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If you are looking for a style that suits your personality and is trendy you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find a guide to attaining the 15 most trendy beard styles for black men. These beard styles will give you that boost of confidence and will improve your personality, overall. Trendy hair and beard styles.

Before you decide to grab your razor and trimmer, remember that all these beard styles will suit you in accordance with your facial features. Therefore it is important that while choosing the right beard style you remember to take the shape of your face into consideration.

Make sure that you pick a beard style which suits your personality the best. It accentuates the best features of your face and makes you look irresistible to all men and women. Also remember to give yourself a haircut that directs attention to your beard.

#1: The full beard:

The full beard is amongst the most popular beard styles for black men. It is easy to attain for all hair-growth patterns. It can be shaped along the face shape of almost all men.

An uncut beard for 3 months

Let your beard grow for about a period of 3 to 4 months.

Trim this beard in the shape of your face.

Start by trimming the stray hair.

In the end using a trimmer trim along the cheek bones.

This beard style goes well with all types of hairstyles.

#2: The 5 O’ clock shadow beard:

it’s no secret the 5 O’clock shadow makes any and every man look irresistible. Beard which is about 3 days old will give the perfect 5 o’clock shadow effect.

To get this beard style you will need-

A beard which is only 3 to 4 days old

First, start by trimming the beard along the sides.

Now, trim it along the cheekbones to give it a more defined look.

You should make sure that the beard is a little less thick along the sides and a little denser on the chin and the region around the chin.

In the end apply beard oil to give that extra shine and lustre to your beard.

Types of beard shapes

#3: The Goatee:

the goatee looks the best on men with round faces. The best part about this kind of beard is that you can sculpt it in any way you want and it will look attractive.

A beard grown for 3 to 4 days

In this you only need to keep hair along the line of the tip of the chin.

This beard is connected to the side burns and also to the moustache.

It gives you the perfect classy look.

#4: The carved beard style:

young black men prefer this beard style since it is trendy and attractive. It accentuates all the features of your face since it is trimmed in that manner. This beard style will require maintenance daily.

A beard which is 4 to 5 days old

For this, you will need to grow a beard for a period of 4 to 5 days.

In this the hair near the side burns are less dense as compared to those on the chin.

The hair on the chin is considerably denser than those on the side burns.

Using a trimmer, trim along the line of the sides of your face and also do the same for the beard on the face.

#5: The Van Dyke:

this beard is a clean strip of hair with a different kind of twist given to the traditional goatee. This beard is just a little strip of hair connected with a goatee with little or no moustache at all.

In this there is no hair anywhere on the face except on the china and a moustache.

There is little hair on the area right below the lip.

The hair from the rest of the face should be removed with the help of a razor and a trimmer.

#6: The mutton chops beard style:

the mutton chops are attainted by growing the sideburns long enough. The hair on the chin is also kept long.

Mustache styles with beard

Side burns grown for a period of 2 to 3 months

If the mutton chops are to be perfected you will need to grow the side-burns long enough, for a period of 2 to 3 months.

The hair on the rest of the face is to be removed completely.

This style requires constant maintenance.

#7: The almost shaved beard:

this beard is easy to achieve and easy to maintain. This can simply be achieved by using a trimmer on a beard which is 3 to 4 days old.

Steps: using a trimmer, trim all the hair evenly on the face. This style is different because it is a clean shave, but not quite there. This style is best achieved when the beard is shaped in accordance with the shape of the face.

#8: The Circular Beard:

this beard is a fun beard style and looks great on all face shapes. In this, all the facial hair is to be rounded on the edges. The moustache, the goatee and the hair on the side burns, need to be cut in a rounded manner.

A beard grown for 3 to 4 months

On a fully grown beard, trim the hair along the sideburns, leaving some amount of hair on the chin.

Now trim the moustache and the beard in a rounded manner, to give a round effect.

To finish the look apply a little beard oil.

#9: The split beard:

this gives the men a spontaneous and adventurous yet a calm look at the same time. The split beard look was made popular and adapted by Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean Series.

Steps: Let the beard grow completely first, then as it begins to grow past the chin, split the beard into two parts. This beard is easy to grow and even easier to maintain.

#10: The Garibaldi Beard:

this beard is nothing more than a chin strap which has grown completely out of control. This beard style requires commitment which cannot be achieved by slacking.

Steps: to achieve this look, you basically need to grow out your beard and on a fully grown beard, trim in the shape of a ‘U’. The closer the beard resembles the letter ‘U’ the better the overall effect of the beard.

#11: The trimmed goatee:

if you are new to the idea of trying out a goatee, then you should try the trimmed one. This goatee is almost there but not quite.

Beard with short mustache

Steps: all you need to do for this style is to start to grow a goatee, and then trim it every day to keep the ‘almost there’ look alive.

#12: The ducktail beard look:

this is not a beard that suits everyone. It looks best on men with long faces. In this the beard grows long and has a pointed end.

First, let the hair of the beard grow long so that it can be shaped accordingly.

Now, cut the hair on the beard from the sides while leaving a pointy end, like that of the tail of a duck.

Trim the hair on the rest of the face and you are ready to go.

#13: The bald man’s beard:

this look is easy and is borderline messy. It requires minimal work and very little trimming. It looks best on men who are bald.

Steps: on a face with completely grown bread, cut strays using a pair of scissors. Each time a stay hair is visible, get rid of it using a scissor.

#14: The soul patch look:

this is a classy look and is the easiest to maintain. This is another variation of the goatee.

Steps: let the beard grow only at one place that is the chin, right under the lower lip. Shape this beard from time to time to main a soul patch under the lower lip.

#15: The Balbo Beard:

this is a fun combination of a moustache and a goatee. From a distance this beard looks exactly like an anchor.

This beard is simple and is a combination of an extended goatee and a moustache.

First, a goatee needs to be trimmed out of the full bead.

Now, this full goatee along with a moustache needs to be trimmed on a daily basis.
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