2016 mens beard styles. Growing A Beard Could Change Your Life - Here s How

As winter wraps her steely fingers around the southern hemisphere, girlfriends everywhere will inevitably start abusing their long-suffering boyfriends—warming ice cold feet on unsuspecting arses, hamstrings and calves. Beard model.

Aside from attracting someone less vindictive, a beard will improve your life in a number of ways. As Gwilym Pugh—formerly a 127kg insurance salesman, now a ‘smouldering’ international model—will attest, the difference can be dramatic.

First and foremost, having a beard changes your appearance. We all get to a stage in our lives when we just know something has to change. And a beard is a far more creative (and cheaper) solution than updating your wardrobe (also: much easier than getting some exercise). Yes: you need to maintain it, but essentially you are letting your body do its natural thing.

In the same way that different styles of sunglasses suit different people, a beard can create the illusion of a different face shape. This means, with a beard, you could potentially re-create your whole look if you wanted to. There aren’t many more striking examples of this than Gwilym Pugh.

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Obviously, a huge part of his transformation was weight-loss. But the beard certainly helps. And whether or not you end up hanging out with David Beckham and representing Gillette, it’s a sure fire way to add a certain je sais quoi to your current style.

Growing a beard can also slow down ageing. Researchers have discovered that beards can block out roughly 95% of the sun’s UV rays from the covered area, so despite giving the impression of ruggedness, the skin underneath should be baby-smooth when you shave it off.

Beards also prevent spots. In fact, shaving is known to be a trigger of both outbreaks of dry skin and acne breakouts. It also exposes your pores to dirt and sweat. However if you allow a beard to grow, it protects and strengthens your skin. And of course, it keeps the wind and cold away, leaving your face fresh and moisturised year round, which helps hold wrinkles at bay.

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Not to mention; a well maintained beard can be a huge confidence booster. For example (although it has been exaggerated in order to go viral) much of Gwilym Pugh’s success has been attributed to his facial hair. As reported by The Sun:

“Thanks to his ginger beard and urban-chic style, Gwilym is gaining fans across the world.”

So there you have it: you might not be able to quit your desk-job and spend all day working out, but you can probably grow a beard. And as long as you avoid the dreaded ‘neckbeard’, you can’t go wrong.

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