Beard shape for long face. How To Grow A Full And Glorious Beard

Admit it: You’ve thought about what you'd look like with a beard. And we’re not referring to the week-long scruff on your chin. We’re talking about a beard in its full and thick glory. Depending on your genes, growing a respectable beard that looks deliberate rather than unkempt can be challenging—but not completely impossible. Here, tips on how to sport facial hair from eight men with some of the best-looking beards we’ve seen in Manila. Gents shaving style.

Do you have a grooming routine you swear by?

Every morning, I use Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap on my beard. It's an all-natural product and the pine tar helps me avoid beardruff (beard dandruff). After washing, I apply a small amount of Captain's Fawcett Beard Oil or The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil. I finish off by gently combing my beard with Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hatchet Style Sandalwood comb. For maintenance, I apply The Bearded Chap Original Beard Balm twice a week. I get my beard trimmed and shaped together with my haircut once a month.

Grow and groom. Find what products work for you. Be patient and let your beard grow, but at the same time groom it to guide the growth.

percussionist, Jensen and the Flips

I can probably grow a full beard in a span of a month.

I've tried many different styles in the past, but the one I have right now is the ducktail. It elongates the face, and works with guys with long hair—at least if you want that Jason Momoa look.

I've had my beard sculpted at barbershops in the past, but I prefer to style it myself so I can [choose] what to do with it. It really helps to learn how to groom your own beard, since no one would know what looks better on you but yourself, right?

I use Dear Barber Beard Oil for my beard. It moisturizes my beard and skin, and softens the hair so I can easily comb it in the style I want. Plus it gives it this shiny look, and it smells pretty nice.

Having a beard is a big commitment. You have to maintain it, keep it moisturized, and make sure it’s always clean. A healthy beard is a happy beard.

There are too many to mention! But on the top of my list are James Harden, Drake, and David Beckham. These guys will forever be my beard pegs.

sales executive, Unilever

I usually grow a full and thick beard where my facial hair around the cheeks, lips, chin, and side burns are all connected. At the same time, I make sure to keep it neat so I can still look professional in the workplace.

Beard cut 2016

How do you groom your beard every morning?

I have the following: beard soap, beard oil, beard balm, a comb, and a trimmer. In the morning after showering, I wash my beard with the beard soap to keep it fresh and clean. After pat drying it, I pour and rub some beard oil in my hands and brush it all over. Then, I apply beard balm and use my comb afterward to keep it under control. I use my trimmer from time to time to sculpt my beard.

Don't shave for a week to find out if your facial hair is dense enough for a beard. If you think it has potential, just let it grow wild for a month or two and have an end goal in mind. When it’s at your desired length, get some help from your barber to sculpt it.

Conor McGregor. His drive and self-confidence is second to none, and the beard simply complements this.

lifestyle blogger / retail trainee

It actually doesn't take too long for me to grow a beard. I have a full beard already within a week or two.

I have it trimmed and formed based on the shape of my face every two weeks at a barbershop.

I shampoo and condition my beard every time I bathe. It helps clean and smoothen the beard. I also use argan oil for my beard to keep it shiny and moisturized and to prevent flakiness.

managing partner, Black Sheep Manila and Tunnl

From a clean-shaven state, approximately around three to four weeks to get the shape to form. Then another month for density.

My beard style would fall under the full beard trimmed short—just to keep it on the neat side. But I do grow it out longer and thicker once in a while!

I pay regular visits to the barber every two weeks. But if I don’t have time, I have my own beard trimmer at home! But it’s still different when a pro does your beard. The trim looks more natural and blended.

Mens latest beard style

I use a beard oil with good natural ingredients for the hair. This also keeps the skin underneath moist and the bristles softer and easier to comb. I like using a beard oil with essential butters and a nice scent. It makes it look fuller especially if it feels patchy.

What can you tell men who want to try growing a beard?

A good diet can give you a healthy looking beard. Also, accept that not everyone was meant to look good in a beard! A beard is a style statement: The way you keep your beard represents something only you can pull off, so make sure it’s consistent with how you put yourself together.

accounts and special projects manager, Joe’s Brew

It takes about two weeks to a month, somewhere in that timeframe.

I have a clipper and a set of scissors. Depending on my mood, I'll keep it trimmed, or I’ll let it grow and not think about it.

What’s the best beard product you’ve tried?

Shoutout to Shandman Fontanilla and Eight Wolves. He's got this beard balm and oil that's great.

I started growing my beard last May 2016. But June of the same year, I had it trimmed an inch or two. So about 14 to 16 months.

How do you keep your beard clean when you’re outdoors?

I wash my beard right away after going out where there are cigarettes or smoke. I also wash it after my bike ride, since the city is so polluted that it can damage your beard. I stopped smoking right before I started growing my facial hair, since it can affect the quality of your hair and leave stains. And your moustache might catch on fire, as well.

I trim my beard every three weeks, and I only let my trusted barbers trim or shape my facial hair. I don't want someone to ruin something that took me more than a year to grow.

Detailed beard designs

I always see to it that I have my beard products with me, specifically Grasa PH beard oil, Grasa PH beard and moustache wax, and a beard comb. I have a specific beard comb and beard brush because they're designed for your facial hair. They're non-static so they won't pull or tug at the hairs.

Shaving your facial hair to speed things up is a myth. You're just delaying the process. If you cannot grow a full beard, there are other styles of beard you can grow. Some people just do a five o'clock shadow, moustache, chinstrap, goatees, or other styles. You just need to focus on what you have and make that look great.

I don't have a particular guy in mind, but I look up to a few of them. George Bruno mainly inspired me to grow my beard because he made it look so easy, but he already cut his beard. Eric Bandholdz, Greg Berzinsky, Carlos Costa, and Jeffrey Buoncristiano from Beardbrand have amazing beards, as well.

percussionist, On the Spot

A year of no trimming, and then I groomed it.

I currently sport a mid-length boxed beard.

I maintain it by combing it regularly and washing with water every time. No product—this is an all-natural beard.

Just let it grow out. You will look dirty and scruffy, but leave it to your local barber to groom the hell out of it. Haha!
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