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A beard is just like any other essential body part for men. Therefore, its regular grooming and maintenance carry great significance. Along with that, it is also a major decision as to what beard style to select. Some like bigger hair some like medium while others like minimum hair on their face. Depending on this, there has been an evolution in the beard styles over time. One of the product of this evolution is the widely followed stubble beard. Latest goatee styles.

A stubble style of beard is basically a shorter version of all different forms of beard, i.e. the hair size is kept pretty small and therefore the maximum hair size, viz. in the full stubble beard is also about 1/4th the size of normal full beard. As a result, there are innumerable styles when it comes to a men’s stubble beard. You have to choose depending on your face shape, hairstyle and obviously preference.

Best Stubble Beard Styles:

Following are Top 15 stubble beard styles to help you select the desired one,

1. Traditional Style Stubble Beard:

This is the oldest form of short stubble beard. Then too, it is still very much in fashion. You have to trim your stubble beard every week at least to maintain this style. It involves maintaining a little of everything, i.e., a light mustache, a short stubble and an extension of your beard into some other style as a combination, etc.

2. Light Trimmed Stubble Beard:

If you are one of the guys who doesn’t like much hair on your face but still want a decent masculine look, then you can go for a light stubble beard. It mainly involves trimming your beard hair in a light consistency with the help of a good quality trimmer. You need to be careful with your trimmer quality because fine trimming might leave burns if you don’t have a quality trimmer.

3. Modern Stubble Beard:

This is currently the best stubble beard in men’s grooming styles. It basically involves a revamp of the traditional stubble beard wherein you collaborate different beard and mustache styles at the same time, but maintain the symmetry while doing so. For instance, you can choose a combination of goatee and sideburns but in a very small hair size make it appear like stubble.

Full beard styles

4. Long Stubble Beard:

The name of this beard clearly states its appearance and grooming requirements. You have to let your beard grow for a long time period say about a month or so, and then shape your beard in a symmetrical manner. Or else you can also just trim off your frizzy hair and let the stubble beard look naturally long.

5. Full Neck Stubble Beard:

Many men usually remove all the hair that grows on their neck and their beard thus consists of only facial hair. However, a unique western trend in beards that can be seen among many men from Europe, United States and Australia, is that they keep the hair on their neck and just trim it a little in shape. When such neck hair is combined with stubble, it can be called as a full neck stubble beard. But you need to ensure that you use a proper quality trimmer, like for instance a Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper which helps you in smooth close trimming down your neck. Thus, you can have a Wahl beard and stubble on your neck and face.

6. Medium Stubble Beard:

Another widely followed style of stubble beard across the globe is the Medium Stubble Beard. Apparently, it requires you to let your hair grow only up to a certain size where you can effectively trim it just slightly into a medium shape. A medium shape is perfect and suits most of the face shapes.

7. Goatee Stubble:

As mentioned before, a stubble beard can be styled into innumerable variations. One such variation is a Goatee beard but in a small hair size, making it a goatee stubble. For the maintenance of this stubble, you need to take suitable measures while growing it so that you maintain only that hair which contributes in the formation of your goatee shape, while other hair must be completely trimmed.

8. V-Shape Stubble Beard:

If you want stubble, but don’t want it to look stereotypical, then you can go for this unique style. It involves shaping your cheek beard hair into an inverted V shape and also the trimming must be in such a way that the entire stubble also looks like a V when seen from the front. Therefore, you have to again maintain this beard with a lot of precision and care.

Mens thadi style

9. Heavy Stubble Beard:

A Heavy Stubble Beard is the perfect stubble style if you are looking for a robust and rustic look yet you don’t want too much hair to complete that look. Much like the long stubble, this beard also needs you to grow a lot of hair on your face but you must ensure that they don’t exceed beyond an inch below your chin. Once you get this size, now you must just trim off your frizz and ends and maintain the fuller look of your stubble. This stubble looks very masculine and sexy and that’s the reason why it is called as the Heavy Stubble.

10. Lazy Looking Messy Stubble Beard:

Sometimes, it is believed that no fashion at all is a fashion in itself. If you are that kind of a person, then this is the perfect style for you. You don’t need to worry about your trimming at all. Just let your beard grows anyhow but only to a medium length and keep the messy natural look.

11. Handlebar Mustache Connected Stubble Beard:

A Mustache in the shape of a baseless rectangle is called as a handlebar mustache as it resembles the handlebars of a motorcycle. This mustache style is universal in its following and goes with any beard. Therefore you can accompany this mustache in a connected style with your stubble.

12. Circular Pencil Stubble Beard:

This is another famous style in stubble beards wherein you have to give circular shale to your stubble. This stubble too requires constant care while grooming it, so that you ensure a circular shape and also you must maintain the shape if you want the beard for a longer period.

13. 3 Day Stubble Beard:

If you don’t mind trimming your beard frequently, i.e. even to the extent of doing so forever 3 days, then this is the tailor-made stubble style for you. All you need to do is trim your beard hair every 3 days and let them grow for the next 3 days. This gives you natural stubble with minimum hair size as they have grown for only 3 days.

Different beard style names

14. Symmetrically Shaped Stubble Beard:

If you want to incept a little creativity in the styling of your beard, you can trim the stubble on both your cheeks in a unique shape but make it look identical on both sides while doing so. For instance, if you give a crisscross shape on one cheek you can give the same shape on the other side as well and make it look symmetrical for a more appealing beard look.

15. Detached Mustache with Soul Patch and Stubble Beard:

You may have seen this look frequently among movie stars and other celebrities. It gives you a larger than life look. All you have to do is maintain a mustache, a soul patch and a regular stubble beard, but the mustache must be detached.

Beard is one of the most significant aspects of male personality. Therefore, it’s styling, grooming and maintenance carry great importance. For best possible looks, men adopt different beard styles based on the beard hair size, shape and colour. One such style is the stubble beard. Stubble beard is one of the few old beard styles which have stayed in fashion till date. It has undergone an evolution since its inception which has led to innumerable stubble styles. You can adopt any of these styles depending on your preference and face shape.
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