaving between the ages of 15 and 18.

On average, 52% of respondents are shaving at least 4 times in a typical week. Of those, 20% shave every day.

When it comes to facial hair vs. being clean shaven, almost 62% of respondents told us they prefer to have at least some type of facial hair. The most-preferred facial hair types/styles are goatee beard with mustache (20%) and “2 to 3 days beard”/stubble (13%). 38% of males told us that having a clean-shaven face is their preference.

For the next question, respondents were asked to use their imagination a bit:

Beard styles and trimming

Now imagine you were in a perfect world, and you could have any facial hair style you wanted, what would it be?

One-third of respondents would like to be clean shaven. Among those who would like to have some type of facial hair (67%), 18% state their most-desired facial hair style/type is a full beard with a shaved neck.

We then asked what stops them from achieving their ideal facial grooming style. Respondents could select more than one answer. The need to be clean shaven for work, school, or for religious purposes is the biggest reason (24%) respondents are unable to achieve their ideal facial grooming style. Following closely behind is maintenance (17%); many respondents report that good-looking facial hair is hard to maintain. 16% report that, when they clean shave, they suffer with razor burn, bumps, or skin irritation.

Men that are currently in a relationship were asked if their significant other prefers a clean-shaven face, some facial hair, or a full beard. Clean-shaven faces are slightly preferred (37%) over some facial hair (35%) or full beards (9%).

Facial styles

There is a vast array of brands and tools/products on the market for male consumers’ grooming needs. Razors are undoubtedly one of the most essential tools in a man’s grooming toolbox. Of the several types of razor available, 42% report using manual refillable razors more often than any other type.

By far, the most-used brand of razor/shaver/trimmer is Gillette; 46% primarily use a Gillette razor/shaver/trimmer. The remaining 54% use a variety of other brands.

The majority of men told us that they use at least one type of shaving preparation product prior to a shave, with canned aerosol foam (23%) and gel (35%) being most popular. Some men report using only water to prep their skin for shaving (11%), while 14% use nothing at all.

A large number of men are using their razors for the sole purpose of grooming the hair on their faces and necks. However, just as many men – if not more – are using their razors for grooming one or more other areas of their bodies. According to the data, men are grooming their private areas – oftentimes referred to as “manscaping” – more than any other part of the body besides the face and neck.

Different mens beard styles
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