Men shaving style. 21 Beards For Men With A Round Face Shape, Hairstylo

When it comes to looking handsome nothing makes a man more handsome than his personal style statement and looks. Usually most men with round faces have no problem choosing the right attire for themselves, but they are always in a dilemma finding the right hair style and the right way to shape their beard for their round face. Beard styles for round face.

If not common knowledge yet, most men pick up on the clue that a square jaw looks more masculine than a softer, rounder chin & jaw.

Thankfully the beard lets as get around this dilemma by styling the beard in such a way that it makes the jaw look more square, more stronger and more prominent.

There are various types and various length of beards that you can maintain to give your face a more square look by either choosing to highlight the chin with classic beard styles like the goatee or French beard.

Or you can choose to square off your entire lower jaw using a full beard style.

Cool goatee designs

There are various other styles like the stubble, the circle beard, the mustache etc which can change the look of your face greatly.

Those with round faces usually want to go for a hairstyle which is sharper than round, like an undercut with clean head line and a nice short beard. T

The longer and more unkempt your beard gets, the more round it looks and you really want to avoid this unless you shape your long beard in a way to make look it more square.

Generally a clean square line with a thick, nice and well groomed beard will add a lot of square dimension to your face.

Beard styles and names

Although having said that there is no hard and fast rule that prevents you from getting other beard styles which can look just as square.

In addition to this, losing some fat, losing the double chin and getting lean will also do wonders for your face. Losing the double chin will automatically make your jaw more prominent and more square. But that is a post for a different time.

Currently you should focus on best using the beard and hair line we are dealt with to create a most square look for our round faces.

We hope you men enjoyed this list and picked up some interesting new styles and patterns for your own beard.

Gents shaving style
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