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Have you ever wondered if your beard style matches your facial features? And more so have you ever wondered if your beard matches your hairstyle? Maybe you’ve been rocking a beard style that doesn’t match your haircut or maybe you’ve been wondering which style combination would suit you the best. Hair style for beard.

Yes we are dedicated to everything beards and not so much to the hair on your head, but your beard needs to match your haircut if you want to bring your overall look to the next level. If your beard and your hair style don’t match you can end up looking weird, awkward, or just plain bad.

That is why we’re here today, to give you a good idea of which beards match different haircuts. We’ve got a list of 24 different haircuts and the best corresponding beard style. Who knows, you might just find a great combo that suits you perfectly!

The undercut hairstyle is great for both younger and older people as it helps to accentuate the natural features of the face. The undercut with uneven beard style involves leaving the hair on the top of your head slightly longer, while cutting the sides and back fairly short.

For this style the beard is kept at roughly the same length as the hair on the sides and back of your head. It’s a pretty easy style to accomplish because you can just use the same length trimmer for everything except the top of your head.

This style is a favorite for young people, especially those that want to add some volume to their hair. The long beard with long hair style is fantastic for making the face look slightly wider and is nice for people who have narrow faces. This style involves simply letting your hair grow long while also letting your beard grow wildly.

It’s a great choice for people with long hair because it can be styled in a variety of ways. You might like to straighten your hair and your beard to give it a clean look or you might like keeping it all curly and messy for a more relaxed feel too. This is a great beard and hair style combination for men who just don’t want to put much work into maintaining their hair.

Given the man bun is a slightly more feminine hair style, it does look really good on a man with a medium length beard. The man bun is great for guys who want to add some height to their head to appear taller, plus it does look pretty stylish too.

It’s a favorite in Asia, especially among the Samurai class. The man bun is pretty versatile because it can be made with medium and long head hair, plus it goes well with a medium or long beard that is well groomed.

If you have straight hair your bun will look neater, so to make it match the beard you might want to straighten your facial hair a little bit. This style might not work so well with curly hair. There isn’t too much work that goes into this style and as long as you can make a bun you’re good to go.

This style is similar to the first one on our list. The only difference is that while you still keep the undercut look, with the sides and back of your head shaved short, the beard is actually longer than the hair on those parts. This style is great for young people who want to show off their forehead, cheek bones, and the sides of their head.

It serves to add some intriguing contrast to the mix because the beard is kept slightly longer while the hair on the sides and the back of the head is shaved extremely short. This style may not look good on all people so remember that if it doesn’t look good on you, to fix it, it may require you to shave the beard away. This hairstyle is a little tricky to make on your own, so you may need a barber to do it for you.

This is a great hair and beard combination for men who are embracing the modern hipster society which we live in today. It’s a great style for adding some volume and length to your head, while also looking extremely slick. This hairstyle involves blow drying and gelling your hair in the front to stand up and form some waves or crests near the front center of the head.

This is accompanied by the sides and the back of the head being shaved clean in a straight line about half an inch above the top of your ears. This partially leaves the sides of your neck exposed as well as all of the back of your neck. It’s a great style for showing off those tattoos. Moreover it goes well with well-kept medium length and long beards. It should be noted that this style requires an extensive amount of work and hair products to achieve.

This is a look that is probably only suited towards black or dark skin males, mostly because it requires you to have an afro, something which light skin people just can’t grow. This is a great basic beard and hair combination for all black males, especially middle aged and older ones.

It’s simple and involves having a short or medium length afro with a beard of corresponding length (or slightly shorter than the head hair). It’s great for men who want to add both some length and width to their faces, not to mention that it’s pretty simple to maintain too.

Best beard cuts

This is a great haircut for all men, both young and old, plus black or white too. Note that this style does take a fair amount of work because you will need to brush your beard to straighten it as well as add some oil or wax to keep it looking well groomed. This is a great beard and hair combination for men with wider faces because it serves to add some much needed length to the bottom and top of the head.

This is a really great style for men who have natural curls when their hair is a short or medium length. That being said, men with straight hair probably won’t be able to pull this off as using a curling iron on fairly short hair is virtually impossible. Not that this style may also look alright with a curly on non-groomed beard, but that will make the face look wider instead of longer, also it may look just a little to unkempt for your liking.

This is a fantastic hair and beard combination for all ages. We should mention that this style only works well with straight hair that is at least a few inches in length, as slicking back short or curly hair is virtually impossible. It’s a versatile hairstyle because as long as the hair on your head is at least a few inches long it will work great.

You can choose how long the hair on the top and the sides of your head should be, plus you can also choose how long your beard should be. The only requirement for this style is that your hair is slicked or combed back from the front to the back of your head. This style is also quite versatile because it works great with all beard lengths.

This is a great hair and beard combo for those men that just don’t want to put much effort into maintaining their look, but still want to look really manly. This style is great for people with slightly wider or oval shaped faces because it maintains a well-rounded look.

It involves having a messy hairstyle that goes in all directions and isn’t particularly well kept. This is combined with a medium or long beard that isn’t really groomed and let free to grow wild. It’s a classic lumberjack look!

The Rick Ross is a hair and beard combination particularly suited towards black males with curly beards. Of course it involved having your whole head cleanly shaven combined with a very thick medium length beard. This style is great for men who are balding or just like the look of a cleanly shaven head, but still want to have some facial hair.

It’s a good style for men with round or oval shaped faces. The work required to maintain this style is minimal as it just involves having your head and trimming your beard to a certain length.

This style may not suit all men because it does require you to have long curly hair, or at least the know how to use a curling iron properly. That being said this style does require a fair amount of work as well as hair products to keep it looking good. The long curls are a great style for men with a full head of hair who would like to add some volume to the mix.

Keep in mind that if you want to look professional you will want to keep the beard fairly short and well maintained, or else risk looking shaggy and unkempt. This style is particularly suited for younger males.

Keeping the basic undercut look, the only thing that is different about this style is that the bangs and the hair on top of the head are kept fairly long, thus forming a fringe with the bangs. This style is suited for younger males with straight hair who have a fairly narrow or oval shaped face. The fringe look serves to add some height to the head to make you look taller.

There is a bit of work required to maintain this style as it involves gelling the hair to give it a straight and slick look. Also your beard needs to be well maintained and groomed for this look in order to be long and straight. A curly beard won’t do too well with this haircut, so you will need a brush and/or oil to keep it looking fresh. For this style both medium and longer beards are ideal.

This is a great casual look for men and can even serve to make you look quite professional for those big meetings. The hair style involves having a part at both sides of your head right where the sides meet the top. The side hair is slicked to face downwards and the top hair is gelled upwards to stand up towards the center of the head.

It’s an edgy look with sharp corners and straight lines, this it does require a fair amount of work to maintain. This style is ideal for men with naturally straight hair and it works well with straight or slightly curly beards. It’s a versatile style because as long as your facial hair is well groomed it will work well with all lengths of beards, especially one accompanied by a thick mustache.

This is a really great look for men who have narrow or oval shaped faces, plus is also a really professional look that will have all the ladies chasing you and business men investing in your ventures, as evidenced by Mr. Gosling above. It’s a pretty simple style to maintain because all you have to do is to maintain short hair and use a comb plus some gel to comb the top head hair to one side.

Types of facial beards

Also you will need to keep your beard short and well maintained. Interestingly enough this style works best for men that have straight head hair and curly facial hair, as also shown by Mr.Gosling.

This is a great hair and beard combination particularly suited towards younger men. This style will of course take a fair amount of maintenance because you will need to texturize your hair every morning to get that spikey look. As you can see this style requires you to keep the sides and back of your head very short while keeping the top head hair at a medium length in order to stand it up, kind of like an undercut.

This is accompanied by a fairly short or medium length beard that is well groomed. Keep in mind that not grooming your beard with this hair style will make it look odd because the top of your head will be stylized while your beard looks shaggy; that’s no good. It’s a great style to add both some width and height to your face.

The ivy league haircut is a good style for middle aged and older men because it has a professional yet modern look to it. It involves having a short haircut like most business men do, combined with long forelocks that are gelled up in a stylish fashion.

This style is great for men with oval shaped faces and works really well with short beards. Besides gelling the forelocks up, this style doesn’t require much work. All you need to do for the beard is to keep it trimmed short to make it look well maintained. Ben Affleck seems to rock it with ease, plus he even has a few silver streaks in there!

Given this is a different look which you may not be a fan of, it will certainly have people looking at you. It’s well suited for big men with oval shaped or wide faces as it serves to add some length to your face.

Once again this style involved having an undercut with the sides and back shaved short, while keeping long hair on the top of the head. The hair on the top of your head needs to be straight, either naturally or artificially, for this style to work, plus it looks good when it’s all facing one side, kind of like a long side comb style.

The hairstyle takes a lot of work to maintain, but on the other hand it’s accompanied by a long and bushy beard that doesn’t really require and work at all. It’s a neat hair and beard combo because it involves having a well groomed look on top with a shaggy look on the bottom. It’s a really manly and intimidating look!

This is a great style for men who want to add some length to their face, look modern, and look professional at the same time. Once again it involves having an undercut, as many modern styles do, with the hair on top of the head cleanly cut and gelled into a square or box shape. This is accompanied by a short or medium length beard that is well groomed, plus it works well with a French handlebar mustache.

This style of beard and hair combo works best if you have straight hair all over. Keep in mind that the short box cut and medium groomed beard style requires a fair amount of work as it will take daily styling for both the hair and to keep your beard at a medium length.

The Wesley Snipes, as we’re going to refer to it from now on, is a great hairstyle for dark and light skinned males alike. It involves having an extremely short buzz cut on top of the head, or even shaved bald like Rick Ross if you like, thus making it a great style for men with wide heads.

This is accompanied by mustache goatee combination to add some life to the face and also adding a little length in the process. It’s a great simple style that is easy to maintain and makes you look very dignified regardless of being jailed for tax fraud or not. Keep in mind that this style is more suited towards older men.

This is an ideal style for men with straight or curly hair, mostly because it’s kept so short that the hair texture is irrelevant. It’s also a good style for people with oval shaped faces because it helps to keep your look well rounded.

It features a fade cut for the hairstyle which tapers off into almost nothing near the sideburns. This is combined with extended sideburns that form a wide chinstrap from one ear to the other. You can choose to have a mustache or not, but keep in mind that you need to keep the beard very short, almost as short as the shortest part of the taper haircut, in order for it to look good.

You will need to have a trimmer and a steady hand to make this style look proper as it involves having edgy and straight sideburns that look well maintained.

Different beard styles

This style is great for men with wider heads because it serves to add some length and height, plus it’s really popular with the celebrities right now. It has a really stylish look that is modern, hip, and professional all at the same time. The slick back undercut is a combination of the slick back look on top of the head with an undercut style on the sides and back.

This is combined with a well groomed short or medium length beard. It does take a good amount of work to maintain. The sides and back of the head need regular trimming, the hair on top needs to be slicked back, and the beard needs to be trimmed and groomed on a daily basis.

Of course you need to be a dark skinned male to rock this hair style. After all unless you are one of the few white men that can grow an afro, you aren’t going to be able to make this style work. The big fro with a big beard is an ideal style for black men of all ages, especially those with oval shaped faces.

This style does require a fair amount of work because the afro needs to be picked to look big and bushy. This particular style involves having a thick and full beard that is slightly longer at the chin than the cheeks, plus it’s pretty square and box shaped, thus requiring regular trimming to maintain its shape.

This is a very popular hair style for young black men, especially those that enjoy an adventurous or super star life, just like Mr. Kravitz above. It’s a good style for all ages of men and of course you need to be able to grow a nice afro to make it work. The afro is styled into twists at the periphery and can even be colored with some highlights too.

This hair style is accompanied by a very short beard, almost like stubble. This hairstyle and beard combination requires a fair amount of work in terms of keeping the beard short and twisting the afro into the appropriate shape.

This is a great look for rock stars and people that just want to be a little different, plus it’s a great style for both white and black men. While some people say that a white guy with dreadlocks looks weird, our response would be that Rob Zombie seems to rock the look very well. This is a great style for men with narrow or oval shaped faces and serves to add both volume and length to your features.

The dreads are accompanied by a medium or long beard, which go with the dreads extremely well. The dreadlocks take a long time to make and will probably require professional help, but they don’t require much maintenance once you have them. Plus as you can see from Mr. Zombie there isn’t much work required for the beard either.


We’ve given you 24 great beard and hair style combinations, all of which might just work for you. There is definitely something here for everybody, so all you need to do is give the styles a try. We would really love to hear from you too.

Do you have any other hairstyle and beard combinations which look really cool? Or maybe you some suggestions to make the styles we’ve listed even better. If you know of any we’d like to hear about them because we’re always open to new things. Whatever the case may be, any questions or comments you have are welcome!
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