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The beards (and mustaches) are back. The North American Competitive Beard and Mustache Alliance, working with member club RVA Beard League and title sponsor Remington Beard Boss, are presenting the 2018 Great American Beard and Mustache Championship at The National this Saturday, September 29th. New hair and beard styles 2016.

While the trend of beards and mustaches popping up from sea to shining sea may be a fashion statement for some, everyday beard and “stache” growers have been competing for decades to see who can win bragging-rights and titles for the best facial hair and raise money for local charities.

The North American Competitive Beard and Mustache Alliance (NACBMA, or more simply, “The Alliance”) was formed back in 2011 to help bring together facial hair clubs from around the hemisphere and promote fun, grassroots charity facial hair competitions. The Alliance upholds the traditions of the World Beard and Mustache Association and has been working the past seven years to develop the ultimate in beard and mustache championships.

Every even-numbered year, the Great American Beard and Mustache Championship (GABMC) showcases a diverse spectrum of facial hair styles, including handcrafted categories so that everyone can participate in the fun, with 100% of the proceeds raised donated to charity. After a rousing success at the 2016 GABMC in Denver, they’re ready to go bigger and better for the 2018 GABMC in Richmond!

Current NACBMA Vice President and RVA Beard League founder Chad Roberts put it this way: “This is an amazing opportunity for people to participate in or watch something new and fun. We already have competitors signed up from Alaska, Canada, the U.K., Germany, and Malaysia. We’re glad that the Championship gives everyone a great reason to travel to the Commonwealth of Virginia and experience Richmond and the amazing culture, history, and natural beauty that we have to offer.”

The 2018 GABMC will be held at The National in Richmond on the 29th of September and is being hosted by the RVA Beard League. The Alliance was looking for the best of the best when it comes to facial hair and has brought on a team of qualified, high profile judges:

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Chris Adler (Virginia), epicly-goateed Grammy-winning Richmonder and bassist with Lamb of God

Bill Petersen (Missouri), President of the Queen City Beard & Mustache Federation

Greg Schoenwolf (Utah), President of the Salty Saints Facial Hair Society

Jason Kiley (Wisconsin), Current Full Beard Freestyle World Champion and 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championship Best In Show

Jeremy Smith (Washington), President of Spokane Beard and Mustache

Different types of mustaches and beards

Rita Bielefeldt (California), talented “Whiskerina” and experienced facial hair judge

“Taxi Phil” Jones (Ohio), President of the Cincinnati Beard Barons

Emcees are experienced competitors Johnny Awesome, president of the Cape Beard: Follicles of Freedom club in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and local Jimmy Thomson of the RVA Beard League.

The Humane Society of the U.S. is the competition’s national charity, and locally, proceeds will benefit the Pink Ink Fund, which provides reconstructive and restorative tattooings for post-mastectomy breast cancer patients, helping them a restore their whole self.

Doors of The National open for registration at 1:00 PM and the championship starts at 3:00 PM. Competitor tickets are $35; spectator tickets are $15. Tickets can be purchased online here.

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