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Commonly, growing bead start becomes popular and trend among men in any gap ages. This because some fashion icons or famous idol start to grow their beard as a trend as well. Men who have beard look more mature and manly. But not all of the faces is suit with the beard, so this is essential to know your beard that well match with your ace shape. When you get the wrong beard style that do not suit with your face shape, you may get any worse problems. There are some roles if you want to get the optimum beards that will increase your confidence and look as well. you also need the bear with the best treatment so you have the healthy beard on your face. When you start to grow and get the beard style, there are some roles that you need to remember, they are: your beard and your chin need to work together. When you have the oval or square chin, it is better to get beard longer on the bottom of chain and engolate your face as well. if you have rectangular face, you may prefer to get longer beard in sides and avoid the longer beard in around your chin. This is the simpe tips, but not all of you know about it. This simpe roles has big role for your beard look the if you get wrong, you will get the weird beard around your chin. Before we know the men beard styles that you can try for your beard ideas, it is essential to know your face shape before you decide your beard style. It helps you to get the best beard styles in you face and make you manly and stylish than before. The first face shape is square face. You prefer get longer hair in your chin and shorter beard in the each side. The second is round face. When you have the round face, you need fully longer hair in the bottom area and shorter beard in each sides. The third is oval face. The oval face is easier and almost suit with any beard styles. So if you have the round face, this is becomes your best way to choose and find your best beard style. After you know the point from your face shape, there are some mens beard styles that you can use for your beard idea: How to select beard style.

Men Beard Styles

The beard style with the shorter long beard

This beard style was exist since long time ago, but this is worth it and stand out. This shorter long beard also suit for square face shape. You need to make the side part become sharper and make it contrast with the full of chin. Make sure you make it more natural and give the unexpected hair under growth. In other words, you need longer your beard around 2 inches from your chin shape. This style also well match with the wider facial hair growth in your face. This because can hide your chin and make it look thinner. You also need extra patience to get your beard growth because it is need several times in months. You have to make sure that you do not shave your hair facial around neck and chin area, because thie hair will make the pattern that will support your full beard. You need shave the hair growth in your chic if already higher growth. After that, you also need to give the best treatment for your beard. You can use the beard shampoo to maintance the hair humidity and make it healthy as well.

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Best beard models

The short beard styles

Some peoples may tend to get short beard styles because it is simpler and give the simple style. This style also suit for the employee workers who need to keep their look neatly as well. the short bear also easier to maintains and treat. This style is giving you the versatile looks and suit for any hair style. This becomes your smart alternative to make you more manly look but still simple. This short beard style is surrounding your any angles from your face and growth closer with your chic. The beard long is around 1 cm. If you have the elongate face shape, you can growth longer the beard in your chin to make your beard show better and get the masculine style. This style is easier adapt with your face and becomes trend in year of 2016. It is also need some treatments, such as: you need to trims your beard in every 2 weeks by your own or you can use the barber.

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Mens short facial hair styles

Use the stubble beard style

This stubble beard style also becomes popular in year of 2016 because some icons already use this style. You can use this stubble beard style for you who does not allow or unable to get any beard style. This is can come from the genetics line or something that including your role in work place. This stubble style also suit for round face as well. The points is this style will well match with your any hair styles, so your hair style will not lead your beard style if you used this. You can let your beard growth until you feel itchy in the certain parts then finally you get the uneven beards. You can use your bone structure in your face to help you to get the beard area that you want. You van use the safety and high quality blade for your chic line. When you start shaving, you decide the long size that you want and use the one set of beard trimmers. Make sure that you always clean your trimmer and blade after you use it to avoid the irritation.

After you decide the mens beard styles that suit with your face. You also need to know how to give the best treatment for your beard to make it stay healthy. You need to always wash your trimmer and store it in best place. You also can use some oils for your beard health.

Beard styles for less facial hair
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