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The Balbo, soul patch and CHIN CURTAIN: The ten most popular British beards revealed... as men with facial hair outnumber their clean-shaven counterparts

Braun's European study of 6,500 men has found the top ten beard types Types of mens facial hair.

Cardiff and Birmingham are named the 'beard capitals' of the UK

More than half of British men now boast some sort of facial hair

We reveal which celebrities wear the different kinds of beards best

Published: 19:15 BST, 23 June 2015 | Updated: 10:15 BST, 24 June 2015

If you have never heard of The Extended Goatee, The Chin Curtain or The Soul Patch - you soon will, according to a new study.

A European-wide survey of 6,500 men has revealed those with facial hair now outnumber their clean-shaven counterparts.

The report, commissioned by grooming brand Braun, also revealed the top ten beard types in the UK, made popular by celebrities including Jamie Dornan and Brad Pitt.

According to the figures a whopping 52 per cent of British men now have some sort of hair on their face.

And 'The Full-Beard', recently made popular by celebrities including Fifty Shades Of Grey actor Jamie Dornan, is by far and away the style of the moment, with almost one in three bearded Brits favouring the 'fuller' style.

Mens beard ideas

'The Balbo' - previously worn by Batman actor Christian Bale - is the second most common style in the UK, according to the study.

Third on the list is the 'Goatee with Moustache' donned by Walter White in Breaking Bad.

The figures also revealed that Cardiff and Birmingham are the joint UK beard capitals - with 62 per cent of men from the two cities sporting some sort of facial fuzz.

London came in a close second with 57 per cent of the capital's men now keeping their chins warm.

But while London is the home of 'The Full-Beard', you are much more likely to find the traditional 'Goatee' in Newcastle.

Meanwhile Men in Sheffield prefer the 'Extended Goatee', which is broader than the traditional version and features an attached moustache.

Sheffield also emerged as the city for 'Mutton chops', as worn by Hugh Jackman's career-making character, Wolverine.

'The Soul Patch' - a thin strip from the bottom lip to the middle of the chin, made famous by Johnny Depp, is the beard of choice in Brighton, while 'The Chin Curtain' - a U-shaped loop from ear-to-ear, sported by Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt - is most popular in Leeds.

And Glasgow was named Britain's clean-shaven capital, where just 35 per cent of men have facial hair.

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It also emerged that it takes men on average 67 days to grow what they consider to be 'the perfect beard'.

Yesterday, Braun grooming ambassador, Fabio Vivan said: 'Beards have never been more popular and, as a result, men have become much more adventurous with different styles of facial hair.

'Your facial hair is an integral part of your overall style identity; however, many men don't know what styles are possible, or how they can be achieved.'

But despite the popularity of beards amongst Hollywood's rich and famous, only eight per cent of hairy men admit being inspired by big screen stars.

Twelve per cent said they grew a beard to follow friends - while the majority of men claimed it was simply 'easier than shaving'.

Of those questioned, 39 per cent of beardies believe they are more attractive to women since they grew their facial hair.

Just over four out of ten (44 per cent) said having a beard has sparked numerous compliments from friends, and seven per cent were convinced it made them more successful in the workplace.

Other positive consequences of having a beard included feelings of confidence (30 per cent) and maturity (43 per cent).

One in four (26 per cent) said it made them feel cool and 19 per cent claimed it made them feel like an 'alpha male'.

Model beard styles

And it seems many of those who have beards plan on keeping them. Fourteen per cent said they would continue growing theirs until it was no longer in fashion, while 33 per cent vowed to keep their beard for life.

The only downside, according to the research, was the odd relationship issue. Around four out of ten (41 per cent) have been asked by their partner to shave off their facial fur.

And seventeen per cent have even gone so far to issue a 'The beard goes, or I go'-style ultimatum from their partner.


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