Top men's beard styles. Types of Beards Styles; Their Name with Pictures - A Complete List

Types of Beard Styles. Facial hair are becoming an important part of men’s personality. Ever since the evolution of mankind, we’ve seen men and women changing styles with little alterations, but looking at men facial hairstyles they’ve evolved a lot since the beginning. Types of mens facial hair.

Men’s beard had always played an essential role in determining their personality types. We have already discussed the Beard Styles 2017- 15 Epic Facial Hairs for Men this Year so now we’ll be focusing on providing you an overview of all the different types of beards that guys around the world go for.

Men are usually confused on what type of beard will suit them, or what a certain type pf beard is known as. They will always opt out for styles which attract them. To end this confusion we bring you the types of beards with their names and pictures, so you can understand them well and style yourself accordingly.

Complete Overview of All the Different Beard Styles

#20: The Bandholz

The Bandholz beard is a type which has a mustache which is not connected but has a full beard along with it. This style gives more of a rugged yet very handsome look and is highly preferable for men with oval face shape. This style is distinct and looks great if maintained well.

#19: Dutch Beard

The old school type of beard, the Dutch beard. It is also known as the Old Dutch. What makes it distinct is that it is simply connected to the sideburns of the face and is supposed to grow outwards at the bottom. This can suit varying type of face cuts. RECOMMENDED: Celebrities Beards Styles-30 Most Sexiest Actors with Beard

#18: The Garibaldi Beard

Men who want to go for a little unkempt style, the Garibaldi beard is meant for you! This is simply a full length beard which is trimmed rounded at the bottom and has a mustache attached to it. This goes well with round faces and looks well if allowed to grow naturally.

#17: Verdi Beard

The Verdi beard is basically a styled version of a full beard with a distinct mustache. The difference is that the beard should be short and rounded at the bottom. This beard can give you a sharp and crisp look without doing much effort.

Hair styles with beard

#16: The Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly mutton chops are different from regular Mutton chops as these involve growing hair from the sideburns and the beard has to be connected with the mustache. Throughout X-men we see Wolverine carrying this bold look adding more charm to the character. For more information on this beard style, check out our guide on Mutton Chops Beard Styles-15 Best Looks with Mutton Chop Beards

#15: The Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are the unmodified version of friendly mutton chops, to grow the truest mutton chops one needs to allow the hair from the sideburns grow freely and then when the hair have grown to a good length, terminate one part from the sideburns from each corner of the mouth.

#14: The Anchor Beard

As prominent from its name, the anchor beard derives its name from the anchor shape. The beard does not need to be started from sideburns instead a beard that initiates from the jaw line and gets pointed at the chin to give some style.

#13: The Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard is essentially a three part beard, one is a mustache, then secondly from beneath the lower lip to the chin a patch which is integrated with hair, which resemble the lower part of any normal beard. This beard gives a gentleman yet a stylish look.

#12: The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is one of the most famous type of beard among men. In simple words, there is a mustache which is attached with a goatee. Simple, isn’t it? Men can easily carry this look to offices or even at casual outings without worrying too much.

#11: Imperial Beard

The imperial is basically a type of mustache where the tips of the mustache are simply pointed upwards. To further add on pointed hair from beneath the lower lip to chin or more are added giving an exuberant look to the may not be everyone’s style but if you are a man who can pull it off, you can do wonders.

Various types of beard

#10: The Extended Goatee

The Extended Goatee is another way to pull off a beard with mustache. The mustache is connected to the beard but the sideburns are all trimmed out, this is what makes the extended goatee stand apart. RECOMMENDED: 18 Long Goatee Styles and Tips How to Grow Them Rightly

#9: The Goatee Beard

The all time favorite and famous goatee beard is worn on the chin and it has to stay disconnected to the beard. In ideal case the goatee has to be as wide as the beardman’s mouth and the hair should be till the chin. The goatee looks ideal for all events! Here are some awesome Celebrities Goatee Styles; These 20 Actors Who Love Goatees

#8: The Circle Beard

If you find it hard to keep your look neat and tidy all the time, then circle beard is the answer for you. It is basically a rounded goatee, integrated with a mustache. This can suit multiple face shapes and will give a more classified appearance.

#7: The Ducktail Beard

With a little variation in the full beard, we have the ducktail beard. One can easily understand why it is called ducktail beard, its simple because the tip of the beard looks like the tail of a duck. This beard is amazing if you want to give yourself a wild look.

#6: French Fork Beard

The French Fork beard is altogether a new style of beard and totally versatile in looks. It is similar to full beard but the distinction is that from below the chin it is separated into two segments. This look can only be carried by those who are daring and change their style. Here are some more and different French Beard styles; 15 Different French Style Facial Hairs

#5: The Full Beard

The all time classic, the full beard is its own class. The full beard begins from the cheek line and the rest of the beard is left to grow naturally. This is such an amazing option as it suits all face sizes and all shapes. RECOMMENDED: Full Beard Styles and Tips on Growing and Styling Full Beard

Beard look 2016

#4: Stubble Beard

The Stubble beard is the easiest and quickest option to grow. You can leave your face unshaven for a few days and there it is. This is very short as compared to other beards.

#3: The Hollywoodian Beard

The Hollywoodian beard grows from the ear to chin but you have to ensure that there are no hair on the sideburns and there should be no connection between them and the beard. Do check out Hairstyles with Beards – 20 Best Haircuts that Go with Beard

#2: The Chin Puff

For a perfect chin puff make sure your neck, cheeks and mustaches are all clean, all you have to do is have few hair on your chin, trim it from time to time and you’re ready to rock!

#1: Full Chin Curtain

The Full Chin Curtain beard is simply giving coverage to your face. Beginning from the ears and going all the way to chin, this is ideal for elongated face shapes.
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