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As we have discussed about french beard styles and some great beard styles for bald head, now here we have prepare an amazing article on circle beard styles for round faces. Round beard styles.

Growing a beard is not one easy task and it takes a lot of patience and stamina to wait for a good and full beard to come out.

I mean you do have an exceptional quality that can make you appear attractive then you definitely should try it at least for once. Its not that we are against those men who don’t have a beard, everyone looks handsome, in fact, there are men who don’t keep beards in order to look clean and all suited up which is obviously hot too. But on the other hand what looks more hotter is a man with a good stylish and well groomed beard.

9 Amazing French Beard Styles For Round Faces

Mostly men don’t notice this fact that while they are planning to try a new beard style, they should always first check if the shape of their face is compatible with the beard they chose. You see this adds up a lot in your overall look. You should always first check if the shape of your face allows a particular style.

For example, a triangle shaped face won’t suit well with a round or circle beard and there is not specific justification to it, it’s just that it won’t suit. So, before trying a beard style you should always consider these few factors:

You need to be patient: As said earlier, your hair needs some time to grow and it doesn’t matter if it’s your scalp hair or your facial hair, you have to give it some time to grow and be patient during this journey. Resist your urge of trimming or styling it and let it grow untouched for about 4 to 5 weeks.

Match Your Beard With Your Face Shape: Now this is where you need to make a little research, read online article or go to an expert and know that which beard style will suit your face shape. You simply cannot ignore the fact that the shape of your face is the most important thing to be kept in mind while you are choosing a beard style. Don’t rush, be patient and make sure that your beard will go perfect with the shape of your face.

Know How And When To Trim: Let’s get one thing straight,pruning is essential for you and you might not know but you have to invest a bit in a good trimmer because a good trimmer is the only product that can help you in your grooming. Also, you cannot let your beard grow all messy and wild so always keep in mind that you have to trim it when the time is right. Make sure that you know how to trim your beard according to the style you decided and if that particular bears style is difficult for you to try for the first time then go to a saloon and get it done.

Wash It Regularly: We all know that if we go a day or two without washing our scalp hair, we start to look very unclean and untidy because there is a weird oil that comes up on your hair. Well, same is the case with your beard. Just think of your facial hair as you think of your scalp hair and don’t forget to give it a regular wash.

Oil It Every Now And Then: You cannot leave your beard once you’ve styled it. Yes, you read it right, this is not where your job ends in fact you need to stay constant with all the care and the grooming. Speaking of grooming the one major thing that counts to a well-groomed beard is a beard oil. You should oil your beard every now and then in order to make sure that it is growing good, it is moisturized and above everything it is not itchy. A dry beard can irritate the hell out of you and the only way out of that is oiling. Buy some high quality oil from the market and use it to ensure that your beard isn’t dry.

Do Not Forget Your Mustache: If you don’t have one then just keep your focus on your beard but if you have a mustache then don’t consider it some alien part of your body. You kept it and now you are responsible for its grooming too. Make sure you are providing the equal amount of care to your mustache as you are giving to your beard. This will definitely add up more personality to you as a whole.

Fuel Up: Just like every part of our body needs to get nourished through vitamins and proteins, our beard needs it too. If you are actually dedicated to your beard then make sure that you are growing it with complete care and you are eating the meals that can help in the nourishment of your facial hair. You can add eggs, meat, yogurt and all the sources of proteins and nutrients in your diet so that you get the best look out of that beard of yours.

Best short beard styles

These are the few factors that need to be considered while you are on your beard styling journey. Now, we are going to start the real topic of today and today we have something really special for those who have a round shaped face. People with a round face are mostly worried about beard styles because they don’t exactly know that which beard can go perfect with their face cuts.

Well, if you are also one of those people who have been worried over this for a long time then you are at the right place reading the right article because today we are going to jot down some of the best circle beard styles that will rock the round face cut of yours. So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article might give you what you’ve always wanted:

1. Circle Beard With Connected Sideburns

This beard style will help you in pulling out an amazing look out of your round shaped face. In order to get this style, all you need to do is to grow a heavy stubble and make sure that you connect your the stubble of your chin with your sideburns.

Also, a mustache in this beard style won’t look wrong and you will definitely feel a change in your personality after trying this beard style. If you like it then don’t wait anymore and get this bad ass look as soon as you can.

2. Circle Beard With A Thin Mustache

It is a basic secret for those who have a round face, always keep a mustache with whatever beard style you choose because it will definitely make you look more attractive and manly. Now in order to get this beard style all you need to do is to grow your stubble to a good length of your own desire and make sure that you shape it in a circular way.

The unique thing about this beard style is that you can have a thin mustache with it. This beard style will add a rocking and classy look to your personality and above everything it is pretty easy to maintain this beard style. You just have to give it a good trim every now and then in order to keep it clean and tidy.

3. The Classic Beard

Are you someone who has a round face and a bald head too? Well, we knew you would want something and some sort of style that can make you look good even with a bald head. Here is one amazing style for you that can surely make you look all impressive and manly too.

The best part about this beard style is that it can suit various face shapes so it doesn’t matter if you have a square, heart or oval shaped face. Just try this look for once and you will see that many people will get impressed with you. In order to get this style all you need to do is to grow your beard to a short yet fuller length and then shape it all round and tight around you mouth. Don’t forget to connect your mustache with the facial hair on your chin and also, you can keep the sideburns clean as per your desire.

4. The Thin Connected Circle Beard

It is known to be one of the most popular beard style for people who have a round shaped face. This beard style needs no professional cutting or trimming and it is as easy and smooth as it looks. It is just more stylish so if you want to pull out a cool, manly and bad ass look then yes, this style is a must try for you.

It is basically a strip of facial hair on your chin that goes towards your earlobes and it also is connected with your mustache with a very thin line. The best part about this style is that again, you don’t need to maintain it much and it is more of a low maintenance beard style. Just make sure that you give it a good trim every time it needs one.

5. The Grey Circle

This beard style is for those who have crossed their 40’s and want to look all handsome and decent. Just look at the picture of the celebrity above, he looks like an old man but yet he has pulled of the grey circle beard with extreme perfection. Also, if you don’t grow grey hair then don’t worry because you always have an option to dye them, right? In order to get this look you need to grow your facial hair on the chin to a length that you want and then cut it all off in a circular shape.

Best beard styles 2016

Make sure that your mustache is connected well with the hair on your chin as it will give you an amazing look overall. When it comes to the maintenance, well we cannot say much because it all depends upon your hair growth. If you think you need to trim it every now and then, then don’t forget to do it because this beard style suits when kept clean and equal.

6. The Circle Beard With Full Mustache

If you are one of those men who grow thick facial hair then trust me this look is made for you. All you need to do in order to get this style is to grow a fuller mustache and then connect it with your beard. Again, if you are lucky enough to grow good and thicker facial hair then try this look for sure because it will rock on a round shaped face. If you like to add more options then you can add a devil or handlebar mustache to your face in order to look more bad ass and handsome all at the same time.

The maintenance of this beard style is pretty simple you just need to make sure that you are equally trimming all your facial hair whenever required. The reason why we are suggesting this style to those who have a round face is because this beard will steal the show and your face cut will go unnoticed which is exactly what you want. So, yes it is one good option to try this beard style at least for once.

7. Come Full Circle

The come full beard is more of a gangster beard style that will make you look more manly and on the high end, your round face cut will again go unnoticed because your beard hair will cover it all for you and this beard style can help you add length to your face too. Furthermore, if you want to get this look then be patient with your beard and let it grow for about 3 to 4 weeks, when you finally see that it has grown to your desired length, then take a trimmer and start doing your job of styling it.

It is pretty easy to style this beard as you can see that you need more hair on your chin that go in length and you can definitely add a mustache to it which is connected with your beard hair. When it comes to the maintenance, well that is pretty easy and all you have to do is to trim it on regular intervals and also comb it in order to make your facial hair look all tidy and clean.

8. The Hipster Circle

As the name indicates this beard style is for those who want to pull a hipster look out of their face. This beard style will suit those who are above 25. With this beard style there are high chances that you will look hotter than ever and your personality will increase. Yes you read it right, a good and well groomed beard can tell a lot about your personality and I am pretty sure no one wants to put a bad impression on other people and everyone wants to appear attractive and look hot.

Well, if you do have the same wish then try this beard style and you will thank us later for adding it here. Also, if you have a round face shape then this beard style will help in adding length to your face and it will look slimmer. This beard style requires some good care and maintenance so make sure that you are doing all you can to make it look good.

9. The Mid Length Circle

Getting this beard style is pretty easy especially if you have a good facial hair growth then yes this beard style is a must to try for you. People who have a round face always look for ways and styles that can make their face appear slimmer and that is only possible with a good and wisely chosen beard style.

Well, if you are also among those men who have this desire of a slimmer face then you need to get this look on as soon as possible. In order to get this beard style all you need to do is to grow your beard to a good length and then trim it off in a circular way. Make sure that it goes perfectly round and connects with your mustache as well.. You can rock this look with a perfect pair of suit and some mid length scalp hair too.

These are the few circle beard styles for people with round face. If you genuinely want to look good then we suggest you to try any one of the above and you will surely see the difference in your appearance. Now, we all know the fact that the one product that is very important in your beard styling and grooming process is your trimmer and if you actually care about your beard then you need to invest in a good trimmer.

We do understand that the market is full of beard trimmers and each of the brand promises you same high standards of quality which we all know isn’t possible. Just to save you from all that fuss and confusion we are here with one of the best beard trimmer of all time that can take your styling to a whole another level. So, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this trimmer might be the best thing that you will buy this year.

New shaving style for man

Here is an award winning trimmer in front of you that comes with extremely high quality and above everything, it is the most used, in-demand trimmer at the moment. If you are someone who is actually looking for a reliable trimmer then you need to buy the Panasonic ER-GB80 right at the moment because yes it is completely reliable and durable too. It is super sharp with 45’ angle stainless steel blades that can cut quickly and effectively within a few minutes.

It can be used for all of your body trimmings and you will not regret buying this product because currently it is the best trimmer of 2018. It comes with a rubber grip that makes it very easy to use and control it. Furthermore, this trimmer is pretty easy to clean too so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck inside. Just put it under warm water and your trimmer will get all cleaned within a few seconds. It can easily fit into your grooming kit which makes it easy to carry too.

There are so many other reasons why this trimmer is the best but we want you to try it for yourself because we assure you that you won’t get disappointed after buying this trimmer and all your money will be worth it for sure.

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