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There are different beard styles you can choose from when growing facial hair – Different beard styles 2016.

The shadow: The beard works well for men that can grow facial hair quickly and have a good, strong chin. If you want to wear this style of beard, the trick is to make it look like you have just too much testosterone coursing through your veins to ever get a decent shave.

Congratulations. You have a beard that evokes images of manliness and superiority to all those weaker men beneath you that can’t, or don’t have the guts to sport a beard. Since time immemorial, men have grown beards as a way to show their strength, status and power.

Goatee beard

Short boxed: The short boxed beard is an all around strong beard style that works well for those that don’t want to go the full beard route. This beard is carefully sculpted and requires work to maintain. Using a close crop and defined edges it showcases the cheekbones and helps to outline the jaw. This option works well for people that don’t have a prominent chin and can help give a more robust look to your face. The hairline extends just an inch or so below the chin and doesn’t go all the way to the neck. Managers and other professionals can spot the short boxed beard while still maintaining a put together, professional look. The short boxed beard is perfect for angular, oval, heart-shaped and round-shaped faces

Tight beard: The beard provides the face with definition and strong character, but it also requires you to be able to grow hair higher up on the chin. The tight beard stops midway up the cheek to and connects fairly evenly with the mustache, line. This beard requires you to pay special attention as it grows out to prevent it from getting too long. Those that grow facial hair extremely quickly may not like the amount of maintenance required to keep this beard looking trim and neat.

Mens hair and beard style

Full Beard: It requires very little maintenance and is arguably the most popular beard style. Use a trimmer set at about 4 to 6 millimeters to keep it looking neat. Or, let it grow out even further to provide a thick, masculine appearance. The full beard completely covers the upper lip, cheeks, chin and goes all the way back to the neck. It works great for any facial structure, but the style does require some patience if your facial hair grows slowly. Many men quit before obtaining a full beard. Other men will respect you if you wear a full beard properly.
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