Beard design for round face. Barber Shop Benowa, Ashmore, Bundall, GoodFellaz

Enjoy professional grooming in a comfortable environment by stopping by GoodFellaz. Our skilled barbers give Gold Coast, Benowa, and other locals a sharp and stylish cut with our sharp scissors and our steady hands. Styles of beards and how to trim them.

Our barbershop is decked out to faithfully represent the barbershops of old, with exposed brickwork and custom-made barber chairs, giving everyone who enters our doors a strong sense of nostalgia of a simpler and warmer time. In our barber shop Benowa and Gold Coast residents will experience a smoother shave that will last longer and feel better than if they did it at their own home.

Dressed in vests and ties our friendly barbers will greet you by name and offer you a refreshing drink while we get to work bringing out the best in your facial or head hair. As expert barbers we know the best style of cut to suit our valued customer’s faces, enhancing their natural looks in a transformative experience.

New face hairstyle

Committed to delivering the best in hair maintenance and grooming you can trust our Gold Coast barbers to shape your beard, moustache, or sideburns, with both old and contemporary styles helping you express yourself while maintaining the highest levels of class.

Men’s Hairdresser Gold Coast

Enjoy the refreshing experience of a professional haircut delivered by the barbers at GoodFellaz. With our experience cutting hair, combined with our skills with scissors and shavers, we can modernise your look with our expressive men’s haircuts. Gold Coast residents can stop by our barbershop and discuss their tastes and desires with our friendly team to get a comfortable cut suited to their lifestyle.

Beard shaving styles

From our barber chairs our hairdressers will cut Gold Coast and Benowa men’s hair with accuracy and confidence, guaranteeing that no single hair is left uncut or out of place. To treat yourself with the true barber experience give us a call on 07 5597 5531.
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