Men's stubble styles. 4 Beard Styles Women Adore

Thinking of growing out a beard? A lot of men look dashing with one, and women do love a nice beard. But you can’t just stop shaving—growing a beard involves styling it if you don’t want to have that unkempt look. Here are four popular beard styles that women absolutely love. Beard styles 2016.

The Goatee

The goatee is sometimes associated with villains and evil characters, but a lot of women do love themselves a bad boy. Just look at Johnny Depp. He rocks the goatee and drives the ladies crazy. Wearing a goatee can take a bit of work, though—you have to continue to shave a good amount of your face, but you have to let the hair grow in under your nose and above your upper lip. A bit of hair around the jaw and a hint of it on your cheeks is also important, but it can be hard to get it right at first.

The Weekend Stubbly

This look has been mastered by George Clooney. You want to leave just a bit of stubble showing, but you don’t want it to start becoming a full beard. It takes a bit of experimenting to get that “I don’t bother to shave yet I still look sexy” style.

Men's mustache and beard styles

The Half Circle

With this look, you keep the sides of your face shaved while letting a bit of short hair grow in on the chin and the mustache area. If your facial hair comes in rather patchy, this is a good option. It’s also somewhat easy to maintain, although you do need to keep it trimmed a bit. Leonardo DiCaprio has learned how to pull this off.

The Full Beard

This one is tricky—women agree that not all men can pull off the full beard, but those who can look hot. You have to make sure you keep your beard well-groomed and trimmed so you don’t look like a mountain man. Ben Affleck is a great example of a man who knows how to wear a full beard.

Kind of beard style

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