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Beards continue to be all the rage and we too can’t get over it. Come 2018 they are more popular as they continue to evolve. Whether long or short, there is something about a man who has well-trimmed and maintained facial hair. It screams, ‘I’m a man look at me.’With different styles to suit all skin tones, face shapes and personalities, beard styles can help tie in your entire look. How far can you go is the question. Types of mens facial hair.

Here are 10 beard styles that are rocking in the 2018 worth giving a try.

This is for the men who have long and straighter hair. Let it grow out and shape it.

Nothing screams sexy like a shaven head and a tamed goatee. This is the grown up version of the extended goatee that will never get old.

This is a sure show stopper. A head full of dreadlocks and facial hair is a win hands down.

Mens new beard style 2016

Also known as a chocolate beard, this is the tendency of hair to grow on the face effortlessly which is then trimmed and shaped for definition.

This common beard style requires maintenance and proper care to keep it looking sweet. It gets better with a mustache and side burns.

If you prefer less coverage this is the best alternative.

For even lesser hair coverage a chin strap is the option. It is a thin line of hair on the chin that needs frequent cleaning up to maintain the length and how far it grows.

Facial beard

This was once a common look on every Hollywood celebrity. It is a box cut combination with a fully rown beard.

This is a more youthful, clean and edgy beard style that requires precise shaving to get it right.

This style dates back to 17

century and is named after artist Anthony van Dyck. It is a goatee with a fully grown mustache and shaved cheeks.

Men's stubble styles
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