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British actor Henry Cavill is known for his sexy, sultry style. Cavill always looks chic and classy, and he knows how to rock an amazing beard style. Whether a spicy full beard or totally clean shaven, Cavill’s good looks have become his trademark. You can borrow Cavill’s of-the-moment style simply by letting his beard style inspire you. Amazing beard styles.

Henry Cavill Beard Styles

Even if you aren’t an actor who is a movie star, you can still copy a bearded actor like Henry Cavill to look good. If you find inspiration in Cavill’s beard style, here are 5 beard styles donned by Henry Cavill.

#1: The Natural Cavill Beard Style

Many men opt for a natural, full beard simply because it’s wearable and easily maintained. Cavill looks sexy in this natural, slightly outgrown beard. It’s a tough, masculine look that works for many men.

#2: Cavill’s Neatly Trimmed Full Beard

If you choose a natural, full beard, you can clean it up simply by neatly trimming your Cavill-inspired look. This creates a beard style that is masculine but a bit more polished.

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#3: The Brooding Cavill-Inspired Look

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to worry about your beard style or you don’t want to look like you’ve tried too hard. Whatever your look, let it grow out into a “facial hair, don’t care” kind of look to emulate Cavill’s brooding but sexy look.

#4: Cavill’s 5-O’Clock Shadow

Like Cavill, many men look great when they are clean shaven but let a day’s worth of growth work for them. This 5-o’clock shadow look reads as neat and clean but still super hot. As a bonus, it’s incredibly easy–your grooming method is to simply skip the grooming.

#5: Henry Cavill’s Stubble Beard

Cavill’s handsome bone structure means that he can wear almost any look, but intentional stubble draws attention to his best features: his square jawline and striking eyes. Again, we see an easy look, one that can work for many men.

Different beard styles 2016

You may not have Henry Cavill’s exciting career or even his strikingly handsome looks, but you can look just as good when you find inspiration in Cavill’s beard style.
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