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Beards have been gracing jawlines of men across the world for years and it isn’t going anywhere fast either, the trends come and go every few years and styles vary each season; while more men give increased care and attention to their appearance and grooming routine. MenswearStyle spoke to Tom Chapman, owner of Tom Chapman Hair Design in Torquay, Devon. Here Tom talks us through his beard predictions for 2017. Trending beard styles 2016.

Full Beard

This is for those who want to go all out with a bigger and better beard and gain bragging rights. With an increase in beard oil products, balms and moustache waxes, men are looking after their beards more than ever before. Just keep it in shape and make regular trips to see your barber.

Square and Faded

For a man who likes to have a masculine jawline, opt for a square and faded beard. Aesthetically pleasing to most, this style is great if you want definition with a strong contrast between the fade and the hard square perimeter. If you’re the type to have a faded hairstyle, you can fade the beard shorter to the ear and into the hairline to compliment your hair. This kind of style alsp requires regular trips to your barber to keep it fresh and sharp

Beard styles for boys

Short and Tight

Given the name, this style is much shorter than most beard styles. If you want a little change from your regular full beard or have grown tiresome of your short stubble but don’t want shave, this look could be something to opt for. It’s a little shorter than your regular rugged beard and you can achieve soft and healthy hair by using a beard oil regularly. It will give your mane the essential oils it needs and leaves it with a healthy shine - it smells amazing too.

Full Moustache

If you’re okay with high maintenance facial hair then this is the one for you. A classic gentleman’s look; a freshly shaved face and a moustache that curls at the edge. As mentioned it does require some work to grow a good looking moustache so you’ll want to get yourself a good comb and some moustache scissors to keep the ends neat.

Beard shapes and styles

Along with gaining years of barbering and grooming experience, Tom is also the proud owner of the Lions Barber Collective Charity. For those who are not aware this is a great campaign in order to educate barbers on how to identify and aid clients who are potential silent sufferers of mental health. A part of this campaign involves working closely with leading male grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge, together the Lion’s Barber Collection will be featured on their packaging in the coming months and all proceedings will go to the charity’s cause.



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