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Growing old also means that you have new opportunities to bring up your silver highlights. Apart from gaining wisdom and being less judgmental towards the shifting hairstyle trends, older men seem to enjoy breaking the pattern with versatile and outrageous exquisite looks. Below you will witness 52 magnificent hairstyles for older men. Hair style for beard.

1. Undercut Side Part Hairstyle

Although it is considered to be a youngster look, the undercut side part suits perfectly a man over 50 and the beard is also a plus that gives you more of a Bohemian touch.

2. Side Quiff Hairstyle

The side quiff hairstyle reaches a high point in the list of magnificent hairstyles for older men. It is a modern approach that guarantees success because of the sharp execution of the cut.

3. Pompadour Hairstyle

Matched with a full beard and low faded sides, the pompadour hairstyle combined with the gray highlights gives an older man attitude and demands respect.

4. Volume Pompadour Hairstyle

Hairstyles for older men bring you the volume pompadour that consists of shaved sides and volume with length on top. It fits well with a full beard and is suitable for all face shapes.

5. Wavy Hairstyle

If you want to achieve a more natural and business friendly look, this hairstyle contains both of the requirements. It is very easy to maintain and you can adjust it in various ways.

6. Slicked Back Hairstyle

One of the most common from the list of hairstyles for older men is the slicked back cut. All gentleman prefer this hairstyle because of the serious and professional look that it gives you.

7. High Fade Hairstyle

Hence the high fade hairstyle is so popular nowadays, older men wear it better with a colorful casual outfit and most of all with a full beard.

8. Boston Hairstyle

Probably the most encountered idea in hairstyles for older men, it became popular over the decades and is most of all present in classical movies, the Boston look is a symbol for men everywhere with combed-over hair. It is frequently associated with a full beard.

9. Medium Length Pompadour

The medium length pompadour is another magnificent look in the area of hairstyles for older men. If you have a strong personality and a passion for wearing your beard with pride, this is for you.

10. Loose Hairstyle

Opposite to the rebel old man is the classy gentleman with loose combed over hairstyle, ready to seal the deal. You can wear this hairstyle especially with your office outfit.

11. Man Bun Hairstyle

The man bun is rather a trendy hairstyle. If you want to look savage and yet modern, the man bun is easy to achieve. Add a pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to rock.

12. Wet Look Hairstyle

While older men go for a loose and carefree hairstyle, there is yet another type, the wet look hairstyle. If you consider yourself a rebel with a cause, try the wet hairstyle and give it a rough touch with a leather jacket.

13. Ginger Pompadour

Ginger old men have a soul too. Therefore, the ginger pompadour is perfect to highlight the beautiful orange color. Add a beard to your style and it is the most magnificent thing you can achieve.

14. Gray Gradient Hairstyle

No doubt that this hairstyle is popular in certain communities. Swept back hair with short sides that are smoothly connected with the beard is the match for a true gentleman.

Mustache and beard

15. Precision Fade Hairstyle

This side parted hairstyle with the top on one side is actually the fire-starter for today’s magnificent hairstyles for older men. Above all is, in fact, the most common hairstyle among soldiers and sailors. Minus the beard, of course.

16. Messy Up Do Hairstyle

Next is the messy up do hairstyle. From here on, the hairstyles for older men, ultimately become how to look young while being old. Short sides with messy top, add a bit of hair powder and you are ready to roll.

17. Curly Medium

As a result of constant Hollywood productions, the natural medium curly hairstyle is in my opinion the most matchmaking look with any older men. A bit savage but not average, with a strong attitude and of course with a beard is, in fact, the right choice.

18. Side Undercut Hairstyle

Any man enjoys the attention of ladies, therefore the side undercut hairstyle can provide you that. As a matter of fact, most older men prefer this hairstyle over any classical type, no doubt because it makes you look ten years younger.

19. Spiked Up Hairstyle

Presently among more and more older men, the spiked up hairstyle is taking ground. After all, it is a matter of looking sharp at any age, therefore this particular hairstyle can determine if you have the books in trends too.

20. Medium Length Hairstyle

Meanwhile, there are older men out there that enjoy a look more accordingly to their age. A combed over loose hairstyle, matched with a pair of eyeglasses is, in conclusion, the classic grandfather appearance.

21. Gray Pompadour Hairstyle

All things considered, some older men don’t say no to a career in fashion. Consequently, your hairstyle must stand out and also draw attention to your wisdom highlights. The pompadour hairstyle is for the most part perfect for any type of outfit.

22. High Up Do Hairstyle

A point often overlooked, it is important to realize that by growing older, you transform your qualities into gold. Who wouldn’t wish to have a modern grandfather with a sharp look that inspires a strong personality, and wisdom? The high up do, elevates your style and your spirit.

23. Pompadour On Point Hairstyle

With the previous description in mind, at the present time grandfathers become more rebel than their grandchildren. If you are a fan of heavy tattooing, heavy music and heavy requirements in life, the pompadour on point hairstyle brings out the heavy in you.

24. Undercut Side Hawk Hairstyle

Certainly, the undercut side hawk hairstyle associated with a full beard, after all, is what you are looking for. Present everywhere and in trends, it is easy to maintain and it goes well with any season and any outfit.

25. Swept Side Buzzed Hairstyle

In case you have not found by now something to resemble with your demands, no worries, here is the swept side buzzed hairstyle. If you are passionate about going to the gym and boosting your confidence, this look balances everything. Add a medium length beard and hit the streets.

26. Classic Taper Hairstyle

For the purpose of getting your attention, here is another sharp grandfather. With the classic taper hairstyle and the classy suit, you can walk it off the catwalk and into your everyday life.

27. Classic Business Hairstyle

The first thing to remember is that with age comes wisdom. And most older men have by now a successful career that demands a certain appearance, especially if you consider yourself to be in trends. This is the classic business hairstyle, enough said.

28. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Unlike above, here it is something else. All of a sudden, business shifts to casual rebel, with a hairstyle that states it out. Long wavy top on one side with buzzed undercut and ultimately, the beard. It’s perfect!

Beard designs

29. High Top Man Bun Hairstyle

Equally important is the business look as well. With the high top man bun, you can easily camouflage the wild side, or can you? The buzzed undercut balances the top in an almost uniform shaped hairstyle.

30. Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle

Although this may be true, the pompadour hairstyle itself is making havoc among older men. Associated with a full grown beard and high faded sides, it can surely bring out the best in a man. In the long run, a gentleman will always stay in trends and seek improvement.

31. Swept Back Hairstyle

The swept back wet look is losing ground. Meanwhile, just the swept back loose hairstyle is preferred because it is easy to wear and adjust, it looks natural and it brings out your features.

32. Messy Taper Hairstyle

As it has been noted, a man with a long full beard and a messy taper hairstyle is more likely to join a motorcycle gang. Overall, the gray hairs inspire freedom, adventure, and self-sufficiency.

33. Short Curly Hairstyle

A natural born curly-haired is likewise able to explore the wonders of curly hairstyles by trying different shapes and sizes. This short curly hairstyle gives a beautiful shape to your head and highlights your beard.

34. Medium Length Hairstyle

Of course, your beard can be perfectly arranged, that does not apply to your hairstyle too. The medium length hairstyle balances these two and furthermore, it gives you an unconventional gentleman look.

35. Disconnected Undercut Quiff Hairstyle

Summer is all about relaxing under the sun and enjoying the simple things. Equally important is the hairstyle that you wear. The disconnected undercut quiff provides the requirements summer demands.

36. Taper Hairstyle

Here and there, older men seek the perfect hairstyle by mixing lengths and sizes. The taper hairstyle has a uniform cut with short faded sides connected with the beard and a slicked back top.

37. Curly Top Hairstyle

A curly top will arrange itself in no time, as well as your beard should do too. Of course, if you are not lucky enough to grow one by yourself but you really desire to get one, you can always wear an animal on your face.

38. Lumberjack Hairstyle

Cutting through the ladies hearts like cutting through wood, this sharp look is called the lumberjack. Short shaved sides with a messy top and the habitual full grown beard with a mustache, add suspenders and grab an ax because now you are ready to conquer the world.

39. Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle is very common this year, mostly because it is easy to maintain, it goes well with your beard and it also makes you look younger. Additionally, it is perfect for any fashion style.

40. Prolonged Hairstyle

In essence, being yourself is the best thing you can do. Throw on a striped sweater, run your finger through your hair and start your day.

41. French Crop Hairstyle

Across the world, hairstyles for older men adapt to each zone and yet not so different regarding the execution technique. The french crop hairstyle is defined by high faded sides and separated top with a precise line.

42. Medium Length Hairstyle

Another key point in the older men hairstyle area is the carefree attitude towards how society judges you. Leave your hair to the wind and enjoy the pleasant feeling that it gives you.

Coarse beard

43. Classical Shape Up Hairstyle

Be that as it may, older does not mean less handsome but more daring. The classical shape up hairstyle is matchmaking with your square face features. Throw in a black jacket and a confident pose to bring out the best of this hairstyle.

44. Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Not only an outfit can make you look magnificent but also a hairstyle to measure up. This unique dreadlocks style suitable for black men is rather bold and gallant at the same time.

45. Neat Comb Over Hairstyle

Generally speaking, hairstyles for older men have a certain appeal. Maybe it’s the experience accumulated over time regarding fashion, or just an open mind, in either case, a neat comb over hairstyle connected with beard increases your confidence.

46. Curly Classic Hairstyle

Meanwhile, if you are lucky enough to have fringe grays and also a curly hair, this is obviously the right hairstyle for you. With a bit of a tan and a warm colored t-shirt, success is guaranteed.

47. Messy Medium Hairstyle

Even though messy medium hair combined with medium length beard can be associated with a mad scientist look, adding a colorful outfit will indeed turn you into a man fashionista. All teachers can relate to this.

48. Buzzed Hairstyle

In the same way, a very short beard will bring out your jawline and show off the buzzed hairstyle. The gray sides highlight your eyes while the top gives shape and harmony to your entire look.

49. Combined Long-Short Hairstyle

On the other hand, a combined long-short hairstyle with a full grown beard not only gives you a wild look but also a wise one. A messy beard can add up to this unconventional appearance and will, of course, highlight your grays.

50. Slicked Back Hairstyles for Older Men

In essence, the slicked back hairstyle for older men is the one making history. Straight from the classical movies and up to the present time, this combed over look brings out your manly features and strong character. Give it a try!

51. Mads Mikkelsen Slick Hairstyle

At 53, Mads Mikkelsen is a style icon and an example of impeccable grooming. His slick hairstyle is both classic and elegant. The grayish stubble completes this look that is ideal for a mature, style-conscious man.

52. Jeff Goldblum Relaxed Hairstyle

Another Hollywood star who maintains an elegant look through his golden years is the beloved Jeff Goldblum. He wears a modern, relaxed hairstyle, with more hair on top and short hair around the temples and back of the head. Stylish, simple and cool!


Ultimately, finding your own style is primordial to achieving the balance between your personality and your way of life. You still have more to explore in the hairstyles for older men category, discover and try until you feel fulfilled, and in a word, happy.

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