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I once read that beards are the new six packs and couldn’t agree less. Thanks to superstars like David Beckham, Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh, and George Clooney flaunting their stylish beards today, more and more men and switching from the clean-shaven look to the bearded style. Men have been growing beards since time immemorial and if you are new to join this bandwagon here are some styling tips to follow: Styling your beard.

Let it Grow

Just like you cannot cut the cake without baking it, you cannot trim and style your beard without growing one. Makes sense? One of the biggest mistakes newbies make while growing a beard is trimming or shaping it way too early in the process. Remember beards are like true love, they don’t end but rather just grow. Yes, it might get itchy halfway through and you might feel that shaving it off is the best solution, but remember your quest to achieve that dream beard you always wanted to wear. Beard is not measured in length, it is measured in months. So man it up, and wait for your beard to grow!

Nurture It

Now that your beard is growing you will have to try and keep it soft to stop the itchiness and also keep it healthy. Use oils to accelerate growth and balms to keep your beard soft, indulge in a beard brush or use a handcrafted beard comb; spoil yourself – the patience you’ve shown while growing your beard has earned you this!

Men's hair beard styles

Beards need to be taken care of and by using suitable oils you can actually accelerate your beard growth which would also help maintain it. Just blindly allowing the beard to grow without nurturing it would make it look frenetic.

Style and Shape

If you have decided on the beard style you were planning to execute, it is now time to give your beard the desired shape. If not, do a research on various possible beard styles or consult a well-experienced barber in your locality. It would help you decide what will be a suitable beard style for your face type. Be wise while you choose the style and be confident about it, you will not want to make your efforts of growing your bread go in vain!

Beard style guide

Don’t Forget the Maintenance

Welcome to manhood, now maintaining the beard is another task which you will be required to do in order to keep up the manliness. If visiting salons every now and then is not your thing you can do it yourself at home. Trimming the beard for consistent length and desired looks all the time would be as necessary as washing it regularly. There is ample room for dust and dirt to settle down inside your beard, using beard shampoos you can keep them hygienic all the time!

It might seem quite of a task but nothing comes easy in life we believe. You can change your style anytime you want to, feel free to that because life is too short to live with the same beard all the time. So if you ever wish to try and experiment something new, you know the drill!

Current beard styles
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