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Searching for a hairstyle that blends aristocratic with alluring and athletic with attractive? Meet the Ivy League haircut. A timeless hairstyle that has been in fashion for decades, the Ivy League cut is worn by dapper and military men alike. Inspired by the collegiate conference with the same name, this hairstyle is also sometimes regarded as the Princeton cut or the Harvard clip. Learn more below! Ideas for beard styles.

1. Modern Ivy League Haircut

When dealing with any modern variation of the Ivy League haircut, you will find that the common ground is effortless style. Clearly it’s a hairstyle filled with attitude, but also with a sense of sleekness for gentleman-like results.

2. Short and Side Swept Hairstyle

In most cases, you will find Ivy League haircuts with fairly short locks slicked to the side. To understand the main idea revolving around this particular style, take a look at this representative image. Side swept, 1-inch long hair; it’s as easy as that.

3. Long Ivy League Hairstyle

By contrast, here is an example of how you can get close results with longer hair. Although it slightly slides out of the Ivy League haircut range, the side styling provides an incomparable impact. Whatever version you choose, don’t forget to keep it classy.

4. Curly Ivy League Hairstyle

In spite of outnumbered Ivy League haircuts featuring straight or wavy hair, you can rest assured that curly strands work fine. You can either keep them shorter so the curls won’t get in your way, or leave them an inch or two longer for added shape.

5. Ivy League Haircut Fade

When you set an appointment to get an Ivy League haircut, it also helps if you discuss specifics with your barber. You will come across terms like ‘taper’, ‘hard part’ or ‘fade’, and the latter is the most common. Think about adding a faded gradient to your hairstyle.

6. Textured Ivy League Haircut

If you have naturally thick hair, you may want to consider a textured approach to your Ivy League haircut. To put it otherwise, try to get short layers all around to accentuate the dynamism of your hair. You can style them either forward or backward, depending on your taste.

7. Undercut Hairstyle

Another trait that modern Ivy League hairstyles share is the undercut. Although we don’t necessarily recommend a dramatic undercut if you want a polished look, you can shave your sides and back down to contrast with a longer top.

8. Shape Up Hairstyle

Here’s another Ivy League-inspired hairstyle for men with thick hair. Frequently referred to in the hair industry as the ‘shape up’, this haircut is defined by upwards styling lightly to the side. It’s a perfect fit if you have a square or otherwise angular face shape.

9. Ivy League Haircut Receding Hairline Style

Ryan Reynolds proves that you can combat a receding hairline impeccably with the right hairstyle. We’re glad to let you know that the Ivy League haircut is one of them, owing to the strategic styling. Your receding hairline won’t be as visible while you enjoy a smart hairstyle.

10. Preppy Shag Haircut

Not all Ivy League hairstyles have the same silhouette, especially among the modern versions. Nowadays, you can get the same fresh college look even with longer locks. Take this longer and shaggier haircut, for example.

11. Hard Part Ivy League Haircut

As far as modern adaptations of the Ivy League haircut are concerned, the hard part is an essential detail. Even though it is indeed optional, a shaved line instead of a part can boost the overall impact of your hairstyle.

12. Mature Ivy League Hairstyles

You don’t have to be a student or even in that age range to rock an Ivy League haircut. In fact, this hairstyle can enhance your youthful side no matter how old you are. Never let age get in the way of your cool style.

13. Crew Cut

By definition, an Ivy League haircut is a kind of crew cut hairstyle, just with longer hair. Knowing this, you can easily play around with the idea of a classic crew cut that has just a hint of Ivy League styling to it. Jake Gyllenhaal shows us how in this shot.

14. Super Short Ivy League Haircut

If you’re not up for meticulous long-term maintenance, you can always rock a short Ivy League haircut. With this alternative, you won’t have to make additional investments in hair products for styling, all while maintaining a clean look.

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15. Ivy League Haircut with Clean Cut Beard

You won’t find many Ivy League hairstyles associated with facial hair, but the ones that do include beards are highly well-kept. If you prefer sporting a bit of stubble, we recommend a five-o-clock shadow approach with a clean outline.

16. Pompadour Hairstyle

A successful Ivy League haircut is all about class. In this regard, there are few hairstyles that live up to the dapper standards of the pompadour. Consequently, instead of sweeping your hair to the side, you can also style it as a pomp.

17. Spiked Ivy League Haircut

Despite the fact that the majority of hairstyles in this category focus on slicked strands, some look amazing with spiked hair. We recommend this form of styling if you’d rather maintain considerably shorter hair. The temple fade also serves as an attention-grabbing detail.

18. Smooth Comb Over

Styling is a fundamental part of getting the results you desire out of an Ivy League haircut. Techniques are numerous, but you can never go wrong with the classic comb-over. Ensure that you are using a quality product and gently part your hair and comb it to the side.

19. Taper Fade Ivy League Haircut

In addition to simple fades, Ivy League hairstyles also work flawlessly with taper fade haircuts. You will benefit from a gradual transition from the top to the shaved part. It’s the ideal approach for a modern twist on a classic haircut.

20. Combed Back Hairstyle

Instead of combing your hair to the side, you can also sweep it to the back. If you get this kind of Ivy League hairstyle, we recommend pairing it with a suave fade on the sides and at the nape. Thanks to your long locks, you will be able to experiment with other forms of styling too.

21. Gelled Hairstyle

Want to get a rock and roll vibe out of your look? Go for a gelled hairstyle. When you use hair product in abundance, you will get a wet appearance that has ‘cool’ written all over it. Make sure your hair is long enough for the results you are aiming for.

22. Ivy League Haircut with Skin Fade

Like many other haircutting techniques, the fade can be executed in multiple ways. While high and low fades are the norm, you can also venture into skin fades. Like you would expect, these kinds of haircuts fade out until you reach your scalp.

23. Messy Ivy League Haircut

When you think of an Ivy League haircut, you probably have adjectives like ‘classy’ or ‘preppy’ in mind. However, we all love bending the rules to suit our personalities. This means that your version of the hairstyle can be messy and still stylish.

24. Silky Hairstyle

Do you have fine hair? Then you should be aware that an Ivy League hairstyle is just what you have been looking for to flatter it. The natural silkiness of fine hair works fantastically with this haircut, bringing out the best of both aspects.

25. V-shaped Hairstyle

If you plan on incorporating an undercut into your Ivy League haircut, you have a broad range of styles to choose from. To push the edginess of your hairstyle, think about designing the undercut in a certain shape. The ‘V’ nape is a popular and stylish option.

26. Multi-Color Ivy League Haircut

Even though educators may frown upon this colorful hairstyle, you can try it out if you have a carefree spirit. If you aren’t sure what colors you should use for your two-tone Ivy League haircut, use a non-permanent hair dye that washes out.

27. Tousled Ivy League Haircut

Not into a completely slicked down hairstyle? But neither one that’s too messy either? You can style your Ivy League cut somewhere in the middle, with a lightly tousled technique. It’s often best to consider this approach if you want to avoid extremes.

28. Casual Crop

Longing for a handsome haircut that you can sport in any situation? You should opt for a shorter Ivy League cut with a casual style, suitable for day to day wear in any environment. All the same, it’s completely appropriate for formal events.

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29. Quiff Hairstyle

In the past few years, the quiff has gained widespread popularity among tasteful men. It has a charming allure for men who aim for an all-around gentleman look. It has the ideal balance for a daily hairstyle – not too fancy, nor too nonchalant.

30. Ivy League Haircut with Goatee

Subtle beards are appropriate for Ivy League hairstyles, but so are well-trimmed goatees. If you would rather take this approach for your facial hair, you can do so without worrying. A goatee can complement this kind of haircut in a fine way.

31. Raked Back Wavy Hairstyle

Have naturally wavy hair? Perfect; it’s the optimum texture for Ivy League hairstyles. All you have to do is rake your fingers through your locks to get a wonderful hairstyle. Even more so, it has Orlando Bloom’s stamp of approval.

32. Timeless Ivy League Haircut

Not all men want to constantly change their hairstyle. If you can relate to this description, then this is the Ivy League haircut you have been looking for. It features a classic silhouette that will remain fine-looking regardless of current or future trends.

33. Highlights or Lowlights Hairstyle

Looking for a way to spice up your hairstyle without exaggeration? Highlights or lowlights are a terrific solution. For a discrete outcome, we recommend considering lowlights for your Ivy League haircut in a natural tone.

34. Forward Brush Ivy League Haircut

When it comes to styling an Ivy League cut, there are various methods you can use. One that is particularly flattering for a textured appearance is the forward brush. As long as your hair is cut in short layers, you shouldn’t have any maintenance issues.

35. Fully Side Combed Hairstyle

Want to boost the cool factor of your hairstyle? Think about combing it fully to the side. You would be surprised to find out how much style can result from your hairstyle just through this minor detail. For the best impact, comb your part as much to one side as possible.

36. Fetching Faux Hawk

While a full mohawk is nowhere near dandy, a stately faux hawk can get you closer to a prep appearance. Nevertheless, ensure that your hair is still neatly trimmed, otherwise, it may come off more careless than you’d like it to be.

37. Athletic Ivy League Haircut

Whether you are a college sportsman or you just resonate with athletic hairstyles more, you should check this haircut out. Inspired by actual Ivy League sports, it is a classic and practical choice for men who follow this kind of lifestyle.

38. Ivy League Haircut with High Fade

There are quite a few ways you can get a fade haircut with an Ivy League appeal. Aside from the ones we already presented, you also have the high fade as an option. The shaved part is emphasized, covering a larger portion than the longer top.

39. Faded Caesar Haircut

We have recently talked all about Caesar haircuts, but they deserve their place among the top choices for Ivy League hairstyles as well. Even though we don’t recommend a classic, bowl-aspect Caesar haircut, this cleaner and neater version is excellent.

40. Ivy League Haircut with Low Fade

On the flip side, a low fade may be the most flattering Ivy League haircut for you. It is the discrete alternative for a fade haircut, as opposed to its showy high fade counterpart. You can also keep this technique in mind as a detail for your overall hairstyle.

41. Blowout Haircut

If you want to introduce more volume into your hairstyle, go for a blowout haircut. It may be a bit flashy for an Ivy League cut, but it works well for men with larger foreheads. Keep the sides tapered and faded for a clean look.

42. Ivy League Haircut with Mid Fade

If neither the high nor the low fade convinced you, it means that the mid fade is just what you require for your new look. One of the best hairstyles to complement a mid fade haircut is a comb over, so keep that in mind if you’re out of styling inspiration.

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43. Angular Fringe Hairstyle

Another eye-catching adaptation of the Ivy League cut is the angular fringe. If you have more of a rebellious personality, this is the edgy hairstyle you have been dreaming of. Start chopping and enjoy the cool outcome.

44. Top Angled Ivy League Haircut

On the other hand, you can incorporate other angles into your hairstyle. If you don’t want a ‘bangs’ aspect, you can style your hair towards a top angle. It will maintain a textured look while staying out of your eyes.

45. Hipster Hairstyle

For a remarkable hipster haircut, you should first have the confidence, nonchalance and edgy attitude that comes with the style. After that, let your hair grow out a bit, cut it shorter on the sides and leave it about the mid-nose length and toss it to the side.

46. High and Tight Haircut

Want a military approach to your Ivy League cut? The high and tight will do an exceptional job. It is a well-known haircut among men in the army, and one of the hairstyles that require the least amount of maintenance on our list.

47. Retro Ivy League Haircut

You are always welcome (and encouraged) to seek inspiration in vintage fashion. For example, this retro Ivy League cut from the 1950s is still fashionable to this very day. Choose it if you want a respectable and clean-cut hairstyle.

48. Peaked Ivy League Haircut

As you can guess from its name, this haircut stands out through peaked styling. It is a top pick among men who would rather keep their hair short and neat instead of long and messy. Respected actor Gabriel Macht is well-known for this look.

49. Clipper Cut

Another celebrity we often look up to for style inspiration is Maroon 5′ front man Adam Levine. In this photo, you can see how he rocks a clipper cut effortless. This kind of Ivy League hairstyle is just right for men who want to maintain a bit of stubble.

50. Short Pomp

We will wrap up our list with a hairstyle that combines a few of the ideas we went through. Essentially, it is a short comb over with a small pompadour and slicked down sides. If you can’t make up your mind about your haircut, this is definitely the way to go.


In conclusion, the Ivy League haircut is the picture-perfect hairstyle option for the polished man. While appearing as a statement of prestige, this haircut is also for the sporty and edgy. We warmly recommend it for guys who know what they want out of their hairstyle, and who also want to express their fine tastes through their look. Which Ivy League cut are you planning on getting?
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