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There is something about beards. Not only does it give the ultimate manliness stamp, but it sure does signal a sense of masculinity. Men with beards are seen as independent, sturdy, ready and willing and able to do manly things. Designer beard styles.

But with many beard styles, it is so easy to cross the line from being an independent, sturdy man to the homeless person on the street. Which is why we put this list together to give you the top five most badass beard styles of the year. Whether you’re a ‘hipster’ or a ‘professional’, you'll surely identify yourself in this.

Designer Stubble

Best known as the ‘’five o’clock shadow,’’ the Designer Stubble is a short growth of beard that is meant to convey that unkempt look. This is the style of the beard of a man who rolled out of bed, hopped in for a quick shower and dressed all in five minutes. It’s quick, effortless and badass in one. This was popular in the 80s, but it sure is coming back in style today.

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In contrast to the Designer Stubble, the Professional is the kind of man that takes as much time as a woman to get ready - anywhere between 30 minutes to a full two hours. This beard style requires full attention and a lot of time to maintain as it grows. The hair is made sure to be kept short and the lines to be shaped tight and sharp. This beard gives your face some definition and a stronger character. The neck is also shaved and a defined line is created under the chin. It stops midway up the cheek and connects evenly with the mustache.

Full Beard

If you’re looking for the ultimate beard style that screams the manliest of men, this is it. You can’t get more manly than the Full Beard. Sport this beard and you are surely bound to be seen as confident, virile and bold. But only when it is well groomed. A well-groomed full beard is classy and great for formal events and even a day out in the sun. But a rugged full beard is a boundary to looking homeless. This style is relatively easy to maintain and should take little time to groom, which is why this is the most popular among beard styles.

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Captain Jack

A mix of mustache, Soul Patch and goatee-like whiskers, many adore the Captain Jack beard. And why don’t see why not, it adds character and should be easy to maintain as well. However, if your beard grows fast, a regular trim and shave are required for this style. A daily grooming is also a must if you want to keep it looking its best. Using a beard wax can help shape the style while a beard oil can make it look shiny and healthy. With this style, make sure to always keep it clean.

Hipster Beard

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