Cool beard looks. 20 Personality Style Tips for Men

Fortunately for them, men do not have as many fashion choices to make as women. That's why good styling is crucial. Gents shaving style.

Fashion trends may change with each season, like suit cuts, lapel widths or tie designs. A sense of style is individual, but certain rules for appearing stylish remain timeless. A man’s garment choices should express his personality and taste, while considering proportion and camouflaging any flaws. Since you’re probably the designated stylist in the family, you may have guide him through the maze of clothes and accessories. Slip him these tips and his wardrobe will match his good looks:

1. Don’t shop alone

Whether it’s you, his mother or sister, a second set of eyes provides a critical review and makes any shopping experience more enjoyable

2. Buy a well-made suit

Basic business suits are made of worsted lightweight wool of varied grades

To avoid cheap, wrinkle-prone material give the fabric a squeeze

If it bounces back with little to no wrinkling you’ll know it is well made

3. Get fitted

To look one's best, clothes should fit closely and comfortably

Creases in a jacket’s shoulders signal a poor fit. When buttoned, a hand should fit snugly under the jacket’s lapel

Sleeves should hit where the base of the thumb meets the wrist

Knuckles should be even with the bottom hem. Pant hems should rest on shoe tops without dragging at the heel

4. Own a dress shirt

The mark of a dress shirt is collar stays — those pointed plastic or metal strips hidden under the collar that keep it from curling

Choose the correct neck size by slipping the index and middle fingers side-by-side snugly between the collar and neck

5. Tie the knot

A tie should touch just above the trouser waistband

The knot should sit high and snugly under the collar

Shaving style boys

Tie clips should hit at the middle of the sternum

6. Blaze a trail

Blazers are a slimming silhouette for men and may hide belly fat and love handles

A classic blazer works with T-shirts, jeans and dress-down days at work

7. Made in the shade

For outdoor activities, doctors suggest wraparound sunglasses that block harmful rays. For daily wear, find a style that compliments the shape of the face.

8. Suiting-up for summer

Lined, boxerlength trunks are the rule of thumb

Styles should have a snug elastic or drawstring waist that prevents sagging

Pockets are a plus for holding vacation items like hotel room keys

9. Tank tops

Tank tops should be worn as undershirts or during weightlifting only

10. Sole survival

Men only need a handful of shoes to take them from workday to weekend

Think thin soles for the office and thicker, spongy soles for play

Depending on the work environment, a pair of loafers or black Oxfords with a slightly rounded toe are perfect and also work for semi-formal events when polished shiny

On weekends, a less structured shoe is acceptable

11. Athletic shoes and boots

Athletic shoes and trainers are a must for active men who exercise and enjoy outdoor sports

How do you style a beard

When hiking or trekking through rugged terrain, boots provide support and help prevent foot and leg injuries

12. Brief encounters

Men need to guard their goods and be comfortable

Boxer briefs are sexy and keep everything in place

Black, grey and navy are a classic alternative and don't require the work of keeping whites bright

13. Don’t overdo jewelry

Professional men are advised to keep jewelry simple: a dressy watch, wedding band and ID bracelet. A single earring might be the limit

14. What is the perfect hairstyle?

Men need a look suitable for work that will also fit in at the club

Other considerations are maintenance costs such as styling products and regular cuts (recommended every four weeks) to keep hair looking well-groomed

15. Sherlock Combs: The Mystery of the Missing Hair

Bald is a popular look but some men prefer to fight nature

Consult a doctor about hair-care products and medications that ward off thinning hair

16. To shave or not?

Many men are rocking beards these days. Whether he chooses a manicured five o’clock shadow or goatee, neatness counts

State-of-the-art shaving equipment makes this easy. If he can’t maintain a beard, it’s time to shave it off

17. Odor control

He’s worked hard to look good; don’t spoil it with body odor

Choose unscented deodorants and antiperspirants that don’t buildup on skin or clog pores

Beard design for round face

Strong cologne is not appropriate in the workplace

18. Open face

Men with skin conditions don’t have the option of hiding flaws with makeup

Consult a medical professional about products to reduce acne breakouts and conditions like dandruff or flaky skin

Moisturizers with sunscreen, face washes and other skincare items formulated for men are readily available

19. Maximize height, minimize weight

Men don’t need heeled boots to look tall

To look taller and slimmer simply wear dark clothes in matching shades

For added inches, choose a hairstyle that is cropped on the sides and fuller on top and practice good posture

20. Cultivate your look

Updating a look every few years, from stylish clothing items to a new hairstyle, is worth the investment

If he doesn't know already, you might show him how to sew on a button or iron a shirt. That will keep his wardrobe in good shape and your relationship in good standing.

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